Why can't europe into hardware?

why can't europe into hardware?

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The Vita was made in California?

They can. Look at some of the people credited to those companies in their hardware. Esteemed engineers join esteemed companies and don't care about gay National Pride to carry them.

Please don't insult the CDI.
I don't think any system has given me the same amount of joyous moments as that console and its fantastic library of exclusives.

Philips alone powers like a third of the others.

because we have free healthcare

I think Phillips is one of the few companies that could realistically compete with TSMC.

>pay health care through tax

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So does Japan.

there is literally nothing in europe anymore regulation and taxation has driven everything out, and china owns some of our harbors

Europe suffers from brain drain, skilled people move to the US to work in those big hardware companies rather than starting their own here.

Germany is only good at relying on Russian oil, flooding europe with refugess, tearing down nuclear plants, and taking decades to build an air port.


Isn't there some factory in Europe that basically all CPUs get their parts from because it uses some ridiculous scifi shit to carve the chips with mirrors and silver particles or some shit?

>taking decades to build an air port

It's much better when it matters. With a public health system, you might wait longer for some meaningless routine visit, but you won't get into crippling debt after an actually serious emergency.

all the talent gets poached by yanks

Don't bother explaining anything to mutts

Sony Interactive Entertainment(PlayStation) is an American company.

"The airport was originally planned to open in October 2011, five years after starting construction in 2006. However, the project encountered a series of successive delays due to poor construction planning, execution, management, and corruption. Berlin Brandenburg Airport finally received its operational licence in May 2020, and opened for commercial traffic on 31 October 2020, 14 years after construction started and 29 years after official planning was begun. Schönefeld's refurbished passenger facilities were incorporated as Terminal 5 on 25 October 2020 while all other airlines completed the transition from Tegel to Berlin Brandenburg Airport by 8 November 2020."

Too busy guzzling cum to stay alive

Probably the same reason why Playstation moved to California, go where the money is.

Americans think public healthcare doesn't work because they believe the propaganda that you need to wait weeks or months for a procedure. You might have to wait a couple of days or a week for something minor but if you need immediate treatment there is no wait and you'll get the treatment the same day

>americans think
Do you want to rethink that statement?

>moves goalpost

OK what's an ouya?

I dunno but doesn't Germany have a pretty massive steel industry?

>why can't europe into hardware?
Because it's more competitive to do it elsewhere. It is the same reason TSMC is the no1 chip maker in the world instead of America.

Do people think the American continent popped into existence out of nowhere and it was already inhabited by proud Hyperboreans, completely alien to every other race, or what. What the fuck is the sense of American racial (?) pride?

>but you won't get into crippling debt after an actually serious emergency
outside of one or two cnn articles and euros bringing it up constantly, i've never actually heard of someone going into crippling debt from medical expenses. most decent livable jobs in the us offer some kind of health insurance.

>doesn't know what a goalpost is
Please understand burgers have no cultural identity and they must cope.

What is this the 1960s?

>american racial pride
They have nothing else to latch onto. No real homeland, culture or history. All they have is the colour of their skin. A Dutchman would say he's proud of being Dutch just like a Frenchman or Englishman would say.
An American says he's proud of being ((((white)))) despite being some mixed spic.

Honestly I think it works, but I'm not about to have my taxes get doubles just so obese niggers having heart attacks can stay on life support while I foot the bill.
There is just too many fat fuck smokers in this country for healthcare to be public

I'm just proud to be American
Nationalism is a bad word here though

Are you fucking retarded?

Spain created a Steam Deck before Steam Deck was a thing.

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America is such a mistake. Mutts with no cultural identity or genetic forethought. The US could not exist and nothing in this would would change, and that's such a sad thing for a nation.

The whole point is that everyone can afford to go into a surgery regardless of if they have a higher education and earn as lot of money or not.
My family has always been a upper middle income family and I also earn a relatively good salary and we always use private healthcare because it's faster. But even private healthcare is pretty heavily subsidized and medicine is cost controller which is not the case in the USA.
You probably remember the issues with insuline prices for example which is a matter of life and death to people with diabetes and it costs an arm and a leg (no pun intended) in the US even tho it shouldn't because it's pretty cheap to produce, but hey if you can make a profit..

