What's your favorite Spirit Ash in Elden Ring

Spirit Ashes are fun and I summon them every chance I get.

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Finally have her

the sinister stool sampler

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Literally the best, keeps aggro all the time and takes no damage

I wanted to get him on my last playthrough but found out too late you can't give him the potion if you finish the ranni quest even if it's still in our fucking inventory.

marionette archers are really funny because some bosses will try to endlessly dodge all the arrows
red wolf of radagon got trivialized because it kept bouncing around and just stood still waiting for it to jump towards me

the ones that summon a ton of guys like demi-human and giant rats

Can someone tell me how to use these? I put try using them and my guy just spergs out like I asked him to use an item he doesn’t have.

Costs almost no FP, I never level mind

Buffs your physical damage

Looks cool

Fights good enough since I'm not a shitter that needs to be carried

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The grave marker needs to be on your screen for you to use spirit ashes.

I summoned them all the time in my first playthrough, fantastic addition to the mechanics. Could use a nerf though for its strongest spirits, the amount of carrying they do late game made me start a new run spirit ash free.

tiche tits

Never played ER. What is this? Some sort of companion?

Every fucking day. Every single fucking day this little faggot just sits there and gives me this stupid look on his face.

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You can summon enemies and some midbosses as party memenbers in certain spots like areas where there are a bunch of enemies or for boss fights.

He absolutely destroys Tree Avatars and Ulcerated Tree Spirits since he just dumps fire damage.

For me, is the pew pew puppets

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How about the skelly bois?


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Lone Wolves

Fuck so that's why there is no option for give him the potion, I thought I missed it

Latenna the Albinauric

she's only useful in very specific situations, since she can't move, but her range is fucking absurd
if you can find a place to summon her where she can safely provide cover fire, she'll hit anything from so far away you can barely see her

completely useless for most boss fights, but tons of fun in many open world areas
also from a roleplay perspective she willingly becomes your spirit ash and asks you to take her with you, unlike the others who are more or less just slaves

Put on Shabriri's Woe. Enemies will aggro you.

I've tested that, it doesn't seem to work in most boss arenas. They still go after her.
Also, in many areas there's just not enough space and she'll get hit by a stray AOE or something
the poor girl is made of tissue paper

I'm trying all of them on a new run, the fucking birds that spazz the fuck out are hilarious if you can corner the enemies.

Based Knight Oleg carried me for the first half of the game.
He's aggressive, tanky and deals stupid amounts of poise damage.

>Summon them for abductor virgins
>They pretty much duo the other one as +3

that's unfortunate
She always died to AOEs in my testing but I also thought that ShaW doesn't funtion well

These bois here. Not too OP, just something to keep me company against ganksquad bosses.

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He's great if you're the type that can get up in the boss's face and keep aggro
He'll hang in the back and you're right his arrows stagger the living shit out of people

Yeah these guys are fantastic.

Latenna in most scenarios, she's great at stunting a boss's posture recovery, but she's squishy and vulnerable, so she compliments you actually dancing with the boss and keeping aggro on yourself by rewarding you with easier staggers - a good balance between the immense help summons provide and the challenge of dueling a boss.

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Do summons actually do Poise damage?

I’ve never ever seen a summon stance-break a boss, not even mimic spamming high posture weapon arts.

>Do summons actually do Poise damage?

I'm pretty sure in previous games that sort of item just increased your agro range rather than your priority, probably the same in this.

they made the game harder for me. restarted and did run without. only summoned npcs because i didnt know if u had to and keep them alive like demons souls.

You also need the spirit bell which you buy in the round table area

this is youtube.com/watch?v=IWbKPDWq6lg

there are lots of misleading item descriptions to be honest, like the cat-tail ring
>Negates falling damage
except what it really means is "negates any fall damage that WOULDNT result in instant death"

This. I put her on top of the small knoll for the Shitkin Apostle fight and kept drawing him away and we shred that faggot (the outside one in the lesbian hag village)

Are they just prevented from triggering the stagger then? Because like I said, I’ve never seen a spirit posture-break a boss. There’s been times I know a boss is due to stagger, and my mimic is hitting it over and over, but it never staggers.

