Makoto for SF6!

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you won't be missed faggot


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6 years after launch maybe

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Give me Elena instead

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everybody hates elena after sf4

Make this a daily thread until Makoto is announced

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I will not buy SF6 if it has makoto in it and unlike you I am not joking.

>t. blown up by kara karakusa to outer space

>most voted for character that wasn't already in the game when the popularity poll happened
>Q was right behind her
you guys are alright

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If you don't play Karin, you don't love fighting games

Prove you're not a poser, Yea Forums

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Better hope they don't add Wakoto.

It's crazy you can have a character do this and not be top tier.

I may want to have daily sweaty animalistic sex with makoto and wake up to footjobs, but I'm a q player

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I'd invite her to my sex dojo, If you catch my drift.

hello? based department?

I'm still holding out to see how women look in SF6
I've acclimated to wide ryu but RE engine females have historically looked ATROCIOUS

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>they put the meme character in
>no one plays it


only if they give her proper feminine feet and not gigantic sf4 manly masculine ryu ken feet

i mean, most females in V and IV look awful so i wouldnt get my hopes up

Falke for SF6 instead of that loser.

She cute.

i kek every time i see that image

Wasn't even a k.o.

>only if they make moves impossible to read


I made it to Super Diamond in SFV.

I have 1800 hours in USFIV

I play fighting games for competition!

you cant be serious lol

you think they do the sasquatch thing for no reason?
they even canned an entire game because realistic proportions don't work for fightans

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fuck that late 80s/early 90s mullet is SOVLFVLL

Nothing matters, except who gets added to Fortnite
Street Fighter is dead

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>number one slot on the popularity poll gets promoted hard
>number two gets completely ignored
what gives?

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>RE engine females have historically
Makoto has a decent shot because she’s Asian

character specific, only works if you're in or near the corner so it's not super difficult to avoid, and makoto gets juggled super hard by the rest of the cast because she's w i d e

also her neutral kinda booty

>GearboxEw. Have they published any good games since acquiring studios?

The artist is a seeker whore/e slut tho

Anyone else want Gen back super bad? The old kung fu master trope is a staple and he’s been around since the original

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she is unironically the most likely SFIII representative, right next to Alex and Oro.

Here's your SF6 Makoto

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you can't put all your top picks in a game halfway into it's life expectancy.

SFV is done though, makoto never made it

I hope the titties look that good. I forgot her name though

that's my point, the poll came out at some point after Season 3, they weren't going to rush to add all of the remaining top pick characters going into their last planned season, especially a character from SFIII, which they were already representing heavily.

I think offscreen lore says Akuma finally killed him, the most you can hope for is the 'apprentice' character that got cut from V.

I think it was because SFV had a rep for being forward moving special into robbery the videogame and makoto is forward moving special into robbery the character

play zeku

her robbery is built around comanage into bullshit damage/stun tho, not from dashpunch.

Nah, sf5 is boring trash

I don’t think street fighter gives a shit about consistent lore

They've gotta bring my boy back, right?

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>my favorite streamer played the game once in 2016 and said it was bad!

Doubt it, Makoto was always an uber-tomboy. That's closer to what Sakura should look like.

play blazblue bang

They're gonna make her more muscular than nu-Ryu.

yeah but ex hayate was generally how she got the party started in 4

3rd Strike's roster + Luke and some original characters should be the base roster for SF6.

Did you watch the last match before sf6 got announced? Holy shit what a piece of garbage this game is. It’s better than when it came out but it’s a terrible street fighter game

Sounds about right

Sean and Luke on the poster. Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, Guile. 4 New characters. Blanka, Yun, Grappler character, Makoto, Final Fight Character, Dictator/Urien. Screencap this.

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+ already having a V-trigger

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Blanka isn't happening, Ono was the sole force pushing him and R. Mika, if we see either in SF6 or its early DLC id be very surprised. Dictator is also benched. Everything else is pretty accurate though.

I really hope they nail the new system, the V-System made some characters feel really fucking good.

>don't take away character defining abilities and lock them behind v-trigger
>don't be afraid of pure timer V-triggers, don't make it necessarily run out after an arbitrary number of moves (depending on the particular v-trigger)
>no V-trigger cancels, cancels should always be super bar related, prevents comebacks
>add more things to spend your revenge gauge on so you need to make a conscious choice to go all the way to a full bar on a v-trigger
Other than the last point the original feng shui engine was basically the perfect example. Better than anything in V.

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