I want to go back. Why didn't culture just stop progressing in 2005?

I want to go back. Why didn't culture just stop progressing in 2005?


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So haev you been emulating the Urbz to suck on that sweet nostalgia titty? I've been emulating the PS2, it takes a bit of tweaking to work properly and I've noticed the game has several bugs.
But hey, it's mindless fun. The DS version was lit too, I have fond memories of it.

>I ended up dating every girl in the game and
>made them get the bob cut to show I owned them
was based

God damn the load times for this game were fucking abysmal. I split screened this with my bro and I remember we would just stay in the hoods for in game weeks surviving off street food and naps while everyone bitched about our advanced hobo tier odor. And getting a new hood was always shit since it was four seperate five minute loading screens for two players to change their fashion for progression.

I play on original hardware and a CRT

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This game gave me a massive fetish for trashy punk chicks

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>The same game will never be different on another console or on PC ever again.
>AAA studios will likely never again create 2D handheld games
Why even bother living anymore?

We used to take turns with my pal. Fuck, I need to call him and arrange a nostalgia vidya night.

I miss belly shirts

I miss women who could pull that off.

I miss whale tails

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The GBA version was vastly superior.

I played the DS version and wanted to fuck Roxanna Moxie.

Good game.

good taste

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What could have been

I lost my virginity to a girl that loved this game

DS version was awesome because of that cool gene splicing island

Was she hot?

this game had hot kissing animations. I used to load my sister's file and make her a lesbian and then quit without saving

>those lewd kissing animations
>stripteasing in public
>groping girls' asses
I miss when sims games where horny, I used to do this in Sims 2 too. Too bad they toned down romantic animations starting with 3.



all the girls in this game were such great fap material for younger me

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The Sims Console Universe had some hot bitches, honestly.
DJ Candy, I know she's from MySims, but holy fuck.

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>DJ Candy
I've never played MySims but I'd be lying if I said I've never jerked off to her at least once. Are the games actually worth playing now?

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From what I remember it's like an Animal Crossing-lite but they're fun in their own way, I remember MySims Kingdom being more fun over MySims but I really wanted to try Agents and the other games.

I remember being a kid when TS2 for consoles came out, and how it gave me the option to be naked, that game is responsible for my clothe female nude male fetish.

I remember the console version of Sims 2 being weird in a cool way, it felt so different from the other games in the series but I've never owned it myself. Although I remember that when mods for the PC version of The Sims 2 started to come out I was spending most of the time in the Pleasant household watching the twins make out on their parents bed.

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>Pleasant Twins
Fuck they were hot I bet they both have huge bushes.
The console games were different but they were really fun, it gave you a reason to buy a console game a handheld game and also a PC game, but now it's all just boring ass ports if they can even be assed to do that.

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Yeah, nowadays it's unthinkable that a publisher would employ multiple developers to make different versions of a game for PC and consoles and make sure it makes full use of the hardware it's running on. Everything just gets dumbed down to the lowest common denominator now.

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I'm personally a Misty man, the arms always up just does things to me.

Yeah, the only way for video games to be great again is if there's a fucking video game crash or if normalfags just stop buying and consuming games they won't even play once, but own it just to own it.

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I would also like to lick Misty's armpits.

It's so sad to think that The Sims 4 was going to be an online only game if SimCity hadn't bombed and that's most likely the way they'll be going with 5 now that the average gamer is even more braindead and willing to eat whatever piece of shit they put on their plate. I have basically no hope left for this series.

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It's not a secret that anyone who grew up with the series has hope for it, The Sims 4 would've been an okay MMO because they are trying to get the MMO money it looks like, and it's just fucking disgusting.
Someone needs to take the reigns of the life sim genre and do something fun with it.

I like to think they've got a little bit of hair and she's constantly flashing people her pitpussy.

Nice, makes me want to bury my face in her pits even more.

I have no idea why no one has picked up the life simulation genre and decided to do something with it. Paralives has decent customization and building tools but other than that it looks pretty soulless to me so far.

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I really liked the adventure game format of the GBA games, and the objective based style of the console versions.


that urbz gba game is so comfy

I miss when these games had SOUL

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remember whole pornsites just for whaletails?

>walks up to you and bites your neck
What do?

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Shamefully try to hide my massive erection

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it did

T3 four times in a row

>Why didn't culture just stop progressing in 2005?
It essentially did. That's why everything is so stagnant and lame.

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trashy punk chicks are kino

This is now 2005 vidya and culture thread


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The GBA Urbz was the best

What's the difference between the GBA and DS version?

Urbz for the GBA/DS was cool too



>fat retard millenial starts copying his boomer parents and wishing the world froze in place when they were kids
>will eventually vote for things to make the world worse out of spite for people who are current and future kids
Also all sims games are for women, psychopaths, and now streamers.
>LOL I made person look retarded
>now I'm doing evil things like locking them in a basement or starting a fire in the baby's room while the parents are carpooling

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>plays sims like a torture game and blames other people for being sadists

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you've just outed yourself.

It's what simsfags do. Cope.

>>wishing the world froze in place when they were kids
>>eventually vote for things to try to keep the world the same
Maybe that's just an unavoidable part of human nature. Wonder if we will eventually have people who fell nostalgic for the 2020s

you've never played any of the sims we're talking about. Urbz, Bustin' Out, or any of the GBA/DS games.

here it is. The best song in the series.


This game was the biggest example of cancer at video games industry at the time. How the fuck can you have nostalgia for this commercial garbage?

All videogames are commercial products.