Ranni gives it to you in the first church you visit. It only shows up in Roundtable if you somehow missed that encounter.

>buy in roundtable
>he doesn't know

I couldn't tell you. All I know is that my Mimic has staggered several of them.

I saw Latenna posture break Astel. She absolutely dominates that fight because Astel has only one response to long range attacks and he doesn't like to use it if you're anywhere near him.

Has anyone tried doing a pure support build that only uses ash summons to fight? Seems like it could be a fun run.

Damn she got fucking bullied lol
But then again tiche folds her shit as well

There's a longplay vod somewhere. Took the guy like 40 hours over multiple sessions but he beat the game using only spirit ashes and NPC summons. Never did damage to anything himself.

did he just run past all the regular enemies or something?

Radahn bois, best bang for 10 mind buck

yeah Seluvis has to be alive

Neato, think I'll do my Frenzy Flame ending run like this then

I like page it's fucking cool to have a buddy quest with you.And shes not op either

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Thats how most people play the game normally

I really wish they made these guys be permanently summonable. When I first heard about the spirit ash mechanic, I thought that you would be able to have a buddy with you, basically like a permanent, offline co-op mode. You'd go on adventures together, look at each other's backs, heal each other, draw aggro. You could have a bunch of dogs with you, a knight you've slain could join you as a compatriot, or some cool beast could be tamed to aid you in battle.

But no, you just ring a bell before every bossfight to have some spirit temporarily appear, get slapped around, then disappear. No personality, no soul, it's just a shitty AI that doesn't accompany you on your adventure, just spawns out of thin air before a fight and disappears right after. One summoned NPCs in DS2 had more personality than all of the ER spirits combined.

The only spirit I used on my second playthru. He's not tanky enough to last through the bigger fights but his buffs are handy and he very nimble. Coolest spirit ash desu.

where do you get this

Doing a Pokemon challenge run where you're only allowed to damage things with spirits and you can only heal and buff them is fucking kino.

Yea because the way the game is made the bosses react to every aggression so if they are constantly being pressured they kinda go ape shit and do attacks strings non stop.Bosses like margit are legit harder with summons because the A.I keeps reacting to all the hits being dealt and he just ends up nonstop attacking.As oppsed to just standing there in a 1v1 situation trying to outplay your sequence with his.

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Demi-Human gangbang group. You get 5 of them and they stunlock the shit out of everything, and the biggest one always survives longer than he has any right to.

Dragon's Dogma sounds right up your alley.

worst part is when they do 180 in the air to hit you instead of the summon

go to Four Bellfries in Liurnia
use the northeastern-most teleporter
takes you to Chapel of Anticipation (the opening tutorial area)
it's in there

some castle

I like to bring a boss his health down to next to nothing and then summon the most embarrassing spirit ash I can to finish the job while I lie on the floor. The three little jars, for instance

Really? Ive been there on 3 characters and somehow missed it

Revisiting the first area. Find the Four Belfries in Liurnia.

There's a path that wasn't open on your first visit.

It's behind a door near where you start that was locked when you start the game

felt good to go back and kick the shit out of grafted scion
get a cool weapon from it too

He also debuffs damage resistances and status resistances of everyone around him, has a tracking ranged attack and finally applies bleed. He's an absolute monster.

Yea fucking ragadon is the worst in this regard it's hard to tell who he is going to attack because his attacks are not dedicated to a direction until he completely finishes.It's really hard to help people in this fight because he might twist his marble ass in the air and switch to the host at the last minute.

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I've been using Lone Wolves +10 forever. They draw aggro like crazy, which is great for a spellcaster. They're starting to lose their effectiveness at end game though. No luck finding a replacement.