>higher education
>lots of money

That's what you get for electing a polish woman

When you purposely leave 90% out that tends to happen

>I think Phillips is one of the few companies that could realistically compete with TSMC.
Yeah if you have no idea what you're talking about, sure

>you need to wait weeks or months for a procedure.
I mean, you do, unless it's something time critical, they are more than happy to let you wait a month or two

>expecting burgs to do anything be self fellate

Because Europe barely invest in military at all and is overreliant to America for defense just like Canada. Once America collapses your welfare states will cease to exist as well and will be forced to put a huge portion of your GDP in military insyead. For fuck's sake Great Britain alone sent more weapons to Ukraine than all mainland Europe combined. That's how defenseless you cowards are. Even France does jackshit.

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Looks pretty cool, too bad they never got to shipping a final product.

No it isn't. We live in nursing homes, which benefit the old for the young. You're scoring goals against your self for cheap 'buuuhhh Mericans' posts

I mean yeah, even our poor people are better off than a lot of countries

I love that you filled America to the brim with colossal disasters just so it didn't look equally pathetic

Lol no? Germany or any Europian nation could trounce the US in a land war.

the only country that has always threatened to destroy Europe is Germany, so the only effective way to stop them is to disarm them


We do. We just use America as a slave plantation for business.
Keep feeling pride for your "nation", wageslaves. Don't forget to do the Walmart Shuffle on your way to the office.

Map forgets that the UK made all of those SNES enhancement chips that added shit like 3D.

America is a military safety net for the rest of the world. I say we fuck off and stop defending them because they clearly don't appreciate it

No you see it's fitting since the US is a colossal disaster.

Germany's defense army is completely defunct thanks to multiple decades of being managed by women

>muh military
The rest of the world doesn't need to spend on military because we're not waging multiple wars for our kike overlords 24/7. Russia already lost 10's of thousands of troops in Ukraine alone and they're the only real threat. Nukes are a good deterrent as well.
Stop being retarded user.

.t burger

theres some amd cpus that have "diffused in germany" on them but its by far not the majority. they get diffused all over the world. in a quick google search i found USA, taiwan, china and malaysia where they get diffused as well.

And Britain is 70% white while France is something like 30% black but they don't allow demographic censuses. I wonder how long national pride exists when whiteness is broken down.

Kek. Russia is walking into Berlin this year and you'll just watch.

Don't forgot that they're the kike geopolitcal bullies. Most of the world wouldn't NEED a military if it wasn't for the US.

well, yeah? Just go to southern Europe and look at what kind of a shithole that place is, yet northern Europe is fine. US is such a big country you can't generalize just like you can't say all of Europe is better because it's not.

its usually the "you waited a month to seek a doctor, you can wait another month" spiel

>Why can't yurpp
One, Japan is straight up a fucking US satellite. It's Israel if people loved Israel but ramped up by 10x because people fucking love Japan.

Second, Europe has been suppressed by the US since the end of the WW2, and now we understand why, because the US wants to use is as sovereignties to keep Russia away and depowered.

Eu+Russia would turn us into the greatest nation on the planet, but such hasn't happened because the USA doesn't want this to happen and thus we're forever doomed to be cucks

>For fuck's sake Great Britain alone sent more weapons to Ukraine than all mainland Europe combined

There's a reason for that and it isn't pussies at the political level, the UK simply has the largest army in Europe, around 40% of it. If you want to know one of the main reasons why the EU didn't want the UK to leave the EU it's because they wanted to absorb its armed forces for itself.

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with what army? theyre getting btfo in ukraine

>Map forgets that the UK made all of those SNES enhancement chips that added shit like 3D.

It also forgets about the Sinclair and BBC computers.

>can't even walk into Mariupol

They've barely deployed any proper forces. Get real.

No, you can generalize the US because they have no pure blood and can only claim 1/1006th X. The US populace are slaves to capitalism and will cry out in pain if you try to give them any amenities like healthcare and any kind of workers rights.

sure igor

I know about ASML in the Netherlands, which produces the machines other companies use to make their chips.

medicine costs are a legitimate issue, but public healthcare (or lack thereof) just seems like a such a strange fixation to me when so few people are actually affected by it.

public education in the US can be quite bad, but universities are a completely different story entirely

>Russia already lost 10's of thousands of troops in Ukraine alone
Because of manufactured weapons by AMERICA and BRITAIN with some Turkish drones. Without those Kiev would fall a month ago.

