Let's see those 3x3s, Yea Forums. Don't tell me you're scared of getting called out for your shit taste on the internet.

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>getting called out for shit taste
With my taste? I don't think so.

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SA isn't my favorite 2hu but I do quite like it. I am the biggest castlevania fag on this board and I have NEVER played a metroid game, I really need to fix that don't I? I played super metroid for like an hour in 2013/2014 but I didn't like the way shooting felt

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wish you faggots would put this in the OP more, otherwise you'll see nothing but the same people

>to make the 3x3: www.befunky.com/create/collage/
>rating system is liked/played, ie 5/9 means you liked 5 of the 9 you played
>to make a 4x4 or greater, see the .webm

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more like bereddit

+Souls, Metroid
+Halo, Katamari
I'm actually currently playing Symphony of the Night for the first time.

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>making an image is hard
fuck off

Did you seriously put DaS2 and DaS1 in the same 3x3

Well done, you can see.

First and foremost, DaS2 is dogshit
Second, why would you put two of the same franchise in a 3x3

Op underestimates people's intelligence

Dead Space was a cool series. I even got into the animated comic and movie tie ins they released. The animated comic protagonist was cool and I liked the small cameo he has in 1. I hope the guys new game IP is as good.

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>Why would you put two of the same franchise in a 3x3
Because I like them and don't feel like arbitrarily limiting my options?

>DaS2 is dogshit
Hmm hmm I wonder where ever did you get these great opinions from, you must have gone to the opinions depot on the far side of town, must have been quite a deal quite a steal, quite surreal to imagine you found these on the cheap

From playing the games, you retarded monkey. It might be hard for you to imagine that people can have similar opinions based on the quality of the games.

I think Castillo Protocol will nail the tone but I fear it will be more of an Outlast than a RE4.

+Half-Life, EoSD, Halo 2

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>is dogshit
>from playing the games
So did you have anything to actually say about the game?

In the same way it might be hard for you to imagine that people can have differing opinions?

>Quake and Halo CE
Friends at last.

Rate my shit taste bros

Fuck you op

Just overall amazing taste, i like all your games

Haven't played most of these kek

Breddy good

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>likes Borderlands
>dislikes BFBC2
Unironically kill yourself Gearbox shiteater

i go 4x3 because i'm always indecisive
based for rance and halo 3
based for vice city and kh2

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9/9 +Shrek Uchiha, +Dilate trroon, +It Wasn't 6 Millions

based for Rance

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It's just video games, chill out friend

I am playing 13 Sentinels right now. I am loving it. I went and did all the story section I could after it sucked me in and just recently started trying the rts stuff. So 42% Remembrance 28% Destruction. I haven't been unlocking Mystery files yet.

I've really come around on Doom II. The new monsters add a lot and the new maps feel a lot more substantial than Doom's.
Banjo Tooie is not a game that holds up in my opinion, but it's still Banjo gameplay I suppose.
Metroid Prime is still a bop, hope the remake that may or may not be real holds up.
rare pick I suppose. Most people who want nostalgia go for og CS or modern players go for GO. I also must ask if the Quake pick is for good memories or if you actually like the campaign?

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>Just overall amazing taste, i like all your games
You too user. Luna Nights is fucking great, the Reimu fight kicked the shit out of me for longer than I'm willing to admit. I've played Dragon Quest XI 4 times to completion, I love that game so much and I'm praying that Square doesn't find a way to fuck up 12 but I don't really have high hopes. Dragon Quest is the last game series I like that isn't dead or raped beyond recognition and I don't know what I'll do if I lose it.

Tetris Warcrimes was such an innovation to the series. The 6 block Fat Man and 2 block Little Boy were great fun to work with, napalm was a cool mechanic too.
>Hexagon Lad
No fucking clue what you idiots see in this game.

Had to compress this, hope it doesnt look like shit
Tsukihime here includes everything up to MBAACC
3/3 + Th11, mbaacc, DaS
4/4 + hl, HoD, Halo 2, Th06
I should pick up dq3 again
4/4 + DaS1-2, RE4, OoT
6/6 + GoWII, TF2, Th06, 3S, Halo CE, Q1
5/5 + SM, BL2, Luna Nights, Doom 2, TF2

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Luna Nights would be fine if it wasn't 3 hours long


These are games that had an impact on me, not necessarily stuff I think people should be playing today

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anyone that puts super metroid in their 3x3 is either larping or a tranny

5/5 + bayonetta, mario galaxy, tsukihime, umineko, castlevania

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WRONG! People should be playing all of those games today.

