Is this still good?

Is this still good?

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iceborne improves it significantly, but yes.

The game, weapon or monster?

Know how I know you're autistic?

Never was

It expired last month and is now shit, I'm sorry OP, you missed your window.

It's not like it matters. The answer is no anyway.


it has double the players rise has at the moment, that should tell you something

No it doesn't.

To be fair, the only reason why it's not double now is because there is a Rise sale. Give it a week after the sale has ended and you'll see that World is twice as active on PC as Rise.

better then rise

>the only reason why it's not double now is because there is a Rise sale
user it hasn't been double since like the month after release.

Any words on Monster Hunter World 2?

second quarter, 2023 according to the leaks

Yeah, worth it on sale with Iceborne.

The days before the sale it looked like this

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Anything is better than the clutch claw

Cheers man. Time enough to clear the backlog.

If I want to play an old MH should I play Tri or FU?

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yeah its great

Not him but I’ll take molesting a monster’s face with my great sword over the terrible dino-riding and rampages any day. I pray neither make it into 6.
I am still excited for Sunbreak though.

FU for the true experience, then play tri anyway because underwater is great

Better than Rise btw

Did World have crossplay?


no, sonys deal to have any content updates including IB be timed exclusive to ps4 made it impossible to properly implement crossplay even if they wanted to because pc players playd a way older version of the same game.

Base Tri doesn't have a lot of content but still like it a lot. Maybe try to play 3U instead if you can.

I'm unironically getting nostalgic for world, I shit on this game so much when it released but at least it was a good game.
Rise is both a bad monster hunter game and a bad game

HA no.
Which is a shame given how many people double dipped because the ps4 version was shit.

Whatever you say buddy.

I went back to World. I couldn't stomach all the bing bing shit in Rise like wyvern riding and wirebug skills and dumb ass dogs.

same, except shitting part, i didn't liked overpowered mantles so i just didn't used them, other than that it was just another monster hunter game
rise is just so fucking different in a bad way

I much prefer eating shit to drinking piss, so much better.

game having so much healing is fucking dumb as well
>infinite restock
>vigorwasps everywhere
>health augment

All I know is that:

Rise is great for a 10AUD game.
Not a fucking 80AUD game with 5 fucking levels. That's horse shit.

It looks great.
It plays great.
But why the fuck does it only have 5 levels? Part of the challenge is adapting to new environments. Hard to do that with only 5 levels.

man you're new huh

I feel like you have to be a console warrior to prefer world to any other game.
The new monsters are ridiculously easy
The old monsters were nerfed
The armor designs look like shit
The weapon animations are janky
It's just a very mid tier game while the rest are higher on the ladder.

Yes, Rise was the first MH game I played and I will never play one again.

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i feel like you have to be retarded to be this openly disingenuous

Huh? Gameplay wise it's the best in the franchise. The only downside about WorldBourne is the small monster roster. But that is the only downside.

I don't think it's that he's new to the series as much as he's Australian.
Remember they're literally descended from convicts and defects so they're born retarded.

The area is not the challenge in monster hunter games, it's just a stage for boss fights

Most of the variety in Monster Hunter games comes from the monsters, not the environments.
Most of the games (excluding GU and some of the older games) have 6-7 maps but the monster counts are high.

game so good i started using weapons i've never used in MH before just to play it more, even used the bowguns and they were fun as fuck now at i can switch to mouse aim

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>Gameplay wise it's the best in the franchise
Sure if it's your first and no one can take that away from you but compared to the rest of the series it comes off as very half baked which isn't a false statement given how many monster types were cut possibly because of the focus on Zorah. Then there's the amount of clones and subspecies in the game which highlighted the lack of variety, I think the biggest kick in the head in that regard was that Lunastra was DLC. I mean, they had all the time between the game going gold and the update to work on a monster and they chose a Teo clone.

>he complains about subspecies
>he defends 8 axis turning robots
>he doesn't have a single clue on what the fuck he is talking about
yup, thats a retarded poser

>world being best in series at anything other than sales
good joke!

The only good Monster Hunter.

>sales means bad
and bing bing to you my friend

You might as well just play GenU since it's basically a best of compilation.

>Then there's the amount of clones and subspecies
Have to agree on that one. Not many first games have subspecies/clones but when they do its usually just one or two monsters.
World had what, five pairs not including Luna?
Watching this actually did make me a little nostalgic for it too, world has a ton of soul and I don't think people really see it now.
>hurr worldsperm
Played them all since PSP fuck off.

>sales means good
go play Fortnite then. Bye! dont let the door hit you on your way out!

Is that Monster Hunter Endless? Or did they scrap that? If the next Monster Hunter after Rise is some f2p mtx garbage I swear to god.

Extremely good yes. And multiplayer is alive as well. I'm replaying it and i still get people paring up during my LR and HR section.

if you play Tri play 3U instead as it is all of Tri and more with reworked underwater controls and weapons

muh numbers faggots are killing gaming

>no argument

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Yeah that's about right.
I suppose you could extend it to Pao and Pukei since they share a lot of animations (stolen from Gypceros) as well with the only real difference being Pao's floating and Pukei's tongue and ass fumes.
Also Pukei didn't have to exist Gypceros fills its niche.

Genshin is one of the most popular games currently and it's garbage, what's your point?

>implying I haven't rocked my clownsuits for decades

I always forget how bad this game looks.

Pukei is cute.

>Sure if it's your first and no one

>ad populum fallacy is totality of my argument

Should have listened to people who said World is the best entry for newcomers. Now you have a terrible impression of the franchise.

It's a zoomer thing, just like twitch viewership for games. It only works in their favor if it's a game they like, notice that and you will be able to discern who is not worth replying to in any thread.

>replies to quote about gameplay
>immediately pivots to talking about monster roster

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When I fought Paolumu for the first time I noticed that it had a lot of Rathian attacks, that's probably just from genetic Flying Wyvern stuff though.
Pukei is preferable to Gypceros fuck Gypceros.

people who got turn off by baby tier shit that is rise wouldn't be interested in proper mh game in the first place, not every game is for everyone

I mean I like its design I guess but it's literally just a worse Gypceros without the dying gimmick to catch new players out.
God that would have been a good one to see in World.

For me it is Frontier

Monsters are one of if not the most important aspect of the gameplay. What kind of person thinks that they're tertiary?