Japanese video game market

Famitsu did an annual presentation about the state of the Japanese vidya industry
Some of it got translated by GDL

Can Sony reverse PS5's abysmal situation in Japan?

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Does it have to? Does it need to?

It's not even a meme at this point. Playstation is dead in Japan.

Top 10 Best selling PS5 games in JAPAN

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Why would they? The PS5 is a western console

That depends if Sony and PS want to keep getting japanese games

>PS4 almost had triple the software sales of PS5 launch aligned
Yeah I don't think they can come back from this one.
Considering its current performance in other markets, yes, not bombing in Japan would've been very helpful.

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All these really means though is that Japanese players will continue to focus on switch and mobile games and that Japanese AAA developers looking to make actual current gen games will have to cater harder and harder to western demographics who ARE actually buying PS5 and Series X. Because make no mistake, the Japanese are not about to abandon PS5 and magically buy up Xbox or a PC that can play to that spec instead. Yea Forums seems to always misunderstand this part. All i predict is that favourite Japanese publishers will have their games lose more and more Japanese identity to sell games to us almost exclusively instead of also to their own people.

>Final Fantasy XVI
>God of War Ragnarok
>Monster Hunter World 2
>Dragon Quest 12
>Final Fantasy VII-2 Remake
>Dragons Dogma 2
>Street Fighter 6
>Spider-Man 2
>The eventual GTA 6

Give it some time. They will be fine.

>Japanese AAA developers looking to make actual current gen games will have to cater harder and harder to western demographics
And that worked so well for them in the PS3 generation didn't it

>Does it need to?
Great question, I imagine the cost of development for games is far higher for the PS5 than any previous console so I imagine they need high attachment rates

>VII Remake - 37k
Thank god it's bombing.

>And that worked so well for them in the PS3 generation didn't it
Except their own people are offering them no alternative. Realise what you think you were cheering for. Look forward to PS3 era Japanese games again user, but hey at least we get to say fuck snoy huh?

For comparison, top 10 best selling Wii U games in Japan after 18 months

01. [WIU] New Super Mario Bros. U # (Nintendo) {2012.12.08} (¥5.985) - 1.152.119
02. [WIU] Wii Party U # (Nintendo) {2013.10.31} (¥4.935) - 730.494
03. [WIU] Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo) {2013.11.21} (¥5.985) - 563.752
04. [WIU] Nintendo Land # (Nintendo) {2012.12.08} (¥4.935) - 382.954
05. [WIU] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate # (Capcom) {2012.12.08} (¥4.800) - 224.986
06. [WIU] Pikmin 3 (Nintendo) {2013.07.13} (¥5.985) - 222.909
07. [WIU] Taiko no Tatsujin: Wii U Version! # (Bandai Namco Games) {2013.11.21} (¥5.480) - 130.673
08. [WIU] Wii Fit U # (Nintendo) {2014.02.01} (¥5.985) - 136.131
09. [WIU] New Super Luigi U (Nintendo) {2013.07.13} (¥3.885) - 100.231
10. [WIU] Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo) {2014.02.13} (¥5.985) - 83.339

PS5 is a globohomo console produced by Amerimutt woke niggers, and they willingly killed the Japanese market.

In Sega's case, they are focusing more on a global audience and PC. They still won't abandon consoles though because that's where the prime normies are at, but PC is becoming a bigger player for Japanese games now. IIRC Elden Ring sold the best on PC.

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>lose 3rd biggest market with NOTHING to gain for it
How have heads not rolled over this blunder? They've lost billions in revenue.

>but PC is becoming a bigger player for Japanese games now
Yes worldwide, but in Japan they still only make up 1% of all steam users in the whole world
>IIRC Elden Ring sold the best on PC
No sold most on consoles but it's close.

You can't just walk into a store and buy a ps5, you have to go on a wait list and wait months still

Sony always got Japanese games over Xbox for free because of the home sales. If the PS5 tanks and Xbox gains footing on the west they can lose this advantage.

Sega was heavily invested in PC for a very long time. It's just that in the past few years they're crossing their games over to different platforms as well - Japanese games to PC and Western games to console (Football Manager).

sega was always global before the modern globohomo happened.