CS:S was my first CS game and the one I've had the most fun with. The Quake pick is because I genuinely really like the campaign. The level design is phenomenal, and the influence/importance that the game had on FPS as a genre is enough for me to pick it

Always tough picking a 3x3. The top 6 remain consistent but the rest always shift and change.

Based tased.
Top row only.
I'm sorry but having borderlands on there just elicits sympathy.
Hell yeah prime tho.
Digimon World, KH2 and Hollow Knight get big props.
Very good taste. Still need to give TWEWY a real shot, but my DS crapped out on me. Do you know if the switch port is any good?
Trust me buddy you should be checking in on the mystery files. They'll help line up some of the plot for ya.

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I wish I could make one but recency bias is one hell of a drug for me, my 3x3 would be nothing but games I played recently.

>Trust me buddy you should be checking in on the mystery files. They'll help line up some of the plot for ya.
I plan to. I need about 60 points to unlock all I have. I do read the ones that come unlocked. So I plan on doing a big chunk of destruction then unlock them all at once then jump back to rememberance.

5/5 I missed out on a lot of 6th gen RPGs, still gotta play DQ8 and .hack
3/3 I think that would be my choice for Pokemon as well
4/4 based Rabi-Ribi and Sonic 2

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I know I have a lot of the typical, "Yea Forums approved games," here, but these are genuinely games that have had a huge impact on me in one way or another. I like what I like

As a big RPG fan I really need to break out and play more franchises besides the big popular ones. Phantasy Star and Skies Of Arcadia are on that list for sure.

13 Sentinels was such a nice gem last year, I hope Atlas keeps taking risks like that instead of relying on Persona/SMT.

.Hack is another series I want to get into but there's so many games and it's so hard to find that it's intimidating.

That's what 3X3's should be user, games that you personally love, not what you think others should play.

7/7 Solid list, solid taste

God I loved 999. WEWY is another one of those popular RPG's I've heard so much about but never played. Is the Remake worth it? Also, I've played SMT IV but not Apocalypse, reviews seem so mixed on it.

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Sorry user, forgot to credit (You)

how come you didn't rate mine, OP

>Liking both DW1 and Cyber Sluts
I know my standards as a Digimon fan for 20 years are bottom of the barrel, but fuck man cs/hm just made me depressed for how barely-digimon those games were

Sorry, which one is it user? I'm home from wage slaving today due to the stomach flu and I'll admit I'm borderline delirious from fever and dehydration. I probably just missed it by accident.

the OP

you're the type of double contrarian nigger faggot that i want to hang on a fucking pyke.
>barely digimon
digimon world 2 was a 3v3 turn based rpg and outside the overworld jank with the beetle it may as well have been cyber sleuth beta in terms of gameplay. digimon has never had a solid identity outside of the world series (dw1, re:digitize, next order) so saying something is "barely digimon" makes no fucking sense

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Not much time to rate but I'll do it anyway.

3/3, although I've played Gale of Darkness. Is XG just a backport of PBR assets or what?
Feel better user, I'm about to head out to wage slave myself.

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I mean the fact that the story plays out like a shitty SMT game with a digimon coat of paint

xg is a romhack that's just a direct upgrade
>slightly better leveling curve until the end game
>phys/special split
>much better mon availability
>moves and learnsets up to gen 7 including fairy type n shit
>a few alolan forms (kinda)
>making the move tutor not garbage

i fucking guess but i honestly feel it's better than old digimon games in that regard because the old ones basically didn't have stories beyond
>aahhh an evil digimon/virus tamer-sama save me!

Never been into shooters (especially competitive ones) but hells yeah to Pokemon and Metroid. I honestly have 0 clue what the middle left game is.

underage b&

just emulate the .hack games, since they are pretty hard to find. And even I prefer emulating over breaking out my ps2 for them because of a speed up option being almost necessary.
Start with .hack//Infection then Mutation, Outbreak and Quarantine. Essentially just a 4 part story broken up into 20 hour story segments

after that, is the more accessible thanks to HD collection ports- .Hack//GU Last Recode- this has the 3 games of the GU series that take place after the first quadrilogy of games, but you can honestly go in blind here and still enjoy it while missing some references to IMOQ.

I prefer IMOQ despite their janky gameplay and required menu gameplay, but GU is a little more action-rpg oriented but still just as grindy and repetitive

sorry I'm half asleep replying to this thread-
forgot to mention, I meant I prefer IMOQ's sort of mystery styled story to GU's very shonenshit cringefest.
For all its faults, .hack has a special place in my heart and I can't recommend the games enough


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besides the user spoonfeeding collage maker links, I'll recommend you newfags actually rate others and you'll have more people rating your 3x3s

sncope snalding snigroid

yeah yeah funky pop bereddit cope