How about a thread about starting weapons? For me, it's gotta be Doom Eternal's Combat Shotgun...

How about a thread about starting weapons? For me, it's gotta be Doom Eternal's Combat Shotgun, especially the Sticky Bomb alt-fire:
>the basic mode is alright, but it isn't the star of the show
>you get Sticky Bombs immediately
>attach to enemies and explode, sending chunks of gore flying, killing most weaker enemies instantly
>you can launch 3 of them in a quick succession, 5 with Mastery
>solid radius with Bigger Boom upgrade
>if you hit enemy's head, it turns into a crit sticky, dealing double damage not only to the enemy it is stuck to, but to any enemy in the blast radius
>it's so fun to stick some little shit imp with an arching projectile and watch him bisect mid-air
>breaks weak points, stuns Cacodemons
>has utility even later in the game
>you can troll the funny red shield man with its AoE

>the Gatling upgrade is distinctly weaker, but it's still a Gatling shotgun that can shred through early game Heavy demons

The only starting weapon I can see competing with it, at least when it comes to FPS, is Halo CE Magnum.

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This filters the casuals

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>pop pop pop
It fucking sucks, but the worst thing about OG Doom pistol is that it fucks over Chaingun by sharing its weak-ass firing sound with it.

It's amazing how much more satisfying D64 Chaingun is simply by changing the sound to something more appropriate and also having like 10% more RPM, IIRC.

Technically not the starting weapon but I fucking LOVE the combo of
>Shoot flare
>Stick pitchfork
Few games give me this satisfaction

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I never understood the hype around Blood, it has always been the bottom of the 3 big Build games for me. Then again I grew up with shadow warrior.

There is no reason to ever touch this gun after literally map 2 or 3. Unless you're doing pistol start, then it's after the first few minutes of every level

Even then most maps have a shotgun next to spawn point, they don't really expect you to lean on pistol too much.

I think the point was that it just filters zoomers.

Every damn game
It slashes, it pokes, and that's really about it. As simple and reliable as you get

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? You get a shotgun immediately in e1m1 anyway. And I don't think it filters anyone. I'm a zoomer I played through all of Doom 1 & 2 a few months ago. They're not difficult games

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Why does he have so much loose skin in the palms of his hand

Consider yourself probably one of the few. I had to setup friends with zdoom and mouselook to get them even going in the game.

You don't have foreskin?

not at my fingertips

I'm sorry.

I did it with PrBoom+ with no mouselook. Classic Doom's difficulty is a joke on UV. Doom Eternal is easily harder and probably comparable to Plutonia which I've been playing recently

Just got out of a very long bath.

isn't it just a glove?

Oh no they're jokes compared to a lot of stuff. The amount of zoomers I've heard parrot "hurr doom wasn't made for mouse play" "hurr is to hard" is actually saddening. Plutonia is great, and I'd recommend any .WAD by skillsaw if you like good fightan.
Yeah its just a tan glove. Probably flesh colored to save memory.

sticky bombs in metadoom when

>starter stick is part of the ultimate weapon
polar star into spur was also kino

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I like when the starter weapon is upgradeable to keep using throughout the whole game.
Bonus points if it's something that can be silenced, but you can just use it unsilenced instead.
>Deus Ex default pistol
Nail headshots and you'll rarely need anything else.

Fuck, speaking of - the PP7 (unsilenced) in Goldeneye sounded great and felt great to use. Really punchy sound.

all other keyblades look retarded

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I can't lie, its a pretty chad starting loadout.

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>SEF mod
Nice. Though isn't the M4 the starter weapon in that?
Which reminds me - when I last played SWAT 4 SEF, I found myself gravitating more towards the lethal options than less-than-lethal. LLL feels more cheaty than I'd like - and since you're playing as an American SWAT team, it makes sense that they'd be mostly equipped with lethal firearms.

Technically not starter since it has mod slots but I ended up making this my main weapon in APB even when everyone else was using the N-TEC.

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Quake Champions bump

That was me rolling a new campaign, so I think this is the current starting gear, might be randomized. And SWAT as far as I know(in my state) uses a lot of less than lethal, but its designated usually. One officer will have the LTL shit, and his buddy might have the lethal options. When I'm playing with a preferred loadout I tend to go with the stink them out option.

