Which game immersed and "sucked you into its world" the most?

Which game immersed and "sucked you into its world" the most?

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Your mom sucked me off the most.

Wrpgs are immersive. I would say fnv and bloodlines are the most immersive for me. Bethesda stuff is kinda boring but I think fallout 3 is pretty great other than the bad main story.

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Last game that did this was Kingdom Come Deliverance

Witcher 3

RDR2, the most I've been so completely absorbed by a world since WoW and Oblivion when I was younger since they were my first real tastes of huge open-worlds (besides watching my older brother play Morrowind)
the attention to detail and staggering effort put into the animations, graphics and everything else make it so immersive it's fucked up; every hour of free time I had I was playing it, think I squeezed in somewhere around 12+ hours a day at times
I'd say Ico and SotC are very immersive too, as are New Vegas and VtMB (though both of those are often shattered by jank, bugs, crashes etc)
what's crazy about RDR2 though is that I never thought I'd have anything close to WoW ever again, especially not as an adult. I'd say that another RDR2 will never happen again for me but I'd probably be wrong

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A man of culture, I see

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ever since I stopped smoking weed, none of them
I need a new hobby

Skyrim honestly. The music, the size and mystery. Fucked me up back then.


Elden ring, the last one before that was outer wilds.


>want to replay Oblivion
>vanilla has obvious issues and is better with mods
>but also a purist and don't believe in having to make games better myself since it's the role of the dev team, and you can easily start to lose what makes the game the game

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Deus Ex.
Visuals aren't enough, you need the NPCs to be written well and Deus Ex managed both

Would be my pick as well. The world feels great in it. First time I was properly blown away by forests and foliage since Oblivion.

Super Mario Bros. (NES). I even jumped like fucking Mario when I was sleepwalking. I also made the bing bing sounds. Needless to say, wasn't a normalfag child.

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based oblivionchads

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A few graphic mods aren't going to break the game's design user

>there will be nearly a 15 year gap between Skyrim and TES VI, x3 as long as the wait for the previous entries

forgot pic like a retard

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>minmaxing in fucking oblivion

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Without cannabis, OOT

With cannabis every game is an amazing world

Dovahkiin baby will loose his virginity by the time Skyrim 2 releases

anyway, cautiously optimistic for VI, will have to see how Starfield does first of course but I'm excited for the setting if nothing else

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I feel chilly from listening to the wind blow and the leaves rustle even if it's a hot summer day

call of pripyat

I'm assuming its Hammerfell, but my heart wants Hammerfell + High Rock in full. Both regions have great contrasting lore.

Inb4 some obtuse lardbucket says "DaGgErFaLl AlReAdY DiD tHaT" when it only covered a tiny bit of both, pic related.

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wasn't that game just russkies trying to make a fallout 3?

stalker series

you have to because of how terrible the balance and enemy scaling are. it’s just a numbers game

Where is this artwork from, concept art for TESO or something? Afaik VI hasn't been officially confirmed as taking place in Hamerfell but I think it's pretty much certain by now right?

>ywn experience the barely tamed american west on horseback
i don`t think i can take it...

fallout 3 was TES with guns, the stalker trilogy was like open world half life made by euros

just a collage of art, not official, but yeah it's exceedingly clear at this point it's Hammerfell, the top pic has already been dissected and compared to what we know of Hammerfell's geography and pic related is 'Hammerfell' in-game when you go out of bounds, a perfect match to the trailer
as for wanting High Rock too, it seems unlikely to me, mostly because Bethesda have a way of always starting with the tone; defining the tone for Hammerfell is easy, but defining the tone of a game with two landmasses is a lot tougher


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based honestly
call of pripyat has some absolutely amazing atmosphere.

play shadow of chernobyl first, call of pripyat is better in almost every way so its hard to go back and revisit chernobyl after you beat pripyat

there's also some footage of the devs scanning real-world environments that look strikingly similar to Hammerfell in ESO, in a video where they were discussing TES VI

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Witcher 3 desu. Peak Eurocomfy

for me, its runescape.

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Amnesia and it's not even close. The game feels like being absorbed in a campfire ghost story around midnight just before putting out the fire and going to your tent.

Such a shame the game got more of a reputation for being reaction video bait rather than its atmosphere and writing because it's pretty high tier in my opinion.

From recent games, Kingdom Come Deliverance was insanely good at this particular aspect. Older vidya was immersive to me pretty much all the time, i remember Gothic pretty much like my own real-life adventure, i also remember MGS1 giving me similar levels of immersion.

kinda wish there was some sort of offline conversion of the original game

Tried that game once when I was high and I lasted for like 10 minutes before freaking out and never touching that game again.

