I am still mad and forever will be

it's time for our daily dose of mass effect thread

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ME has no best girl

I beg to differ

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that's femshep, right?

>managed to make face even uglier than the in-game model

the funny thing is that everyone in me1 is an ambiguous shade of mocha because they said in the future everyone has mixed
by 3 the main character is an albino red head

Jack is best girl. She's so fucking cute and mad but deep down she's nice and you can help her heal.
The last exchange if you romance her is her demanding Shepard survive because she's planning to get laid after, and Shepard says "I love you too"

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Crazy to think how Shep got away with killing 521,000 Batarian civilians in a plan that didn't even work


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meant to answer this

>Romance Jack
>Invite her over to the apartment in the citadel DLC where she gives you a tattoo
>she starts getting really upset because the tattoo is essentially an identifier for your body in case you die

makes you feel kinda bad

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It would be a very asshole thing to die out there

which is why if you romance jack, shepard lives destroy ending is the only ending you should pick


where's the futa cock though?

>first boss is the hardest

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>daily dose

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hey that's my waifu you're talking aout

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girl shep is ugly
she can still swallow my cum on my wedding night tho

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>always go in wanting to play female
>end up picking default male

How do I stop doing this

Pick one

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Watch copious amounts of gay porn, it'll happen soon after

>Yea Forums busy fapping to femshep

Alrighty then.

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Wow do you euros just play tomb raider and mass effect all day?You guys are fucking retards.

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She looks like shes from fortnight.While male shep looks like a human wtf


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We are not obese and still have healthy libido

this may help

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You know, with femShep I can understand why some say they'd rather stare at a girls' ass

she does have a good ass indeed

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a fucking shame they got rid of the skintight suits


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All night too.

I'm playing Smite so double dumbass on you LMAO

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All the ME2 dlc is weirdly low effort but that one was just fucking strange.
If you're playing paragon it feels like a complete break in character.

It just feels weird for shepard to be a biotic.

>Jack is best girl
Stopped reading my private terminal right there.

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His VA is so bad its actually offensive, especially when he's talking to someone who's actually giving a good performance.

See 2168 CE and 2171 CE

She fucks turians

Didnt work? It gave them 2 years


I think it was actually more like a couple of months

it does, but adept and vanguard are the most fun to play

>not playing soldiershep

>people still acting like the ending of me3 is bad, especially with extended cut
Let it go, you're overreacting, have sex.

my first playthrough was soldier, but i'm never coming back
the most boring class, no abilities to use, no fun, also shooting is bad, especially in the first game
there's zero reason to play soldier

it's not just about the ending per se but rather the fact the whole game was rushed, sure me3 is not a disaster but it could have been so much more

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blind bratneeds eye correction

You think those are actual screenshots from the games?

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1st one was only bad as a soldier because of the invincible enemies.
2nd was good, and 3rd was heaps of fun if you spammend concussive shot and ammo powers.


It literally got delayed.

The ME3 ending debacle is when I realised that there was a rot in gaming journalism that priorities protecting the fee fees of games developers over consumer grievance with sub par products.

Being delayed doesn't also mean it wasn't rushed. If it needed to be (for example) delayed for a year but was only delayed for 6 months, it's still rushed, specially if the initial development time was not long enough initially.

Thane master race husband

It's like you actually WANT your dick to rot off from turbo AIDS.

Shadow Broker is best dlc in series (after Citadel)

Just because she was canonically gangraped doesn't mean she's disease ridden.

Adept is only fun on difficulties where everything doesn't have shields or barriers. Those things utterly cuck that playstyle even if you have a bonus power/squadmates that can deal with them.

Go to

I'm mad that you can't progress her questline unless you fuck her. I'd really have liked a "let's be friends" option that didn't piss her off. I feel like she needed a friend way more than a lover... plus I was pounding Tali.