So was no more heroes 3 woke or not?

So was no more heroes 3 woke or not?

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Nah, it was just a shit game. SUDA dropped the ball here.

japs aren't on larry's payroll but they're unfortunately too retarded to understand that the woke culture is completely fabricated and doesn't bring in any sales

Japs are turning woke?

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It turns out putting the band shirt of your composer into the game doesn't actually make the entire game a political statement

The game is basically just a bunch of old-school weeaboo references like Gundam and Kamen Rider

remind me again why i'm supposed to be upset that a game about punk rock and professional wrestling has references to old punk rock band merch in it

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It was a shitpost

It wasn't woke, but it proved that Suda has always been a hack fraud, and the people who love his games are brain-dead.

>makes a game that is a cult classic loved by many and know by more
>makes a game that was rushed, forced, and never wanted to be made in the first place.
user, nmh 3 is a dumpster fire without a doubt, but learn what the buzz words you say mean before you speak them.
Or at least say NOW he is a hack.

No More Heroes 3 wasn't anything. It left no impression, it has no value.

I think they just speedread american twitter for a couple months and didn't really think about it too hard

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That is pretty based

>muh cult classic
Yeah, emphasis on the cult

You serious? How is that the issue?
The issue is how poorly paced everything else with nothing stitching it together.
Like take the mech parts. I was happy during the first one, I thought I was about to get some Omega Boost mini game. This was gonna be the PWLBJ5 mini game.
But then what do we get? 3 boss fights that can be beaten by just moving slowly to the left, and you fight 1 of them 5-6 times, and another one 3 times.
That was peak fucking lazy and it shows through and through with this game.

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Chinkshit on charge of mutts.

Kinda pissed that I bought a buggy shitty game on a switch for sixty burger buck only for the gook to announce its coming on actual consoles for the same price but with a bunch of stuff like an artbook. But I know deep down the game will still be a buggy pile of shit, the only game of his thats doesnt play like shit is Shadows of the Dammned and thats probably because EA fixed it while he was jacking off to cunny

So...are you agreeing with me or what?

Yes, user, that's what separates a cult classic from an "oh yeah, that happened"

>its coming on actual consoles
It's the other way around; the buggy shitty game got released on an actual console (which makes this even worse) and then Suda announced its coming to shitty pc knock-offs.

/pol/ tourists will say yes, whilst people that actually played it will say no. You literally kill aliens with names like Diversity that are in tranny colours, and there's one grave store with a tranny flag on it in the game.

no this is the satire of your woke/globohomo trash, obviously. if amerimutt or western devs do this they will be canceled and forced to apologise. this seems to be an actual source. op is just a dumb cunt.

This game fucking sucked ass, I don't give a shit about it being woke or not but come on, Suda.

Basically this. The game is a parody of over the top extremes and endless piles of mass-produced souless garbage that gets put out. Or possibly a tribute to it. Travis was never a character you were meant to take seriously and he is a character that enjoys huge pop franchises that should have ended long ago, like Gundam and Kamen Rider. If anything, the game is full of things that have gone on for far too long, like western comics, Japanese franchises, popular directors that produce endless piles of trash, literal gacha machines, big empty open worlds with meaningless rewards, endless shit brand designs on clothing, and so on. It's legitimately hard to tell sometimes if it's embracing it or making a parody out of it. No More Heroes just presents a cartoon reflection of reality and it's up to you to make your own interpretation.

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Yeah and cyberpunk has trannies but puts them in a bad light because it's le decadent! Totally not pandering!
Midwit consumers you are easy to spot and nobody gives a fuck what you think.

>i was only pretending to be retarded

There's a difference between a classic and cult classic. One is universally loved by many, while the other is only remembered by a small dedicated group of autists.


what are you even talking bout, dumb woke monkey. "nazi punks fuck off" stuff has been a thing since 1980s. in your woke cesspit, woke fucktards stole every such cultural legacies, but in japan they havent been stolen. thats all. che guevala was actually still working as a cool icon until the early 00s, but you woke niggers destroy every such iconic or established left stuff.

>It turns out putting the band shirt of your composer into the game doesn't actually make the entire game a political statement
But it still made the game bomb for alienating half its audience not because they were racists, but because they're tired of the woke indoctrination and are not willing to support it.
>if you're mad about is because you're racist
No, if a character has a shirt that says "fuck black supremacists" people would call the game nazi.

Yeah, a "cult" following.
That shit doesn't just happen.
How about you explain exactly why suda is a hack then. Or are you just gonna hit la creatividad levels.

This. Whoever designed and redesigned the characters in this game deserves to be flayed alive then dipped in battery acid

It was not, but it was a bad move nonetheless.
It was a shit game anyways.

Punk is not used properly in the 21st century. Being a moral, church-going, confident white male in a successful marriage with a child is what being "punk" means today.

>he is a character that enjoys huge pop franchises that should have ended long ago, like Gundam and Kamen Rider.

