Post your favorite trick weapon

Post your favorite trick weapon
For me it's the Whirlinig

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is kirkhammer considered a casual or a chad weapon

I consider it chad
I like any bonk weapon
I don't know how it's perceived by everyone else though

I refuse to believe anons wouldn't brandish a weapon in a single-player game, because of nonexistent or arbitrary constructs made by random faggots on the internet.

I don't even get why the Ludwig's Holy Blade is considered OP
It's just a fucking sword
It attacks like any other weapon
It's vanilla as fuck, it would be like berating someone for using the Claymore in Dark Souls even though that's basically the standard fucking weapon

ludwigs is boring to me because it feels like just 2 handing a greatsword in dark souls
the only time i used it was to hit amygdalas head with the L2

I didn't use it for that reason alone. I tend to rush to get the DLC weapons, the echoes from the bosses and then go from there. I gave up on Chalices because doing them over again makes my brain melt.

Whiligig with a pistol glitched onto left hand for parries is probably best weapon that isnt the Saif.

Fuck Saif fags.

its not OP.
The stat card lies. It actually has a modifier of 0.70 or UNDER on all atacks.
its a shit weapon and there are better options for pve alone, and you have to build like a retard to even make use of it.

Its harshly out damaged by even meme weapons.

Literally the Drake sword of the game lmao

Only shitkage is worse but even that is saved by actual damage to make up for its garbage moveset

Just do the new skip chalices.

Theres a bunch of hacked “falsedepth” chalices that instantly let you access endgame gems runes and all weapons on a fresh character.
Its easier now more than ever to make a new character and roll your buiod up instantly

Yeah I don't know what's wrong with it either. It's totally not OP.

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Best 2

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Any of the serrated weapons honestly. I like the slow ones less honestly, but beast cutter is fun with its backstep gimmick attacks. Lately I've been leaning towards faster attacking weapons because I'm getting sick of getting interrupted by enemy attacks.

Logarius Wheel, revving that shit up like Nero's Red Queen every fight never got old. fucking loved that thing.

If it were a whirligig, Kirkhammer, Saif, boomhammer, reiter+Church pistol combo, or even thrust type Moonlight Blade raw, theyd have either done double the damage ludwigs did there or outright already have killed the boss and moved on in half the time, lmao.

Anything ludwigs does is done better in half the time with half the stat investment by every other weapon.

The only caveat is gems, but we live in a post falsedepth chalice wprld so EVERYONE can get a full stock of 26%s all slots out the gate, so ludwigs no longer has early game validity.

Absolutely delusional

Rapid poison wheel is legitimately almost as busted as the fucking saif and its hilarious.

The only thing thats delusional is not knowing the math behind ludwigs silver blade has shit modifiers.

Slap a build with 50 str 25 skill with abyssal scaling gem and two 27s on literally any weapon, throw appropriate beast pellet and elemental buff up and watch it go. Ludwigs has single hit damage however it suffers from severely bad recovery that hampers its actual damage per minute. Most if not all other weapons will get faster clears. It also has no serated bonus and holy bonus is fucking ass since it only does shit against enemies that are garbage anyway. enjoy you 0.70 modifier on the noobtrap weapon. Kirkhammer with full 36% blunt and an abyssal scaler has higher burst btw, and better stagger and followup, with almost 2.0 modifiers to its motion values as opposed to Ludwigs 0.7, so it outdoes ludwigs at what lidwigs is touted to be good at.

If you want thrust get untransformed moonlight since even its uncharged r2 shits out way more damage faster.

its not tho.

I might try this next, wheel usually hyperarmors through attacks.

Uncanny Saif + Pistol for me

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I am a staunch believer in the Burial Blade. I love that scythe, man.

Its the best Pve weapon and genuinely competitive if stomping in invasions at me sis. Lets add in that whirligig has serate bonus, blunt in untransformed(great coverage for certain enemies), and a godtier moveset with dashpokes, and L2 gimmick after using r1s with beast pellets can outright stunlock and murder headless bloodletting beast in the deepest depths of the dungeon. Which you need. It lets you actually solo multiplayer scaled cuhrayzee shit and I owe it so many fucking runs

>”muh parries”
the option to glitch pistols on twohand form applies.

Say that after you’ve tried farming actual FRC chalice dungeons, buddy I wouldnt be caught dead with a Ludwigs. Or maybe I would since I’d be dead if I used it in plenty of scenarios.

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Bloodborne re-release 4K 60+FPS for PS5 please

god help anything on the receiving end if you lead elixir too.

Wheel when transformed multihits so if you have godtier rapid poison gems you instamerc anything, everyone and everything. its insane but also an insane grind to get some of the gems even in false depths.
Its the most OP weapon and combo for a very very good reason.
You poor soul, I commend you for using it

if only threaded cane had more stagger or less endlag, Id love it so much more

The saif? I hardly see it mentioned and when I played BB I always saw people using Saw or Bloodletter/Rakuyo

this applies now more than ever

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Yes the Saif is crazy OP (both in pve and pvp) because its attacks propel it forward and have disjointed unreactable instant hitboxes, a serrated damage bonus, and it get more damage when building properly with literally any build than any other weapon.
STR, SKILL, ARC any of these.
Its actually insane and broken. I say that as someone that doesnt even mainly use it, I like my Whirli and Wheel more, but proper saif will actually twoshot any build in pvp, and rinse any boss in a couple of stamina bars. Its utterly disgusting and a reason why metalevel at 120 is a fucking joke and actual level should be at 80-90.

