Why do game streamers earn more money than actual game developers?

Why do game streamers earn more money than actual game developers?

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Because we live in a clown world. Don't question it just HONK HONK! and enjoy the shitshow

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Answer one, tribal connections.
Answer two, simps.

Thirsty fucks and "ho look a celeb recognized my existence as i donate xxx dollars!"
And there's a lot of them.

Can't wait to see her get banned or lose her career, egotistical roastie


Because I love simping for them, especially Bunny! I love Bunny!

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>communism is good BUT ONLY when used against those I don't like

You stupid bitch, FUCK YOU

Is she happa? My ex happa gf looks kinda like her, with giants tits too

depression or extreme stupidity makes you ok with vicarious experiences and streamers are the ones that with the best balance of "easy to find/get into" but also "topically interesting" considering most of them are either centered around sex or games (or both), the two great pastimes for those of us who are merely waiting to die

Cause we live in a fucking clown world

Because retards keep giving it to them

because lonely people are deranged and will spend hundreds of dollars for people to acknowledge their existence. People with no friends should unironically be locked up in institutions until they learn how to make real friends so this type of shit doesnt happen


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Just hope the simps will be bred out.

You say this but male streamers make way more money and have way more viewers than female streamers.

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>300k+ likes now
Your enemies are the bearded childless men who waste their money and allow this to happen

I always thought its crazy how many simps she has for how damn ugly she is. Its very obvious even with make up that she is not a good looking woman.

just post her feet so we can get this over with

They make games more entertaining than actually playing them.

It was funny how she got exposed for using cam filters to so many people when xqc went on her stream, he even talks about it here youtube.com/watch?v=AKMg7ZyjJ9I

She uses a lot of lights, filters, and a lot of makeup, and her simps still think she's actually hot lol

because its easier for 50,000 people to pay $1 than 1 person pay $50,000

>literal who thread
jfc are the mods asleep?

this is why I didn't care when that incel cut a streamer's head off

I said tribal connections, didn't I? Look at that dude's schnoz.

Because men can be actually entertaining
Most male streamers aren't though

Because they are self made and dont have to answer to kike publishers who suck up all the money.
Dont like it? Go indie.

I mean, why do football players get higher wages than the people who construct the stadiums or manage the pitch?
Why do movie stars get more money than the set designers, writers, etc.?

They're also far less likely to find success

More viewers =/= more money. Male streamers don't get thousand dollar donations every day from simps.

use the more extreme report choices to get better response times

>that tweet
Gotta be some cope right? Why would she tweet that pic when she's insecure about it

Very insecure tweet

It's funny how this guy is a multi millionaire, reportedly with over $10m

Blizzard employees who he attacks earn basically nothing compared to him.

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because they own their 'brand'

She's not that good looking, wonder why she makes that much

It doesn't work like that on most cases, whales, keep shit pay2win games alive and also make these nobodies multi millionaires.
If a streamer cultivates about 50 whales, he's set, they'll throw gifted subs and donations like crazy.

Female streamers are more likely to make enough money to turn it into a full time job (by whoring themselves out).
However male streamers occupy both the low and high end of the spectrum.
As a female it's harder to stand out and become super famous/multi-millionaire, according to the averages.
So as a male you're either a literally who, or extremely successful.

Because they work on their own or with a very small team.

xqc doesnt live off whales and he makes more than your streamer


What's the cure for this mental illness?

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that face didnt make any money thats why she hides it

M… mom…?

cause hes famous and works for himself
blizzcuck wageslaved for Kotick and shareholders

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i like this post thanks

It's ironic mate.

probably therapy leading to healthier coping mechanisms and less obsessive habits


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He genuinely looks like he would kill and eat her piece by piece.

im glad that grandma is doing well

No, male streamers have more viewers but they don't earn even half of the money female streamers do
Simps will literally pay 10000$ for a picture of their feet

>why do formula 1 pilots earn more money than the people who create the vehicles?

Let me post an actual cute bunny.

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Honestly I've just deluded myself into thinking everything is fake at this point andl it's improved my mood immensely.


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He's French Canadian.

Kill the elite that have put us through decades of deliberate chemical and psychological warfare

Now post the onlyfans numbers

Carlin said his attitude was to look at everything like he was an outsider and he said it made him less worried and happy.

>Because men can be actually entertaining
Sir, that's xQc. The complete opposite of entertaining.
Male streamers also usually stream for much longer. The guy in your pic is a no-life who has completely dedicated his soul to Twitch.

When will she go nude!

why do actors make more money than actual directors and designers?

>male streamers occupy both the low and high end of the spectrum.
no kidding

Modern men.

Not Twitch, cope


And not also Jewish?

You must be real hard up to want to waste any cash for that thing. But you're a faggot if you do this for any streamer anyway.

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>Yea Forums still seething at people makeing easy money
thing is, if you had the chance you'd do the same thing

As they should, advertising and entertainment is a huge industry and not everyone is cut out for it. Westerntrash """gayme""" developers on the other hand are talentless asset flipping faggots. They chase profits above all else, which is fine for a company, but the problem is they take your money without providing you with an actual game to play

Nope, jews and quebecois despise each other

Because they're the people other people see.
The face in front of the camera will earn more.
The person who owns the person in front of the camera will earn more.

Whenever she wants her simps to collectively jizz their brains out!

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successful indie game devs make way more money than streamers do.
Why dont you become an indie dev too?

>get thousand dollar donations every day from simps
Bro if you have more than 15k viewers on Twitch constantly you're probably worth 10 million+ dollars

Note that this leak was just for Twitch subs, not for donations or even ads and sponsors. They make a lot through sponsors.
They also earn a lot through YouTube too if they post videos there.