>No sold most on consoles but it's close.

Once Steam Deck release in JP, it can disrupt things over there greatly.

They don't care about Japan and Russia anymore

Consoles combined sold more than PC according to all the data we have. PC sold more than any individual console though.

>the Japanese are not about to abandon PS5 and magically buy up Xbox or a PC that can play to that spec instead. Yea Forums seems to always misunderstand this part.
That's exacly what seems to be happening, though.
While PS5 is fumbling, Xbox Series is doing way better than One and the number of Japanese users on Steam has increased rapidly in the past year
>In past surveys, Japanese users hovered around 1%: 1.10% in March of 2019, 1.29% in March of 2020, and 1.72% in March of 2021. And as of March 2022, it now stands as high as it’s ever been at 2.34%.

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It just doesn't work for xbox though there is too much history of them letting people down with Japanese games. "Fool me once" if you will. Remember how hard Xbox pushed that Yakuza LAD would come to their platform first and that with gamepass getting games like Yakuza 0 and such that xbox would become a viable home for Yakuza players? In the end even the PS4 version of Yakuza LAD that fucking came out late sold more than copies on xbox.

Consoles died in Japan as soon as gachashit took off on smartphones.


More copies of Elden ring sold on consoles than PC. That's a fact user.

>More copies of Elden ring sold on consoles than PC.

Japanese devs didn't need to take Xbox into account because the Playstation was a safe bet. If PS5 doesn't sell that not only means JP has to bow before western tastes but before the Xbox audience because they have a considerable buying power on the west.

>Xbox Series is doing way better than One
user selling 10 series X instead of 2 Xbones is not "replacing PS5" please do not be silly.

Switch is on a way to become the best selling console in Japan, though.
From the same presentation:
>Hamamura is positive on Switch selling over 30m in Japan and that it may be close or above the Nintendo DS (33m) in the end.
>He expects Switch sales to remain high to due remaining high profile titles like Splatoon, Pokemon and Zelda.

yeah but now even sega is dabbing into stuff linux. alien and total war are linux friendly. they just updated pso2 anti cheat recently to support linux.

They are holding stock back for Golden Week.

But it did. PC made up 45% of the marketshare. Aka less than half, aka not the most.

>just give it some time

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it means japanese go to pc like sega, falcom, and others.

>JP has to bow before western tastes but before the Xbox audience because they have a considerable buying power on the west.
Do they? Because it seems like PS5 is still somehow shitting on xbox over here when the figures come out. The only argument is "well! It's not doing as bad as xbone did!" as if that is some sort of achievement.

Kek even
>>Final Fantasy XVI
FFXV sold only 1.3M units and FFVIIR supposedly the most awaited remake ever only did 1.5M, FFXVI will do bellow FFXV
>>God of War Ragnarok
The original did around 300k so I doubt it will help the console at all.
>>Monster Hunter World 2
This will work.
>>Dragon Quest 12
It will be multyplat.
>>Final Fantasy VII-2 Remake
Look above.
>>Dragons Dogma 2
Around 700k units sold the first one so I doubt it would be a console mover.
>>Street Fighter 6
Lol SF5 barely did above 50k units.
>>Spider-Man 2
The first one only did 400k
>>The eventual GTA 6
They don't do well in Japan at all.

PS5 need games and pronto, they lost Japan and are about to lost the western market to Microsoft.

>Lol SF5 barely did above 50k units.
SFV has sold 6 million+ copies user.

Phil must be happy he brought PSO to the west

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Of course it works but it won't happen overnight. From a distant third Xbox began outselling PS on the west.

it's ogre

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>Because make no mistake, the Japanese are not about to abandon PS5
snoy cope is so fucking weird. Did you forget the thing called Nintendo Switch? or did you just block it out due to the trauma it caused to your asshole?

>Because it seems like PS5 is still somehow shitting on xbox over here when the figures come out
You been living under a rock?

Did the PS3 have as many issues selling in Japan at launch as the PS5? Or was it just here?

