What is the most immersive JRPG on the market right now ?

What is the most immersive JRPG on the market right now ?

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Dragon's Dogma.

Final Fantasy 15

Elden Ring


And the immersion is completely ruined when combat starts, the music is replaced with generic pop music and people start screening their moves at the top of their lungs and and shitty anime particle effects start flying

I've loved the ff15 atmosphere and combact

Subscribing to the thread. It's really interesting to see a JRPG built around systems instead of characters and narration. Unironically later Persona games SRPGS are closer to such request. Yes, working dynamic mechanics immerse me hard. How can you tell?

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same. too bad kh and ff14 exist. fuck those shitty games for ruining 15

Shut the fuck up, Barry.

emo edgelord protags and screeching female bimbos are not immersive

Combats are great too

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wtf ffxv is just xenoblade chronicles x?

>people start screening their moves at the top of their lungs
Now that you mention it I saw almost none such anime warcries in FF13. It only occurs during summons, but they a literal "Cutscence: the move".

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>hold O to win

Bruh, shooters are also "hold LMB to win".

I think that FF15 is better than Xenoblade Chronicles, imho

Still Gothic 2 and Dark Souls 1.

dont know why you're talking about shooters in a JRPG thread

Get a job.


The Final Fantasy 15 combat is pretty awesome when you explore it.
With different weapons and combinations like the chain attacks.
(my favorite are the Ring of Lucis magics and the Arminger Unleashed moves)

They're really not though, a shooter will have you crouching, jumping, cycling to different weapons and pressing E to activate doors or items in the map. Way more interactive than hold O to win.

An RPG shooter like Borderlands 2 (Yeah god help us that Reddit: The Game is still the leader in the FPS-RPG genre but that's besides the point) has even more since it has those temp power abilities and stats and gear that matter. 15 is an absolute shitshow of cutscene pretending to be gameplay with none of that.

>game adds easy mode feature for shitters
>shitters use it and complain it's boring
you can mash Attack in any FF and win. you don't have to do that though.

Are we talking about FF7?

did that Cure cover band get lost in the wilderness?

ff7 remake is what you're talking about.
That was really a shit show of cutscenes

Same shitters that use summons in Elden Ring then complain about the game being too easy

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Xenoblade X

Even old ass JRPGs can be made into "absolute shitshow of cutscene pretending to be gameplay with none of that" if you always turn auto-battle option on. Did you try, ughh, being more creative with the gameplay? Munching through slashers\character_action_games is also a tedious clicker fest if you just spam basic moves and ignore combos.

So much this. FF13 must such an idle masquerade with a constant Paradigm + auto-attack. I liked the urge to actively switch formation, as if's Majesty or Dungeon Keeper instead of RPG.

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The whole Final Fantasy 15 world is a pure joy for the eyes.
It's simply wonderful


There's definitely more depth to the combat system than that user, but yeah that's a flaw.
I've recently played Final Fantasy Origins, and it uses the same auto-parry system with a gauge meter that incites you to swap weapon more often to refill it.

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The areal battle in FF15 is the best areal combact made in an action jrpg today

Not if you play on hard difficulty.. that you can unlock after finishing the game
Retarded game design

Barthandelus in 13 was such a slog to fight. I don't know what the intended way to beat him was. I've watched speedkills but they're maxed out in gear or something and hitting for the damage cap.


imo the combat just boiled down to use the best weapon with the moveset you like, for me I just used 1h swords all the time and kept blinking around and using potions. The enemy attack patterns really encourage you to just pump as much damage into them while soaking a few hits and then retreating and healing and in worst case blast with the OP magic

Yeah, I died only once on him for maining the wrong Paradigm, and then won no problem. It was a relatively long battle though. It's funny how game throws a tutorial at you about "fat mobs which you may skip if you feel weak", but these very armored hogs die in no time after stagger with proper Paradigm juggling. Yet this Barthandelus' fight is the closest to the FF13 hater's arguments.

>you can mash Attack in any FF and win
You try doing that with bosses like Soul Gun and you'll die every time.

When you encounter the enemies on lv. 120, like Master Tomberry, the weapon that you use in the battle can drastically change the whole fight.
(example: if you use a sword you're damage are around 150/300; but if you use a spear your damage are around 800/1200; [for an enemy that still has a 300000 HP])

ff7 remake has also the option to make the game playing itself.
So, yes.
FFVII Remake has retarded combact design

I always teII that to my friends. XV might have a bunch of problems in the narrative and even combat, but it is a cool life sim. Really enjoyed cooking, fishing, hanging out and camping out with the bros.

The trails series. Even though I wasn't a fan of the Cold Steel arc.

I just started Ryza 2 and had a question.
Is there any way to mod in the animations (specifically the running animation) from Ryza 1? For whatever reason, the animations in Ryza 2 feels so fucking stiff that it's kind of ruining it for me. The animation in 1 was nice and bouncy and fun and Ryza's animation in 2 just feels so weird. No idea why they didn't just re-use that animation.

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It's a serene experience having a FFXV related thread without FFXV-kun around to fuck the whole thing up.
For such a comfy game all he does is bring discord.

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>Did you try, ughh, being more creative with the gameplay?
That means absolutely nothing in the case of 15, there are barely any gearing options that actually matter, you barely have control over the limit breaks. The weapon differences are barely there and the 13 weapon limit break thing is fucking retarded. The spells are feeble grenades in different colors.

What is the point of "being more creative" when the enemies do nothing themselves to warrant any creativity needed to beat them? I could open the controller and disable some buttons too if I wanted to get really "creative" I guess? Give me a break. In something like Dragon's Dogma I have a million different creative permutations. Even in FF12 I could be creative with gambits, zodiac license, esper, spell. Don't talk to me about creative because the people that frequent this board are the least creative autists I have ever seen and just repeat the same dumb points in a rut ad nauseum. The antithesis of creativity.

Uh oh, it seems you didn't do the needful, your auto-translator is being the broken, pajeet.

This is just a retarded take, most ARPGs don't have areal combat, just juggling, because it's hard to implement. What you are seeing is literally a cutscene. FFXV's combat is atrocious because Noctis wouldn't stay on the ground.

It's real-time action combact.
And FF15 made an awesome work with that aspect of the game.
(something that many action jrpg games aren't able to achieve)
Even for that reason, the Final Fantasy 15 combact is awesome

>it's real-time action combact.
A very bad one, ESL-kun.

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FF7 doesn't have a hard mode

FF15 has a very great action combact today, dude

Will FF15 give me a good sense of adventure?


>generic pop music
You've literally never played the game.


Yes, but it will take a bit to fully open up the entire world

i didnt like FF15 at all but its probably the most immersive jrpg, maybe most immersive game alltogether. the way your bros act and move around you feels really real.

Definitely yes.
The roadtrip that was FF15 an emotional journey

Walking animation and the effort put in it are great, compared to FFVIIR, it's just lame that gameplay outside of combat sucks.

I've loved my experience with Final Fantasy 15

I never really got the appeal of playing as this faggot little boyband.

lmao? you are seriously saying complaining about it is not relevant because you are using >one of the 4 core buttons. having to make the game harder beyond that is against human nature and simply bad game design at that point.

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