Finland managed to use 22 years for building a nuclear plant. I think that's most expensive building in the world at this point.
>The first license application for the third unit was made in December 2000[28] and the date of the unit's entry into service was estimated to be 2010.[18] However, since the start of construction, several delays to the schedule have been announced. In July 2012 TVO announced that the unit would not go into service before 2015,[14][29] five years after the original estimate. In a statement, the operator said it was "not pleased with the situation" although solutions to various problems were being found and work was "progressing", and that it was waiting for a new launch date from Areva and Siemens.[15] At the end of 2013, TVO said that the Areva-Siemens consortium plans to reduce workers and subcontractors on the construction site and says that it expects the contractor to provide details about the expected impact on the project's schedule.[30] In February 2014, TVO said that it could not give an estimate of the plant's startup date because it was still waiting for the Areva-Siemens consortium to provide it with an updated overall schedule for the project."[31] Later the same month it was reported that Areva was shutting down construction due to the dispute over compensations and unfinished automation planning. According to Kauppalehti, the estimated opening was delayed until 2018–2020.[32] In July 2019 TVO announced that regular electricity generation is expected to start in July 2020. The delay was caused by slower than expected modification works.[33] In August 2020 TVO announced that regular electricity generation is delayed to February 2022 due to slow progress in system testing, technical problems found in the testing, and delivery time of spare parts to replace faulty components.[2]

>us drones are still awake
Don't you need to be in the wage cage at 0600?

LOL. You've never been in Japan, let alone how this shit work

EU army will never happen. Only Federalists in France have desire for it. Rest of the EU wants to remain a trade bloc with NATO to babysit for them

Don't call it that. Call it "public healthcare". Too many retards bitching about it being not free, and they're not wrong.

Are you surprised how stupid mutts are?

>Russia already lost 10's of thousands of troops in Ukraine alone
Why do you think that is? Where did those NATO weapons that Ukies are using right now came from?

well calling it free makes you disingenuous at best and a fucking retard at worst so calling it out is not the bad thing

Considering the vast part of the world calls it "healthcare" the mutts are the only ones who are stupid about it.

>some factory in Europe that basically all CPUs get their parts
The only manufacturer (ASML) of advanced lithography machines is in the Netherlands. And these need special light sources that only one German company (Zeiss) can make. I'm sure there's more but that's the one super narrow supply chain I know of.
The competition China has been trying to set up for years is estimated to be behind those guys by roughly a decade, at least when it comes to anything approaching industrial production.

i call it public because there's private as well and it's preferable for mundane stuff like getting work signoffs for colds or sprained ankles. haven't had cancers yet though.

PESCO exists user and the EU will take as long as it likes as long as it gets there.

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For it's size, the UK actually does pretty well in the tech industry. UK based companies design processors that are used in a lot of things, mostly portable stuff but also the Switch.

As for the rest of Europe? They decided it'd be better to focus more on things like agriculture and car manufacturing a long time ago. Now their tech industry is so far behind the only thing they can do is cope about it and try find more ways of fining giant tech companies.
Pretty sure the EU makes more money fining google/apple/microsoft than it's entire tech industry does.

They call it out because they oppose it, not because of the term "free". Public healthcare is great, it's retarded to oppose it because "muh taxes", if they're spread equally among incomes they're not a big deal for a vastly superior quality of life.

Europe built civilization, USA built dopamine addictions to retardify the population

I literally have no job and haven't had one for the past 7 years due to health conditions, so i literally don't pay taxes, not even a cent
i still have free health care and the most i ever had to pay was about €300 2 years ago for a knee surgery

but even if i did pay taxes, at least what i'd pay in taxes is used for health care, unlike americans who pay taxes, pay insurance, and still have to pay hundreds if not even thousands of dollars if they chip a nail

yeah sure just like free vaccines or free unfinished nuclear plants. i know what you're referring to but ill stand by calling out the free part.

Russia is such a shit hole, that it cannot take another shit hole that borders it. I wouldn't be surprised if China was eyeing up Siberia.

I really hate how smug Euros are and don't understand the shitshow they're in. The Ukraine x Russia proved this. America should just leave Europe and focus in the pacific instead. Even Japan is more militarized than Europe(except France and UK)despite the limitations of article 9.
t. worst korean

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God I hate americans.

Fun fact. Almost all Russian military gear is manufactured using parts from countries like America and Britain. That's not even an exaggeration either.
Since the Ukraine invasion a lot of Russian military tech has been captured and sent to other countries to be taken apart and examined. Universally they are finding everything from tanks, to aircraft to missiles and more are made using technology from countries like America and Britain.
Many countries are even starting an investigation into how this shit happened because technically that technology should never have been sold to Russia in the first place. Yet they built and entire army off of it.

So really, the entire world is basically using American, British, South Korean and Taiwanese technology in their weapons.