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Runescape was a lot more immersive and atmospheric before it got infested by QoL AIDs. The subhumans playing OSRS have no idea what it was like doing quests like the Underground Pass or Monkey Madness back before home teleports were a thing, or having to trek around the world before that stupid minigame teleport got added in.

Gravity Rush 1 and 2

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I like RDR2 but after playing Kingdome Come and Days Gone, the world in RDR2 is just really empty, there isn't much going on in there. They should at least spawn other outlaws trying to rob you and a lot more predatory animals everywhere. It's great to just explore the wild but I can have a session where NOTHING happens anywhere. It feels like the world and the player are separate and the NPCs just live their lives and you are not part of it in any way.

Days Gone spawns a lot of shit around you and has ambushes and stuff and it just feels alive, even tho they are really obvious that they spawned around you but at least something is happening. And the enemy sets up traps to snare you etc.


I'd be pretty happy if there were a single player conversion of 2006 Runescape. Tone down the level grind to reasonable levels and just make it and RPG with the goal of completing every quest, would suck losing the social aspect but you're never getting that back anyway so you might as well make do without it.

With VR, Subnautica, no question.
Without VR, Half-Life 2.

It was 16 minutes :D

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I didn't care for the city in 2 but the city in 1 is the most comfy open world I've ever experienced. Shit's just so good.

I’d buy it

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Spent endless hours just hunting or fishing or fucking around with random NPCs.

I played RDR2 while tripping on LSD on Christmas Eve of 2021 - being up in the mountains at sunset with headphones on and the lights off was so fucking beautiful and immersive that I almost teared up - and then the sun started to go down, and the wind and the wolves started howling, and I jumped on my trusty steed and high-tailed it down the mountain, through the Cumberland Forest, to Valentine. Genuinely felt more tense than most horror games I've played, and the feeling of relief when I saw the lights of the town come into view was magical. When I actually got into the town, I didn't feel quite so safe, though. I really felt the grimy roughness of the town, felt the suspicious stares of locals watching this stranger ride into town with a long arm on his back, unsure of whether I was there to cause trouble as I had before. I really felt the uncomfortable isolation of being in a ramshackle wooden settlement in the middle of fucking nowhere, surrounded by outlaws, and hostile wildlife and terrain. Then I accidentally stumbled into that dumbass stranger mission where you shoot bottles off of a pair of rich moron's heads to impress a lady, and my immersion dried up like someone had dropped a fucking sponge on it. Still though, was a ridiculously immersive experience while it lasted. The dirty, grimy nature of Valentine actually made me ponder what I thought was a really poignant quote at the time, but I don't think it's that great in retrospect - I'll post it nonetheless, as I've never had another chance to do so:

"Where in nature there is earth, man plants his foot in it and declares it 'dirt'." Kinda cringe I know, but as anyone who has tripped balls will know, I felt like it was incredibly deep at the time.

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its 3d assets are basic but I REALLY enjoyed the atmosphere of Hellpoint

wish they'd hurry up with the dlc, apparently is done but they delayed release because of elden ring

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Forbidden West

Physics and AI: Dark Messiah or Crysis; honorable mention: GTA 4
Story and general setting: Deus Ex Human Revolution

Advanced physics create that sense of "touch" that games inherently suggest but rarely get that close to simulating.
AI creates the sense that the world isn't just tangible, it's alive in a way.
Story is not something I expect of games, since it's done so poorly almost always. But DXHR is one game that managed to draw me in and made me give a shit. Even on repeat playthroughs I tended to watch the cutscenes and take the "conversations" with NPCs seriously.

Is this... is this bait? Or are zoomers really like this?

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Dishonored, Prey, most immersive sims, and the bamham games.
They marry gameplay too the setting to achieve maximum immersion.
Everything else falls of by comparison.

You can have a game like Skyrim, which nails almost everything about the dressing; story, music, atmosphere.
But when it comes to gameplay it ends up as a meh fart.
You can get a shout as your ability or whatever, but it doesn’t connect to anything about the game really. It’s just a physics effect, or a stat tweak with lore dressing.

In Prey, you unlock an ability, and it’s an extension of your ability to interact with the game.
In bamham, it does the same but also immerses you into how (the role of Batman that you’re playing) interacts with things.
(It really makes you FEEL like Batman) lol.

Runescape is surprisingly immersive because how interactive the world is. Every rock and bush and crate can be examined or interacted with, most containers can be searched, doors can be opened and closed, there's 0 buildings that you cannot enter (not counting nu-scape), items can be dropped anywhere or placed on tables, random stoves and sinks in houses can be used, almost all trees can be chopped down, all NPCs can be talked to and have unique and usually humorous dialogue instead of throwing a wall of text at you...

this game

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