Sonia Nevermind is best Dangan

Sonia Nevermind is best Dangan

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Chiaki should've died earlier to be honest, Sonia being Hajime's assistant was more fun

Sonia's fine but no one can top Kirigiri.

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fuck off danganautists
go back to your general


Well the tweest in DR3 was that she was dead all along.

Chiaki was the worst thing about DR2

I thought she was going to be villain.

Jesus! Shit! You son of a Bitch! Akane is hotter than her and she's legally retarded

Did you feel bad for Soda?

no because he's just a retarded kid

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It was cute at first then got annoying, so no

Isn't this picture supposed to have semen on it?

Gundhamchad here, of course not


she draws nice looking futa cocks

Gundam's final speech was based.

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What's her last name again? Nevermind I remembered :^)

Same I thought they were going to make her name a plot point like they did in DR1 with Celeste.

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cumming on Sonia

Sonia Nevermind as the Ultimate Fascist!

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cute hair

No, in fact I like that Gundham comes back to life in DR3 and crushes any hope he might have had.

Sonia Nevermind Petrenko

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Reminds me of that blonde russian politician that became so popular, Natalya something something.

I like Ibuki, she has a nice, tight, flat tummy.

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i love her horns...

Ibuki seems like a nice friend to have.

I tried danganronpa for the first time yesterday but it reminded me of some bad memories so I can't play it anymore.

Is it because of the dark themes it touches upon?

user survived a killing game.


no a random interaction with the blue haired girl is similar to something that happened to me and it fills me with regret

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I want to lick her tummy

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Something something closer to heart

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She'll become bigger

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my penguin of doomfu

I love my mentally unstable goth queen.

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I'm impressed that a pic from afrobull of all pics doesn't have any weird shit embedded.

She's perfect and beautiful even without them.

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No, since he admitted that he only liked her because of her looks and was actually really put off by her personality.
Her and Gundam actually had chemistry.

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It's part of a set where she gets cummed on by a bunch of guys

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I can't believe this little shit ended up surviving the whole thing

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Ibuki is perfect

What did she mean by this?

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The game was trying to imply that she was masturbating in her own cottage right?


Can't be, you do that beforehand.

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Cuddling, it's cuddling she's talking about.

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Im sad that my favorite waifu has no good art :(

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Gundam's speech is one of my overall favorite Danganronpa moments

god I wish that were me

Are there more of these for girls in the other games?

Would lick it off your face. . .


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no faggot it's all mine

How selfish

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God I love mukuro so fucking much...

Kaede is best nuDangan

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Made for facehuggers

How inappropriate.