Oi, bigots, wouldn't someone think of the hecking translaterinos???

Oi, bigots, wouldn't someone think of the hecking translaterinos???

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>twitter is reactionary
how far left do you have to be to believe this

I know enough spoken JP to realise when the subtitles don't match with what's being said. It makes the translators look incompetent.

Let me guess

>No comment section to call the author a fucking retard

now that Elon Muskler bought Twitter it's literally tranny Auschwitz.

why do you keep making this thread, you made up this fake gay article in paint just for this
what level of autism is this holy shit

Have you seen the people that are on twitter? People always say Yea Forums is some sort of right wing haven, but the most reactionary right wing retards can be found on twitter, they can whine about how they get literally opressed by twitter all the time, the algorithm and design of the site favors them

it exposes you to things you find controversial. doubtlessly a majority left-wing site, but it also farms outrage clicks for engagement

Anti-tranny SpaceX rocket just flew over my house!

does this article even exist?

What's wrong with being a reactionary?

Twitter absolutely is, they produce nothing without outrage or external stimulus.

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>we want to interact with our audience!
>but only so they can shower praise on us, any sort of criticism or negativity is not allowed
It's really funny watching the gaming industry going from embracing that direct line to your audience that Twitter provided to "mooooom they're saying mean things, shut it down!". I'm waiting for the day they start running articles saying user reviews on Steam, Metacritic, etc are the tools of the Devil.

you gave him so much attention last time he is back at it again

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>I know enough spoken JP to realise when the subtitles don't match with what's being said.
No, you don't.

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>better not have this opinion
>it's wrong and you don't want to look like the evil rightist, do you?!

>complaining about localization means you are a right winger
i don't know what a pillock is but what the fuck is this

Social media sites and and the like actively try to not expose you to things you don't like or wouldn't normally interact with, though. At it's most basic it attempts to only show you things that you go out of the way to tell it you like.

die kike

Cope. I am genuine garbage tier at Japanese and sometimes the subtitles are so obviously wrong its actually unbelievable that they get away with it.

localization is colonization

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Social media sites are designed around upsetting you.

I have seen twitter

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Every time I reach the plateau I fucking crash hard. Longest record for me is a year. Been like this my entire life.

>I am genuine garbage tier at Japanese
Yes, we know. I'm glad you're self-conscious at least.
>the subtitles are so obviously wrong
How do you know this since you're garbage at Japanese?

that's the usual for those types. they're sissies so everything hurts their feel bads.

Shut the fuck up, retard.

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Uh, buddy, the subtitles said "no" but the dialogue said はい. This dude is a master of the language, he can see when things are "wrong", okay?

It's not hard to pick up a few words and phrases and them compare them to what you are reading to see that none of it matches.
It has nothing to do with sentence structure or grammar, so anyone with a working brain and enough exposure can do this.

You're a fool if you even think that you are safe from either "side" trying to emotionally manipulate you. They're both sides of the same coin.


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Yep, is a proper master linguist.

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>i wanted nothing more than to just pre-emptively call the author a faggot retard based on a headline alone
>why is this function being taken away from me?

>What's wrong with being a reactionary?
It's tranny speak for "anyone who's against our bullshit".

Localizers are not human

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Just complain about how localisators fucked up themes in kingdom hearts.

Listen man, i don't need a Japanese game that's been localised to use some Japanese specific term i won't ever fully get but that doesn't mean you should just get to replace a thing that should say "hey is this guy some sort of (insert Japanese specific term for hermit incel) or something?" into "you one of those gamergates i hear about?"

If the question is a negative, that's a correct translation.

moments where some locization would have been good

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>musk buys twitter

>untalaned, unskilled mentally ill faggots learn the new language driven by pure autism
>learn it just enough to understand the very basics
>lack the knowledge in their own native language to make at least an attempt at a well constructed literature text
>get mental breakdowns when people call your work shit

lefty "translators" are at the peak stupid

>I have seen twitter
Lurk more

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what does "reactionary" even mean these days? the context people are using it seems different from how I learned the word when I was a teenager.

Depending on who you're talking to it either means
>a monarchist or feudalist
>someone a communist doesn't like
>someone who complains when bad things happen

Luckily I know Japanese, so I can dodge all those Californian activists and their "translations".

That said, I still consider them faggots for mangling good games.

Person holding opinions different from Main Stream Media.


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The title is your advertisement of the article, it exists to succinctly explain the basis of your article. If I gleam at it and think "you're a fucking retard" it's either because

>You've failed to describe your article
>You're a fucking retard and should be called out as such

comment about it i guess lmfao

Can't, so clueless morons spread the article around with no immediate callouts, which is exactly what leads to genuinely harmful information being spread. The closest refutation you're gonna see is some buried comment on Twitter.

Can someone please localize A Right Pillock for me?

>Hello yes I'm a contracted blogg-I mean journalist who thinks my job isn't below sucking dicks on a street corner to make ends meet
If I had a choice between Nickacado shitting in my mouth or dousing a fire that you were burning alive in, I'd take the former every single time.

It's a made up word being artificially pumped with negative connotations by people who are not in power but want to be, and/or leftists- and by extension, the well-organized international elements who employ leftists as a means of destabilizing resisting power structures and dividing unified, homogeneous groups so that they can be easily conquered.

Take this user's post, which describes the symptoms well without going into the underlying pathophysiology.

>a monarchist or feudalist
The rebel, or rioter, or usurper etc. who has no power and wants power, tries to reduce the power of his opponents by smearing him with the label 'reactionary'. The connotations are that the rebel/rioter/usurper represents some sort of allegedly undesirable resistance against allegedly desirable change.

