What's Yea Forums's opinion on Waai Fu from Arknights?

What's Yea Forums's opinion on Waai Fu from Arknights?

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>girl, but a tiger
I don't get the appeal
why not just a normal girl?

toe beans

Isn't that just Katt

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I can get normal girl at the store (This is a lie)
Tiger girl is man's dream.


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She’s an irrelevant unit that’s outclassed by both Projekt Red and Gravel in her niche.
I’d still impregnate her though

I don't play this game but this is hot so post more.

The appeal of a tiger + the appeal of a normal girl.

It is amazing how easily the sodomites out themselves as people who literally shit taste.

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Like girls
Like tigers
simple as

4 boobas...

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my wife

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why not just a tiger?*

she wants a divorce

she can't have one
also this screenshot is from like 6 months ago she's now m6

I'm not a furry, but...

I want tiger woman.

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I want to lick her paws

i can't deal with multi boob
its so fucking weird

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That's why Makura is best girl

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Tiger. Tiger tiger tiger!

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Is this manga good or is it just for coomers

Bros... I am gay but
... Who is this semen demon,

pic related, I guess that tigers are like that too

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she looks like she fucks like a tiger


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i want to fuck a tiger and survive the experience

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Havent leveled my p5 gravel
Is she good?

yeah as a meatshield she is really good, specially when you have to bait powerful attacks in some stages

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good taste

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cutest monkey girl ever drawn and its no contest.

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Her design perfectly hits the balance of human to nonhuman features.
Makes me really wonder what would it be like to tap furry ass and frankly I dont remember is her ass bare like macaques she seems to be based on.

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Oh the poor thing
Just started, i might stick to red for now but yea
Fast redeploy feels super broken in general

>does she have furry ass?
>Followed by posting image that shows she has bare ass
Fuck me im king of fucking retards lmao

>why not just a normal girl?
why not just a normal tiger?

This is better.

never played the game but fapped to her.

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monitoring this thread

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>waai fu
Was it intentional?

yes please


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imagine playing with her tail while fucking her and then playing with her tailhole

normal girls are boring

user, she is an ape not a monkey, ergo no tail

cute monke girls, on Yea Forums? never thought id see the day

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Reimu will win

I understand it now.
I must return to monke...

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what the fuck is the source?, my peepe needs to know

>what it do, white boi?

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Lol i guess i found the source of this box
its in the filename of &

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in wilder the beast doth lament.

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