I broke up with my girlfriend for playing games without me and maxing level everything when she said she wasn't playing

I broke up with my girlfriend for playing games without me and maxing level everything when she said she wasn't playing

Did I do the right thing.

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>I broke up with my girlfriend
So you threw your dakimakura in the trash?

She was basically a pillow

>Screaming slurs isn't funny

What is impostor syndrome?

Honestly yes, a relationship needs to be built on a foundation of honesty and trust, congrats for knowing you are worth more than being lied to.

When you feel guilty for being a fraud because you are one

> that picture
Damn...yeah...probably not

i'm having a minor giggle when i'm imagining a dude so obsessed that his girl has to lie about playing games to avoid confrontations

Ignore what the other user wrote.
Imposter syndrome is when you're accomplished in any way but feel like your accomplishments are not the result of actual skill or dedication, but something else, e.g. luck or marketing.

Yes, because she lied to you. If she wasn't cheating already, she would have in due time.

When you're sus.

When you're incompetent and cope with it by saying "I'm not actually incompetent, I just don't value my [lack of] accomplishments enough."

>also leveled behind your back
Worse than NTR, so yes

Seems a bit extreme, have you tried asking her why she wanted to play alone?

The cope was working, but now there is only despair

Sorry I'm an autistic perfectionist.

A thing you get from playing AMOGUS

>Being insecure means you could have not possibly have deserved success
Retarded "alpha male" larpers are the only real betas

Nobody here is larping as an alpha male except you.

What a child. That's why I would never date a gamer

>What is impostor syndrome?
When you draw garbage like this and blind people think it's a masterpiece.

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How is what I’m saying supposed to be alpha

Begone, normalfag

When you pass as a tranny.

I thought the pic is pretty obvious.

i think its nice.

Looks good to me bro

Feeling guilt when people like your facade knowing its not really who you really are. Imagine the clown everybody likes but nobody wants to get to know them when the show's over. I've been there before and it fucking sucks

idk why this is getting so many weird replies
It's a complex where you feel like you don't actually belong where you are or your success isn't your own. Basically can't take credit for your own achievements and you feel guilty about it.

I hate normalfags

>go to uni
>fumble your way through
>graduate with a good grade
>get a fun job
>feel like you didn't earn it because you're ignoring the fact that you only got there because of your enlightened intelligence in the first place
It usually passes after a couple of months of learning on the job

Literal perma/beg/ lmao

Based. Fuck Sakimishit and all the retards enabling this crap.


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>/ic/rabs infest Yea Forums

>lie to your bf
>act insulted when he breaks up with you
Foids gonna foid.

was your gf a man

She's more successful than you'll ever be.

That’s not what imposter syndrome is.

feels good knowing I don't have imposter syndrome
because I'm in no way accomplished

i miss being a retarded teenager
being a retarded adult fucking sucks

Sakimichan being overrated has nothing to do with impsoter syndrome.
Impsotor syndrome is personal and itnernal, it doesn't rely from external factors.
Hell, sakimi is proudful and quite cocky, he's the opposite of the syndrome.

>It usually passes after a couple of months of learning on the job
Took me a couple years and still halfway through.
It sucks a fuckton and it's nearly impossible to get out after certain age from what I heard.

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Depends on the job I guess, but after a couple of months you should be an expert on _something_ you built/accomplished yourself

>blind people
Not blind, coomers just have 0 standards.

Here's an easier one, brainlets.

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>What is impostor syndrome?
a form of humble bragging, its very common in tech jobs since its filled with the most narcissistic midwits

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> was tasked with creating a product for a client
> took me until release to actually know what it was for
> changed the original name to an acronym so they wouldn't realize

Usually, you'd be a fag for dumping your GF for playing without you.

That said, she a lying hoe, so yes u did gud

People who lie about the small things will lie about the big things.

Did not read the text the girl in the image is to hot


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when you play too much AMOGUS and start calling everything sus

IDK user. Did you ask why she did that? It might be better to work on a relationship issues rather than throwing it all away, but that really depends on overall situation.

>imposter syndrome

Made up left wing nonsense to justify useless troons and minorities being in high paid positions

I've been working for two years in a management position at the construction site of a power plant, I could tell you a lot about the technical minutiae of the construction process but I have no fucking idea what the plant or its main buildings actually do.

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makes power

I guess, but HOW
I'm actually not sure if power is the main thing it produces, I think it's just a byproduct.

make water boil with some process that generates heat (say, burning coal)
steam moves through pipe with a propeller in it
propeller turns and moves a conductor through a magnetic field
electricity flows out

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. My boss doesn't appreciate my work that much and I had (still have) a complex over my own style which make it really hard to accept or work on comission, as it's never "good enough". Been taking more coms here and there but ti's hard to give oneself validation. I still don't consider my work worthy enough for what you'd call a "professional", but I'd like to trust those around me telling me it is.

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