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I like Quake's shotgun a whole lot. It fills the same kind of role as Doom's pistol, but ends up being useful even into late game because it's one of only 3 hitscan weapons.

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APB is still around?
is it enjoyable? I've been thinking about trying it out

Rather than saving memory, it's most likely due to palette limitations. Those old DOS games had a budget of 256 colors and the game already uses lots of browns in the environment, on imps and zombies and even the face in the status bar, so they probably got away without needing any extra colors on the glove by making it brown too.

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You know, I always thought he just had really wrinkly hands or something. I've only just now noticed that he's wearing a glove.

>game gives you a starter pistol that might not be super great but has infinite ammo
I'm always a fan of those since I'm a fucking ammo hoarder in any game without an easy infinite source of it.

>Unreal, (series+tournament), Dispersion Pistol
>Nudoom handgun
>Recharger Pistol from Fallout
>That one Aliens game
I'm sure there's more I'm just not thinking of

That's a good choice!

>>Nudoom handgun
For me, that's the opposite of what I posted in the OP. This is the worst possible thing!
>looks absolutely amazing, a high-tech energy magnum with lots of doodads and random hieroglyphs for that cyberpunk feel
>weak pew-pew firing sound, I can deal with it
>pathetic damage, that is to be expected
>firing rate capped so you can't spam it, there's a noticeable delay between shots
>horrible accuracy, enjoy missing stationary targets, feels like goddamn Stalker Makarov
>there's a charged shot but it takes forever to charge
>charging also makes you slower because oooh pistol too heavy now
>the pistol has to recover after every charge
>charged shot still isn't very precise
>in spite of all of that, there are still people who cleared Ultra-Nightmare using only pistol
I would be fine with it if it was inaccurate, but had good firing rate, or still was capped, but had good accuracy, but as it stands it's just supremely unsatisfying.

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>pick this bad boy up
>find upgrades throughout the story, making it stronger
>it visually evolves each time

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this always looked like a gorilla wearing a brown t shirt to me as a 4 year old kid

I didn't even bother binding a key for it when I played 2016.

Not even a contest and you know it

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They really nailed the sounds of the sticky bombs, they're so satisfying to fire.
Also while the gatling upgrade isn't as good, it is extremely satisfying to use

Eternal's full auto weapons in general aren't that great, due to the emphasis put on switching your high-damage weapons after every shot.

I like Quake 2 blaster because it's fast and projectiles light up the air. I liked Q4 blaster, even though there's never a reason to use it since you get MG immediately and it's a fantastic MG. I tried to like 2016 pistol and just couldn't.

CG with shield is nice, sometimes you just want to chill for 6 seconds and pretend you're playing Serious Sam. Good DPS so you can wipe out a couple of heavies or seriously damage a Baron or Tyrant.

painkiller stakegun was great

>CG with shield is nice
That's an exception to the rule, and only because it gives you 5 seconds of godmode every 10 seconds. Nobody uses the mobile turret.

Not a starting weapon, your starting weapon in Painkiller is, well, Painkiller.

>Nobody uses the mobile turret.
Mobile turret would've been nice if it didn't do less DPS than CG+shield if you factor in shield bash damage.

Anyway, it's fun to play sub-optimally sometimes. Many people like Full Auto and try to incorporate it in their playstyle even if it's not that great.

The mobile turret sucks in Doom Eternal? I've only played 2016 and it's one of the best upgrades in the game because you can use it pretty much infinitely with the unlimited ammo rune

It's not so much that it "sucks" as it is the shield being straight-up better.

Old reliable. Love the Laser Cutter.

Mobile turrent is good in 2016 because enemies are few in numbers, less mobile and you have infinite ammo rune.

In Eternal, fodder type enemies respawn in fights, fights are generally bigger and demand more mobility and you don't have infinite ammo rune, so if you try to sit in a corner with the ol' turrentio, you'll just get shredded.

where do I find art like this for doom eternal? their shitty slayers club site doesn't work, pressing media just breaks the site

Download "The Art of Doom Eternal", also look up the lead concept artists'/modellers' Artstations, lots of names are in that book. Maybe just search for "Doom Eternal" on Artstation.

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>Download "The Art of Doom Eternal"

just google it lmao

Also: eternal


I just noticed it looks like he's holding a dildo with a monkey head

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