This is a franchise that had NMH2, which sold under 30k copies in the USA first week

I'm sure the games lackluster sales have nothing to do with being a shit game or being a niche franchise in the first place and it's entirely the shirt

>being a pro-establishment bitch
>punk in any way, both now or 40 years ago
Try to actually find out what words mean.

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Fuck off faggot, you know it to be true. I write that as I am also a huge fan of these things. If you live in the past you can never advance, which is why we have this huge stagnation in media and especially games today.

If you want to be literal, the only thing punk can be is a faggot selling his asshole on a street corner.

It wasn't woke but it had plenty other obnoxious twitter influences.

Hating racism isn't punk.

The "Fuck Racism" Jumper is very funny looking in the cutscenes so I wore it the entire game

Why the fuck is everybody so desperate to call themselves punk
>Punk means this!
>No, punk means being a Christian white male!
>No, punk means fuck racism!
>No, punk means

Punk fucking sucks shut the fuck up

That other poster is retarded, but your delusional if you think hating racism is anything but conformist i.e not punk at all

I didn't even fucking notice he had it spelled on his slippers till I saw it in the cutscenes myself

It's by far the funniest outfit in the game

Punk is literally just being anti-conformist. Anybody that attaches a definition any more detailed than that is trying too hard

>"noooooooooo don't conform to them conform to me instead"

Cope harder sellout. Posting daily on /pol/ has never and will never make you punk

No. Red Orca is, in that pathetic "desperate to be relevant" kind of way that's going out the window the second they make a bad press statement, but that's whatever.
NMH3 is bad for entirely separate reasons.

The shirt is referencing "racism" against Japanese people for whaling.
This isn't racism, Japanese people are in fact whaling and people are just criticizing their laws and culture. Hiding behind the shield of "muh racism" just to abuse animal wildlife is mega cringe and I expect better from a country like Japan.
I hate white people doing the same shit in the Faroe Islands, so leave race out of it.

>Punks fucking sucks
>He says while posting in a NMH thread
>pic related

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Travis sucks idk how to tell you this

>"A"+ game made after 2015
Yes, im sure in some forced and stupid way it is

i think the ps4 and ps5 version will be good

the nmh games have never been good outside of boss battles and mini-games

you should blame zoe quinn desu she was bitching the whole time they were talking about it and japanese people don't understand humor or fun, they jus make games like it's their job

Twitter users aren't people, user.

Punk nowadays seems to be resented contrarian faggot on a pretentious "world-changing" crusade. They're too stupid to remember punk is about being rejected out of what is called normality. Which ironically contradicts this since now leftard agenda is accepted and right wing, traditional (not even straight up conservative) notions are shunned like there's something fundamentally wrong. Literally southern rednecks wearing a confederate flag t-shirt are ten times the punk an apple faggot sitting on wall street could ever hope to be.

So yeah, enjoy the clown world. Maybe growing up balls and flip everyone off could bring punk back.

Even if it is racism it's entirely justified because whaling is fucked up now that we don't use oil lamps anymore

The whole identity of NMH is punk.
And I'm not talking about any faggot ass politic movement and anarchy.
The whole game has heavy punk vibes. For fucks sake, look at letz shake

That's not punk if it's still conformity to a southern conservative ideal. You are trying way to fucking hard

>the nmh games have never been good outside of boss battles and mini-games
And nmh 3 has no good mini games and 2-3 good boss fights

thats literally how travis is written though
nmh 3 is mediocre but im looking forward to playing it at 1440/60 later this year

It was somewhat but more importantly it was fucking shit.

Can you be any more fresh out of /pol/

>I'm too dumb to understand you can adopt the past, understand it and push things forward.
Man, Ultraman tiga was kino incarnate make no mistake it could fall in line with your post at the time it aired. The stagnation in media comes from the people involved on it and what they can produce more than the ip itself.

Of course not, that'd be giving a shit. Punk is about not giving a single one.

like I said zoe quinn was bitching the entire time

everytime you watch a sequel to something and it's absolute shit it's because zoe quinn was bitching while people were brain storming, she's a art killer

Just because "traditional" forms of conformity are being shunned doesn't mean that I have to accept this new age two faced era of conformity where I can't call you a nigger for posting such a shit take

People who act like accepting tradition is the new counter culture are just sell outs who are trying their hardest to cope with the fact they gave up their freedoms to "fuck the libs"

this, punk has no strong feelings about racism one way or the other. only thing punk cares about is "fuck the queen"

Punk scenes pretty notably did not like skinheads

Traditionalism is not and will never be punk because it is rooted in conformity. That is the entire point of any grassroots traditionalist movement. Go read a book.

and yet there are skinhead punk scenes, because the "punk " part transcends the other subcultures

This was the worst game I’ve ever bought. Can’t believe I let you faggots convince me it was kino

Here's the holy trinity of punk:

Fuck it.
Fuck all of that.
Fuck you. Leave me alone or I'll send you to hospital if you piss me off

Skinheads were a fork of punk

Not wasting my time in this thread, the FUCK RACISM thing was a reference to a musician Suda liked. Stop being a cunt.