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Dope. I just made a Skill build and didn't really touch Arcane or Bloodtinge much and its moveset clicked with me.

There will never be better astatic then bloodborne.

At least until Bloodborne 2

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A sequel would ruin the first game.

Enjoy the ability to completely style on pretty much everything

If goin 50 skill you just load up on 27% gems, maybe one abyssal str scaling
You get mildly more gains out of 50str 25 skl two abyssal scaling gems and one 27%.
Not that you need to totally go that route though. You’ll do just fine with Skl and popping off tranform attacks and parries.
Its also easier to land an R1 before visceral attack.

Expect big things, user

Which is why a prequel or a spiritual successor would be the best.

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No, any followup game will ruin the first. It truly is a one and done.

Beastcutter because it’s a greatsword-whip.

If a weapon ain't got Boom, I don't want it.

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>spiritual successor
I remember this meme. Fuck you for bringing it up in earnest.

How does a second game ruin the first game?

If Stake Driver had unlimited poise hyper armour on it's charged R2, but also was able to shoot hte head out like a harpoon on a chain it'd have been PERFECT

Fromsoft if you're reading steal this idea


Rapier that can do a Buffable gun parry mid combo while still keeping left arm free? Still my favorite weapon in the entire franchise.

Perhaps if you paid attention to the story and lore you would know.

But wouldn't that just make the second game worse, not affecting ones ability to play the first game?

tried Reiter+ChurchPistol/Evelyn combo with pure into blood til lvl 40, minmax my bloodgem to 2nd best raw blood in all slots, and invade in forest. no better rush than insta killing someone with a single press of L2. it puts the L in L2. If you parry someone with Reit first and/or bone ash you just terminate them.
No exceptions. If run low on bullets just walk off the cliff to restock until forced to go back to dream for boner ash. Got a bunch of hatemail from mad cunts this way

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what meme?

Can you read?

With Bloodborne you can't pull the same trick twice and a sequel would ruin its big reveal.

Pls drink lead elixir;thank me later

still wont land in pvp tho :(

So a second game that has the same themes, however it does it, will some how ruin your previous experience of killing Rom for the first time, in a way that playing the game a second time doesn't?

what meme? You know not everything everyone says has to be le funny xd maymay?

So no, you can't read. I've already told you, ma'am. I'll tell you again, even though you won't understand it:
>spiritual successor

Not if it simply tries a new trick, user.

I've just told you there are only two options, repeat the story of the first game or spoil the cosmic horror for those that only start with the second game. Again, a sequel would ruin the first game.

chad weapon.
>reliable and versatile sword paired with BONK
What's not to like?

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You realize Bloodborne was and is a successor to Demons Souls as a sony-locked IP with a good chunk of the same team members on staff right?
While Tanimura was fumbling Ds2 and ds3, Miyazaki was making GOAT. with BB and Sekiro.
While Tanimura fumbled ER, miyazaki has most likely continued making the next armored core great. I want From to continue woth experimental mechanics and pray another ER/Ds2 does not happen.

Okay, so a second game will ruin the first game because people will play them in the wrong order?
But by that logic isn't playing the game a second time ruining the first game, because you already know the twist?

>You realize
Lady, you genuinely are illiterate.

lead elixir, actually all of the elixir's are legit broken and nobody knows because you can only hold three and people don't wanna use consumables... If memory serves you can run and quick step while under the effects. Plus it gives a poise boost and a flat damage reduction.

Also if you running through chalice dungeons just use blue elixir.

Chad stat builds too, purestr is fucking amazing with all the weapons you can use. Anyone thinking Kirkhammer is underperforming simply havent used it right and not put the right gems in

I don't think you're making a constructive argument here when it comes to replaying the game, in fact I would say it's irrelevant to the effect a sequel would have on the first game.

Bloodborne's lore and story is wasted on the video game format desu

Already blue elixir! its fucking crazy how easy dungeons can get with it.
NTA but what are you talking about? was there something they missed?
I think mechanically Bloodborne 2 would be fun. But imagine if the setting were completely and totally different. What if it were a zombie and virus game instead of werewolves and aliens? Maybe with the same kind of punk grunge style let it die had? it wouldnt have to be called “bloodborne2” either

>start game on a train going through multiple zones murdering cancerous "ulcers" which serve as unique bosses which are the root of sickness in the area
>sickness infecting the area clears up so you can access new bonus areas or discover mini lore set-ups
>eventually train derails and level-up maiden sacrifices herself to keep your progress going
>you discover you were riding around the corpse of a giant old god killing the cancer that causes it to unnaturally awake it from its deep slumber
>game is called worm odyssey