In any case, it appears that Sony needs another humbling. Horizon doesn't sell consoles, and losing the favor of japanese developers doesn't help either.

Sony can't reverse Japan's situation, because despite what 4chud might think, the biggest problem with Japan's state of gaming isn't Sony or Nintendo, but shit Jap taste. I don't really have anything against Bing Bing wahoo games, but the fact those children games, half of which are basement budget shovelware (Pokemon) sell so much better than anything else is laughable. Japs are turbo autistic and have some of the lowest standards ever. The next time you laugh at Western normies for buying CoD every year, compare CoD production values to 90% of Jap games which have the exact same gameplay they did in the 90s and graphics from 2 generations ago.
The only thing Japs are good at are coomer character designs and action games. Everything else the West does better, and that says a lot considering how shit the state of industry is in the West. Soon nothing but bing bing wahoo and gacha will sell in Japan at all. Western indie games from total newcomers are selling tens or hundreds more copies than games released by "veteran" Jap games that are in the industry for decades. They though their basement budget shovelware would be bought in troves by Jap autist forever and refused to adapt to the global market or innovate. Turns out Jap autism works in mysterious ways and they're not interested in that shovelware anymore, opting for bing bing wahoo or gacha instead, so those studios are left with no audience whatsoever. The gap between Western and Jap games is probably larger than ever in production value and outside of turboweebs, no one is going to pay $60 for a shitty Jap game when they can get AAA game for $30 on sale instead. Those studios will have to either adapt or simply go bankrupt, and considering it's Japs we're talking about, I expect majority of them to go bankrupt.

Did you miss the part when Xbox began outselling the PS5 on the west. Just like with the 360 they won't be able to ignore the userbase.

PS3 okay in Japan. It was in the west it was getting demolished by Xbox. It wasn't until the PS3 slim rebrand they were starting to catch back up.

LMAO cope. snoycuck

I'm a Slav, we only play on PC here

Sony has all their eggs on the GaaS basket, look at this dreadful year, if it wasn't for SE and its MULTIPLATS PS5 wouldn't have "meaningful" releases for what is left of this year, Ragnarok is not coming in 2022.

The Japanese are the only ones producing good video games anymore. If you lose them, all you have is Ubisoft, EA, and Bungie.

these are just physical sales I believe. lots of people play digital and lots of games are digital only. like ffxiv endwalker is digital only only on playstation and same with phantasy star.

We'll never know what caused it because gacha shit in smartphones and woke shit overdrive in the West BOTH started in 2015.

>Ragnarok is not coming in 2022.
I want to believe. That would mark their second shitty year.

and this ties into sony losing in nipland...how?

>The Japanese are the only ones producing good video games anymore
>generic JRPG #432432432432 with turn-based combat straight out of the 90s and 2010 graphics sold for $60 + DLC + tip is a good game
This is your brain on weeb. The only saving grace of all that copy-paste trash are big fat anime titties.

gacha shit in smartphones was a thing since late 00s on iphones dude.

Yes its so bad Japan seeks for plain fun in console games instead of political agendas and scams

>Did the PS3 have as many issues selling in Japan at launch as the PS5?
No and neither did the PS4 in spite the latter suffered of a slow start.

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A lot of people on Yea Forums hope the 7 remake gets cancelled after part 2, and while that's extremely likely, my hope is it continues for years and years and only gets worse so we all get to see exactly how much shit the hardcore fans are willing to eat before giving up

Xbox Series is close to 200k and already outsold One's lifetime sales.
Going from XBO selling 0.09% of PS4 by 2015 to XS selling 11% of PS5 by 2020 is a pretty significant jump

>Oct 11 2022
>no release date1
>no release date2
>no release date3
>no release date4
>no release date5
>no release date6
>no release date7
>no release date8
>no release date9

>menu simulator
>plain fun

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The thing is... All those companies produces "fast food" vidya, sells gangbusters on FOMO and that's all that matters.

I laugh when people say that nips have shit taste, it has been like 9 years and R* keeps repacking GTAV and morons keep buying it, that alone invalidate any criticism.

