How big is too big?

How big is too big?

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That's far to small.

About 3 times that size

The two best girls in code vein are the flattest ones

i'd say 6 but for me, roughly the size of the head or a bit bigger is the perfect size range. so io has it going on for sure.

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Together bigger than head = perfect
Single one bigger than head = too big (for you)

Once you get past the knees. Now it's just impractical

What level is Poi?

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Every time I see this pic I really wish some force would drag me into the shirt hole of 9 and seal it behind me

That's not poi, poi.

4 or 5

I don't think I understand, user.

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up to 8 is fuckable
but 5 is something you'd keep around

there is only one original poi, and I don't even remember the IP its from since I quit WoWs. I think its Azur lane.

That's what I thought too, I was just hoping to make the distinction.
>I think its Azur lane.
You mean Last Origin?

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its hard to say, sometimes having some absolute fuckmassive size is a lot of fun, but you might not always want them that big. i think once you get to the point that you can't really draw them in more than a single limited pose, you've hit a rough limit. i say this as someone who loves extremely hyper sized booba

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No its some girl from Azur Lane that says Poi constantly.

Then I won't know her, since I only really care about Poi.

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Lvl 5 is my limit

Lads. I love big fat monster titties so fucking much. Giant funbag. Soft flesh pillows. Milk tanks even.

How fluffy is too fluffy?

But the WoWs community knows the AL girl as poi since that's what she says as a verbal tic

No such thing. When they start getting too big proportionally just start scaling the rest of the girl up to compensate.


Proportion is the only aspect that matters. Taking a flat girl and scaling her up to the size of a building does not equal having giant boobs.

untill they cant stand on their feet

Are we talking futa cock, or...?

video games?

Try and say that when she picks you up and pushes you against her chest while getting all giddy about the fact she technically has the biggest boobs in existence right now

3 is verging on too big for me but still ok

Anything bigger than C-cup is unacceptable

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Go to /e/ you mong

Isn't the Azur lane arcade game just as bad with that?

Something in between 5 and 6 would be my limit, closer to 5 than 6 though.

those tits are still bigger than any ive seen on real girls

Yeah no, I don't subscribe to flatfag cope. I like my women how I like my coffee: with massive, shirt shredding tits.

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>extra holes on lv0

I will say 5
5 to 6 is a tremendous jump and way too fucking big.


I have nothing but respect for you

As bad?

This is my ideal size.

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3 for normal games
5 for porn
6 already too big

I would say there is no too big it just has to fit with the rest of the characters proportions and be visually appealing.

i-i don't remember this cutscene

Rin isnt even B cup

It's from part 2 of the remake

Oh, no Azur lane is still much smaller in comparison. Lame because I know they do have big girls.

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I like them XIV fan art big

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For something that was accomplished just with hex editing this looks pretty damn good

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>I love big fat monster titties
>5 is my limit

Golden rule:
>they have to be at least able to envelop a 6 incher completely, both vertically and horizontally in relation to the chest
Next question.

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That’s why a combination of both is best

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5 is about the limit of what is normally humanly possible. So by all realistic standards, I love big fat tits.

Agreed, we can go much bigger than that

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I know, I was just being generous. Can't disregard all of those cute girls just because their chest is not flat enough, so i drew the line a bit further away.

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>Yuugi looks uncomfortable
Fake, Yuugi has the biggest muscles to support the extra weight

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Bigger is better

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Based paizuri autist


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Best metric for that is whether or not you can post paizuri pics with her that are technically sfw since nothing is being shown

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3 is my limit for general attractiveness, 4 is doable if they're on someone pretty enough, 5 is really pushing it, and 6 is bordering on grotesque. 7 and above don't even register in my brain as tits anymore and seem like the kinda stuff that appeals to autists that whack it to women turning into geometric shapes, phone booths, and support columns at train stations.