HBO The Last of Us

Looks like it's going to be a shot for shot remake of the game.

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This shit's gonna bomb.
Can't wait for Sony to get a wake-up call and realize the only reason TLOU stands out is the novelty of it being a video game.
Pit it next to other movies and literally who gives a fuck anymore.

>hey guys lets make a tv show of a movie and make it exactly the same as the movie but even longer.

it's like they thought because you have an unchanging third person perspective in the game that they had to have a static camera shot with NOTHING fucking happening and no other angles being shown
that said it's easy to cherrypick this particular 15 second clip with a static angle and something from the game happening and then making a 15 second tictac of it
now kys

Then whats the point? The game already exists, what's the point?

You do realize the top one is a production shot right? As in not final?
>inb4 some inane shit about how it doesn't matter if it's not final because muh camera angle
Every film or TV production using multiple cameras while filming

Ambush scene

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no yeah i'm retarded, i half-assed a youtube search and found a fan-made concept trailer and immediately assumed without scanning anything else on the page that it was well into production
so we agree that taking this shot in the context it's in is fucking stupid and by extension this thread is stupid

A look at the suburbs set

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So running aimlessly around every area looking for crafting supplies?

I'll admit, they're putting more work into making it look similar to the game than I thought they would.

i really dont know what the point with movie adaptions of movies games, probably just sony being sony
at least uncharted had some action scence

They built all that just to use for a TV show? What happens when filming is done? They're just going to tear it back down?

looks good

Yes, that's what the movie business is. Sometimes they repurpose it but it's common to build big sets then demolish them

It's really not as expensive as you'd think, most of those houses are probably just the bare essentials of brickwork, wood, and roofing. Go inside and they're completely hollow outside of what is required to give them support, so it doesn't cost that much to build them.

I was just thinking this. They could just load up one of those YouTube "The Last of us Full movie" videos.

Those are are largely hollow sets made out cheap material.
Either they'll tear it down or, if it's on land they own, turn it into a long-standing set that can be rented out to other productions.

Why are they even making this, when it's essentially just a longplay with real people kek.

because believe it or not, there's a larger audience out there than gamers! imagine that!

So you'd rather they Halo this?

Yeah but video game stories are shit compared to even midtier books and cinema. TLoU got sucked off like some sort of revolutionary masterpiece in the vidya world when it's equivalent to a mediocre primetime drama in writing. You would be better served just watching one of the gorillion original HBO shows or literally anything else.

Yeah it's just gonna be an even shittier version of the walking dead

it's not trying to be the pinnacle of art bro it's just a run of the mill drama set in the apocalypse, relax

No, I'd rather they didn't waste resources to turn mediocre source material into a TV show, when they don't even intent to improve it.

Why are they remaking a literal movie

Well at least it looks like it won't be one of these

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Yeah but why even bother when TWD already did that a decade ago? When you strip the gameplay out of TLoU you're just left with something that has no reason to exist since TWD did zombie drama better and The Road did post apocalypse dad drama better.


This should be good. What do you consider “good” or “excellent” source material user?

Here comes the cringe gamers to complain the show is not an exact replica of their video game shot by shot but live action. Because that would be so fun and totally not boring and redundant.

Why do you even care about a TV show based on a video game if you don't like video games?

>Ammo management
>Melee combat
>Tense moments
Guess the original Resident Evil is a movie game
I guess Halo is a movie game
I guess God of War 1 and 2 (the PS2 ones) are a movie game because they have cutscenes

You kids don't even know what the fuck to bitch about anymore.
You want an actual movie game? Play a point and click.

>Because that would be so fun and totally not boring and redundant.
Video game adaptations as a whole are boring and redundant because they just strip out the interactivity which is the entire point.

Why are they making a TV show about a movie?

These look freaking awesome. Can't wait for the final movie. First one is a little janky because it's probably shot from multiple perspectives and we're just seeing the single one, or maybe it's supposed to be a "securtiy camera" perspective and someones watching them through it.

Either way, this is really awesome and I can't wait until it comes out.

It's not like video game movies did that in the past and people complained. It's not like video game movies did the opposite and tried to add more to the whole world and people complained.

user, people will always complain.

But that appears to be exactly what they're doing.

and the game is getting a remake with new faces too

This dude snuck onto the set

I'm tentatively looking forward to this. I was a bit concerned when Pedro Pascal casually admitted to not having played the game, but in general it seems to be in goods hands when it comes to writing, directing, etc.
Particularly curious how they'll handle Part II.

I mean it IS a movie game, shouldn't be too hard

There is no fucking WAY they'd do that

The Last of Us remake is rumored for release late 2022/early 2023 to coincide with the HBO show.

Last of Us Part II was supposed to get a multiplayer mode on PS4, then the rumors made it seem like the multiplayer would get a standalone release later, now the latest rumors make it seem like the multiplayer will get bundled with The Last of Us remake on PS5 to justify the increased pricing on PS5 games.

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Oh I know they're doing the remake but there's no way they'd be dumb enough to change the faces. Maybe unlockable Pedro/Bella skins but they wouldn't completely change them

Why do you still afford movies the high pedestal you are?

The most popular films that gross the most are actually awfully written and paced stories. Even with my general disinterest in TLOU its actually still better than a lot of shit that comes out of the film industry these days.

Is it just me or does the truck look really clean and maintained for being in the fucking apocalypse?

he won't tell you, because he knows that things he likes also have flaws, but he's too much of a pussy to admit it and be called out on it


are you seriously gonna pretend like we haven't been complaining about video game movies/shows changing too much from the source material?

there really is no fucking winning, apparently
be accurate = "no point in this existing!"
not accurate = "this is an insult to the game's story/setting!"

>game has side character crawl into tight spaces to unlock doors for you
>This is done in game as a form of loading because the PS3 took a year to load everything and if they wanted to do it without loading scenes they had to block the player's path with a controlled variable - and so they used Ellie

>Okay we're making a TV series
>Let's have the character crawl into a tight space to pad the run time


Remember, Sonikino won. Everything else needs to BTFO.

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Did they ever release sales data for TLoU2?

Are people really this fucking stupid?
They look at a film set being recorded with a phone from 50ft away
>lmao looks so bad
>he's just standing there, booooriiing
>things look too clean for an apocalypse
Are you unable to imagine the film from the perspective of the actual cameras being used?
Are you completely unaware of post-production?

It's like I'm living the universe of Idiocracy

you better be pretending to be retarded.
im saying turning the last of us which is essentially you playing through a movie into a tv show is fucking retarded.

turning something like the events of halo 1-3 into a movie trilogy that literally just follows the exact path of the game is fucking awesome but is never done.

movie game into movie = shit
non movie game into movie = good

simple as.

christ these angles are doshit. And what is the dune buggy supposed to be? Who are they chasing?

you know thats not video from the actual film cameras right?

Play any good h-games lately?

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3: kys.

>Melee combat
>Tense moments

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the buggys are camera

I stood up and clapped in my living room when I saw the mandalorian

Please kys, today

Finally, and adaption that's being made by people who actually respect the source material.