This image makes boomers nostalgic

>this image makes boomers nostalgic

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Damn right it does. Nice

absolutely papperskorgen

For me, it's Nero.


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>wow wallpaper
>no wow icon

i'm old enough and don't care for this

English: my computer
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Not a soul:

Let's be honest with ourselves, computers back then were ass. We've only gotten better since then.

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Sudden urge to empty my recycle bin

terrible bait

>>wow wallpaper
I'm fairly certain it's a wc3 wallpaper


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Good for you, you're wrong.

>32kbps stereo
I don't remember it being this bad. Then again, boomers never do.


That's the face from the night elf campaign though

i'm a zoomer and it makes me nostalgic as well, in hindsight having a shitty computer in my childhood was a blessing cause i met a ton of internet friends

Take me back

Imagine being nostalgic over the noise and slow pieces of shit that personal computers were back then. It's fucking absurd to me that anyone would look at something like and not hurl. It's like no one remembers that every game pretty much ran at 25-30fps, at low resolution, and the internet was so slow you could barely view images. As a designer, it's pretty clear that UI design has also objectively been corrected and improved. I've been a designer for 15 years, so I know what I'm talking about, unlike most of you cretins.

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Bad for you, I'm right.

Had to suppress the urge to start the campaign immediately.
I'm positive that he is right.

>I've been a designer for 15 years
This is how you inform people that your opinion is completely worthöess

>>wow wallpaper

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I like modern more flat designs without the nasty looking grey toolbars but if you're one of those designers that places everything in a blinding white void then you wasted 15 years lol

god damn I wish I could go back to that bloated piece of shit and still be happy
how has foobar2000 still not been surpassed

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>and the internet was so slow you could barely view images.
DSL was fast enough with web 1.0. Modern bloated to hell websites load slower lol.

zoomers will never know how hard it was to navigate the internet pre-firefox.
i remember being forced to use internet explorer and having 1 million popups everywhere, intrusive ads, etc. then firefox came and saved us from that. it was fast, safe, reliable, no ads at all.

fast forward some years and now Mozilla only cares about politics... even though they're just a software developer.

why did politics become so important for every aspect of society? It wasn't like that before. Now you can't eat a loaf of bread without the bread company somehow trying to push some political agenda for gays, blacks, trans or save ukraine or some shit

>regular winamp skin
I thought we are gamers here

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Dick sucking lips?

web 1.0 built character and patience.
web 2.0 develops adhd and brought internet to normies that literally ruined the world with social networking

>can't do anything weird outside of your house because every single human now has a camera and WILL record you and upload you to the internet for anyone to see
The other day I saw some news about a guy who was practicing martial arts in his balcony. Someone recorded him and made memes of him with music... and that ended up being news. Imagine not being able to use your fucking balcony without being recorded lmao

If would work for me if it used the silver XP theme

>Кocмичecкиe peйнджepы
Relic lost to time

oh yeah baby

you're stupid if you think that guy can't sue and make easy bank on the retarded zoomie

not nostalgic about that internet speed though

Why was late 90s-early 00s zeitgeist so superior to our current one. It's not fun.

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Congrats for outing yourself as gay

The internet was a better place back in my day

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you might not understand it on intellectual level, but the subconscious notion of all the problems with human race being shown to you through internet have taken a toll on your mind and that's before we get into new still unsolved problems.

this wallpaper from wc3, bruh

Why did they do to my Moon Priestess...

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It's the 16th of august 2002

>Not using the head

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>why did politics become so important for every aspect of society?
You want to know why? Because the merchant class is the new aristocracy, and you are their feudal subjects. And just as your ancestors listened in awe, as the cathedral sang hymns in dedication to the virtues of passive acceptance of your meager lot in life, so too will you listen and and embrace whatever new fad and noble struggle that benefits your ruling financial magicians, which the media tubes sell you. And you will live in acceptance of it, all of you, because you have serf blood in your veins, and nature will always win.

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I don't know man, before 2007 we had TV and other media showing us extremes and distorting reality. It's not exactly anything new.

mate, if I knew who you were I'd punch every single tooth out of your faggot mouth for using jewtube meme comments.

Nothing on television was ever as bad as TikTok.

I don't miss garbage computers.
I miss my youth.

My youth sucked, so I don't miss it.

Mein Bruder

Last good Windows.

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where did it all go so wrong

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Imagine embarrassing yourself this much
better just delete that post user

You're wrong.

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Good times

boomer here, can confirm

tv is tv, you assume it's made up. internet is supposed to be real people (used to at least) and that's disheartening. you might have had the village idiot, the local drunk, the travelling spinster. now it turns out world is full of them and even worse, you get the clues to worldwide "conspiracies" you have no say in but talk about anyway because you don't have anything going in your life anyway.

How I wish I could spend my days playing Footman Frenzy and elemental TD again.

>why did politics become so important for every aspect of society?
>How come people don't like me for my blind hatred of others and rotten personality?

Politics has nothing to do with what a piece of shit human being you've let yourself become, stop using that word.

>It wasn't like that before
It was always like that. Watch a movie. Read a goddamned book written in the nineteenth or twentieth century. People with brains have an "agenda" to make the world a less hateful, ignorant place.

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Just say you don't have a real job, no need to mince words.

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Windows was never good, it was always a necessary evil held together by anti-competitive practices

Browsing the Internet before tabs was crazy

Computers back then were ass. Computers these days are even more ass.

For me it's Castle Fight while listening to In the End and Rollin

Are those gay porn recommendations, you absolute faggot.

not that user but even if sues the zoomie, the social damage won't go away. He'll be known as "that weirdo who practiced martial arts on his balcony."

>I've been a designer for 15 years, so I know what I'm talking about
So you're one of the faggots we have to blame for modern UIs? Gotcha.

>TeamSpeak 1

Windows was never good.


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The worst part is realizing that at least 90% of the people around you are actual robots who lack any form of sentience.

I fondly remember the hours spent playing every variation of Wintermaul TD. The Age of Mythology version was my favorite.

blizzard was so good in the early 2000s. every game they made became a phenomenon, it's tragic to see the state they're in now. Microsoft Activision Blizzard pumping out chinese mobile shovelware instead of immortal gems like d2, broodwar, or war3.

zoomer hands wrote this post
zoomer neurons thought this to be a #caughtIn4K moment

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>you assume it's made up. internet is supposed to be real people

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>not ventrilo

>Story of the Year
I had always thought of them as relatively unknown and lost to time, but after seeing them in this image and hearing them at a restaurant I have to wonder if they were more popular than I remember.

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yeah real people make shit up how the fuck do you think tv is made. it's the interaction part that makes the difference or is supposed to.

no, you just lack basic empathy and can't envision a life other than your own

>/l/ hyperlink darkened

Holy based

Tell me you're vaxxed without saying you're vaxxed.

how do you know you're not part of the 90% you're talking about, user?