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>Grigori tells me to choose
>it's her
>do a 360 & walk away

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she's not really a whore per-say, just thoughtless and self centered (inb4 "so a woman?") This is the problem with coddling women and leaving them infantile

I just think her love for you is a bit sudden.

because she's childish and doesn't know what real love is, she just has someone pay attention to her and she's like OH WOW COURTLY LOVE

Pure wife

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>got fournival again

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>give the ring to mercedes
>give a shitload of gifts to her
>still end with this bitch at the end for no reason
i liked the game, but this pissed me off

You are all little babies, this is the purest love the game has to offer.

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dude, she almost got me killed, that scene on her first sidequest was very weird, the first thing that crossed my mind was that she used something to make the king mad and lead to that whole situation so that she could get rid of me

she's cute, but her face texture was kinda weird for me, i downloaded a face texture mod and it worked pretty well on everyone, but i think her face stayed vanilla .

user, she is literally canonically a prostitute sometimes

here's the pawn i made for my first playthrough btw

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not the pawn, that's the arisen actually, i must admit that i didn't pay much attention to the story, gameplay was good though


Undisputed best girl

Dark souls

So a woman?

user she tried to suck off a french guy

dragons dogma

Pedo moment

she's hebe

She was probably just trying to pickpocket him or something

Mercedes will come back someday...

>do a 360 & walk away

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I don't think you should blame "not paying attention to the story" for your low iq when the image name is "char" and the game is literally about the arisen/pawn system to the degree that the only way you'd forget is an insanely huge lapse in memory or just general low iq, to be present in the game would mean to understand these things. I'm just saying you're retarded and contributing to my dislike of people showing their tranny tier characters.

She's ok, though I prefer Madeleine

She's got a big heart of gold underneath it all.

Forgot pic

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calm down my dude, i just made a mistake because i am sleepy and quickly corrected it, why so aggressive?

You romance her for being able to get into her room in the manse later to gather her undies.

in my headcanon she is a prostitute as well.

>fournival's daughter

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So you cameback

Pickpocket his cum, the fucking semen demon.

>one of my friends plays this game
>scene where edmun is choking her
>"they wouldn't actually kill her, I'll wait"
>edmun actually kills hers
>friend is angry at the game for the rest of the playthrough, says it has garbage design and "he thought the game was better than it is"

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i heard the beloved can be any npcs except pawns and a few others, does that include child npcs too?

>her final quest
>she's the one and only canon love interest

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>give the ring to someone else
>do her quest
>unavoidable sex
>you're now a cheater
bad game design

Of course, you can marry pretty much all lolis.
t. Symone lover

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I have successfully married fournival's daughter. The only other child NPC I can think of is Pip. Nothing changes, you still roll around on the ground with them (implied sex) during the game's ending.


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i threw pip on the everfall after he started being rude with me, shame he comes back :(

Pure Pawn turned human wife right here.

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Arisen and the pawn can be children too

>I'll be here with your dinner ready when you get back from fighting that big nasty ogre that's blocking the road user, *kisses you*

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for me, it's making symone and then marrying symone

>responding to her booty call at all
>your duke's wife
>this wont go badly at all

why are people thinking like this?

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Post it, I have to see this.

First time playing I didn't care much for NPCs, missed a bunch of quests, got to the end and that bitch showed up because I did her quest to get better stuff from the merchant, ngl it got me pissed, always hated the brat

I've never actually done that but I did do it for mercedes
I made my pawn mercedes too

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>I'm just out picking flowers, would you like to help me?

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goth lolis are underrated

oh neat a DD thread
can someone post the webm of the opening zoom and the character is this nigger caricature? i've been looking for it for ages

what can i say? i love his goods.

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Isn’t there a way to get her to show up at the house and also get a beloved on top of that? I want to play the Mormon route.

The ring doesn't lock your choice, it just raises the affection to the maximum. Doing quests also raises the affection a lot. Since Aelinore's quest-line finishes before anyone else, doing it causes her to become your beloved, no matter who you gave the ring.

If you finish your questline she moves in with you as daughteru

if so that's a stupid mechanic, why even have this super lore important ring that has unique dialog when you give it if it means nothing in the end?

lol thanks

She is, in fact, canonically a virgin. That quest where you rescue her is kino.

so why doesn't the arisen's bond lock a character into being your love interest, regardless of who else got affinity again? what the fuck were they thinking?

You can also find the single rarest outfit in the game in her room: a maid's outfit under that screen divider. Expect to Godsbane a lot though.

On the one hand it could be that it was poorly implemented. On the other hand, the coders might have just thought it would be funny to blue ball players thinking they were getting Mercedes or Madeleine just to end up with Masterworks Man instead. We will never know for sure.

What’s up with your friend? But if a weird reaction