>someone a communist doesn't like
communism is a scam to make people who aren't in power, seize power, see the communists in china, cambodia, vietnam, zimbabwe, etc., and we see this term used by communists on people communists don't like as user accurately explains- the communists dress up their bid for power as something desirable and dress up any resistance to their attempted takeover with negative connotations to weaken it

>someone who complains when bad things happen
im sure we all have examples about what these bad things actually entail, and the process is the same- these bad things are designed to take away your power, your independence, your comfort and freedom to criticize or question, and many other things which ultimately take away your power and that of others, and deliver it to the people labeling others as 'reactionary'

because being labeled a 'reactionary' doesn't truly mean a single thing other than the fact that you are resisting someones attempt to conquer and/or control you, and someone is using the term to pelt you with negative connotations, and even to use it as a dog whistle for others to attack you

Localization is mostly a US thing because they think people who are into anime and shit are too stupid to know about anime shit so they have to dumb it down. We've been doing this since the Tranzor Z era where brave Takeshi fighting the evil race is turned into Jimmy Jackson who has to battle the robot army of Glorbon 7.

huh? rich faggots do that shit all the time to their own, mainly to show off their kid as some sort of fashion statement or to show off how virtuous they are for supporting their kid's lifestyle

Localisation is a worldwide thing and it's always very sad to have EOPs wax lyrical about how they totally had it the "worst". Shut the fuck up, ファック野郎.

If you give a shit, learn the fucking language. Oh, what's that, you don't care enough to do that? Then you don't fucking care, go back to your jelly donuts and stop crying because you're not going to change anything with your delusions of grandeur.

The troonslators are losing the war hardcore, this is the second article in a week crying about being bullied online. If its on twatter even the normals are tired of it at this point.
You only have yourself and your political agenda to blame.

What planet on you living on? Name one single left wing politician who is banned like Donald Trump

Protip: You can't.

Why is his avenue of speech being taken away? Hes being called a roight pillock. That is not a good thing in their semite tongue.

They aren't localizers, localizers don't exist. They are translators that refuse to do their jobs.

localizers deserve slow and painful death

Localization exists, but people deeply resented localizations that are completely irrelevant to the country of origin.

Localization doesn't exist. Its as real as gender is.
Do your job or people won't buy your product, its that simple. We don't need to learn the language when translating material is its own medium. The problem is you fucks stopped doing your jobs. Its entertainment, we will just stop buying the things you ruin.
Ask the pocky and rocky shills how their new game is doing, how the health of their threads is.

Isn't this the guy Kanye wants to fight? Seems like Kanye is fighting the good fight.

There's so much irony when people try to use this pic, it's hilarious.

I hate localizers. I just got Ys IX and the first 10 hours are littered, I mean littered, with very open allusions to Krysha selling her body to every man in town as a comfort girl.
I really really doubt it was played up so hard in the original translation. I'm a massive weeb too with a wall scroll of escaflowne on my wall. These localizers need to stop.

>but people deeply resented localizations that are completely irrelevant to the country of origin.
99% of bitching about "localisation" is using "localisation" as a buzzword for "translation I don't like because it has tranny politics in it or something". I get that you hate it, I hate it too. But if you actually cared, you just wouldn't be reading them anymore. It's extremely hard to feel bad for someone who is in a situation purely of their own choosing. I'm supposed to feel bad that you don't have legs because you cut them off?

Localisation absolutely exists, it's basically the basis of all translation. The problem isn't that trannies "stopped doing their job", the problem is that you don't like their garbage writing. Keep on deflecting blame though, as if anyone thought fucking 奇々怪界 was going to do well in 2022.

I don't get it

>its basically
Meaning it doesn't exist and you are trying to force a paradigm no one wants and is actively telling you they don't want.
People don't want you or your changes in their games. They don't want anything of you to make it into the final product. You are not a creative, stop trying to act like it. You do not have the chops in you to create, or you would create. All you do is corrupt.
Melkor fucking shits.

Nothing would be lost if vidya journalists were exterminated from this planet

The people that censored kiki thought it was going to sell well, they were banking on a new audience of children for some reason.
Most of these "localizers" think their material is going to sell well, it never does. Its always poison that gets franchises/studios shuttered in time as everyone stops buying.

>Playing Virtue's Last Reward
>Japanese voice
>Shitty kid character screams out at the top of his lungs "ROOTO BEERU FROATO"
>Text says "Ice Cream Float"

Literally defend this.

So I'm guessing RF5 isn't going to be publishing sales figures kek.

I swear there's always one faggot always crying in those thread about people complaining about localisation, and he always use the exact same retarded talking points. Probably always the same guy.

Must be a butthurt translator.

>playing Ryza
>character clearly says "Hi"
>"""""translated""""" as "Yes"
I hater trannylator localizers so much.

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Is the translator in the room with us right now?

Always a riot when retards think I'm a fucking translator. I do not give a shit about translations. I'm above them. Why aren't you? If you care this much about the original product, why haven't you put ANY EFFORT into getting it? Or are you only capable of spending a few hours crying in threads a day?

>The people that censored kiki thought it was going to sell well,
No, they thought "oh this might offend some retards, so we'll cut it out and save ourselves some hassle". The common opinion is that it's better to alter the work for the perceived market.

Were they right to do so? Did they make more or less money because they did? Who fucking knows. And more importantly, who cares? The fact is, they did it. And they're going to keep doing it forever, it doesn't matter how much you piss and moan about how the classic franchise is ruined.