>snoy cope is so fucking weird.
I don't own a PS5, but i fully recognise that the Japanese will not replace a PlayStation with burger products en masse.
>Did you forget the thing called Nintendo Switch?
The thing that literally cannot even play Resident Evil 7 unless it's in cloud mode? The console that never got REmake 2? Never got DMC5? Never got Kingdom Hearts III? The game that never got Final Fantasu VII remake? Never got Tekken 7? Never got any Yakuza games? And those are last gen games that run on a fucking hardware from 2013 user, now we are in next gen and the switch is still the switch.

>says this when FFXVI is going to be an absolute disaster

So there have been more series x sold than PS5's?

Yes, have you ever played real games back when they were niche? Open minesweeper, that's plain fun as a game.
I prefer people who seek that than people who produce garbage like Horizon and pretend the experience is anything more than a boring interactive movie

*XS selling 11% of PS5 by 2022

Horizon is garbage, doesn't mean vast majority of Jap shit isn't too.

They don't need or want to.
Changing X to confirm and O to cancel was just straight up spitting in the face of their original market.

You and many other gamer dudebros just have shit taste. I'm glad the Japanese market isn't like that. "Muh production values" "muh children games" grow some balls lol


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Good God how did it go so bad in one gen?

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>The thing that literally cannot even play Resident Evil 7 unless it's in cloud mode?
It obviously can. Capcpom just couldn't be arsed to port it.

It wasn't big compared to gaming as a whole

and don't forget Xenoblade 3!

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Sorry, you don't even have shit taste.
Evidentially you only care about shitposting for (You)s

maplestory generated billions and everyone copied them including the west. valve got the tf2 economy idea from koreans.

Shame we won't get Famitsu numbers this week.


So what is? 5 dollar indies that moved away from the original concept of "a small game, but good" into "an even smaller game, and a cashgrab" ?
Japan produces fresh new ideas and keeps the one that work on a consistent track so far. The new Kirby was fun, Elden Ring was fun, Wii Sports was fun, Tales of Arise as fun and I could go on.
You can look for something negative in anything if you try, that's just what comes off from you

Holy zoomzoom, your stupid zoomer brain can't play shit other than ultrarealistic grimdark action games? Were you born retarded or is this learned behavior?

yes user, the thing that is the most popular console in nipland by far and on the fast lane to become the bestselling console, period.
>bu-but it cant play all these games!
touche. you know what can? PC.
Get a clue, retard. Literally everyone there owns a switch. Why would they buy a ps5 when, by your own admission, hardware from 2013 can play them?
>bu-but they cant into pc!
keep telling yourself that

Next week will be double.

Those are a tiny minority of Japanese games.
PS5 is going to rule! With 1 game per year from SqE or Capcom!

No, I just played Jap games almost exclusively for 2 years after all the shilling about them here and saw them for what they are: repetitive, grindy, outdated, uninteractive crap with shit graphics to the boot that slant-eyed retards think is somehow worth $60. There are exceptions of course, as with everything, but vast majority is total crap. Most Western games are shit nowadays, but Jap games are even worse.

Sony's wokeshit is what kills japanese titles here.
They can bypass all of it by just being software devs for the PC and that means Steam or you're wasting your time. The smarter devs like Capcom are figuring that out. I don't know wtf Squeenix is doing only releasing half their shit. Getting checks from EGS and alienating their loyal PC fans I guess.

That's not a smartphone game

Is a shame that Sony didn't create a studio for the Japanese market, Studio Japan was to "artsie", besides Ape Escape the company was making games that looked like art projects instead of proper games, at least in the eyes of the Japanese.
Look what's popular in Japan and all of them are games focusing on gameplay.

It's didn't get really important last gen AAA games dickhead what part do you not understand? Regardless of the "why" you make up on the spot the actual fact is that those games are NOT on switch and now we aren't in the PS3/One era anymore we are moving into PS5/Series X and in about a year there will be games that even the PS4 and Xbox One cannot run anymore. Japanese devs don't always want to be forced to make games for tablets. So as switch continues to dominate in Japan the less we will see Japanese games that push the hardware front OR we will see those games but they will cater like fuck to the west.