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>free levels
Don't mind if I do

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> it’s another Yea Forums pretends a fake game exists tnread

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Got a screenshot right here)

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What game, I don't see a thing, what is this thread again?

Samefag, take your sedatives

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Where has everybody gone?

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Video Juegos

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>not using Fluffy or Knight

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>can'tsmoke hookah with your daughter-wife or she will go crazy.
Why do japs fear this?

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Someone tell the dev to stop releasing spin offs and focus on the main series. The Red Hood game sucked.

Not only does everything need to be a shitposting fight, certain posters here will also try to direct the hate towards their sworn enemy.
Sasuga snoy.

That was his first game and pretty much a tech demo. He's improved tremendously since then, have fAith

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I ended up in the Black Souls 2 pictures folder by accident while looking for a file on my PC, and I looked at a couple images. Makes me realize just how much stuff I am yet to see in the game. I'm only on my 3rd loop and have just figured out the culprit behind my troubles.

So now that I have figured out the culprit to who is causing trouble, I am going to go and kill them first. Problem is what to do next? Will I just hurtle towards the same attic door endings again, or is there something else? I assume there's another ending where you collect all fairy tales, like in BS1. There's also a bunch of characters people meme about who I've still not seen, like the owl guy. It's odd but it's what keeps me coming back to these games, how well hidden a lot of stuff is; and how much exploration and trial and error there is.

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I love Miranda. No spoilers about her please.

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You are correct, there's tons left to see. try playing around with Sen, see how things play out if you try a run at 0 Sen

Miranda? user, Miranda is cute, good choice of waifu

I have the gear of madness so I can change my sen at will. Should I do an entire run at 0 sen or should I just change it as I go? I was thinking of changing it because I want to still interact with NPCs, but I feel like if I change my sen as I go, I'll still miss tons of stuff.

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It's fun to pretend :^)

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What you'll want to do next is the following
1. Get all the covenants, except the 3 nightmares, and talk to Node
2. Do a full 0 SEN run and pay close attention to what the snowmen are saying. Make sure that the very first thing you do is fight the headhunting beast and go into Ludwidge Town
Also, for a neat little secret, fight the first boss (headhunting beast) at 100 SEN with Vorpal Blade +10

The fairy tales this time only unlock a H-scene with Node or a mediocre ring

the gear really helps, changing it as you go would work, but its probably worth doing at least one full 0 Sen run so you won't walk past anything you'd not see otherwise luckily there's only three things you need mid Sen to see

I genuinely loved the way you could summon characters to aid you in battle in the first one. That has to be implemented into real dark souls

>Get all the covenants, except the 3 nightmares, and talk to Node

Does that mean I also have to kill poor Bandersnatch? She's so cute and seems basically harmless compared to the other two. I'll take your word for it though, I suppose.

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no, you're free to covenant the nightmares, they're just not a requirement

You don't have to kill her, she's just not required for that ending

No, you can keep her alive. She's simply not a requirement for the ending, the only one you have to kill is the murderer

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Elden Ring kinda does it with spirit ash summons. Certain characters can become summons and you can call them whenever in the middle of battle, but the group spirit isn't really there, sadly. They're silent while in BS1 they always added funny dialogue in major bossfights.

It's one thing which I miss the most from BS1, and that's the party summons. I also don't think the H-scenes are as bad as people say they are in BS1.

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That's a relief then. I like dumb brown girls.

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it's worth killing the nightmares at least once each, their weapons are great

This is the link where I'm getting the artwork from. Just scroll down until you see 'related works' and then go down the rabbit hole of decent BS art.

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I just got all the endings the other day. 3 things you MUST do:
-Kill/Jail Jubjub as soon as you can(at Sen 0 go to Rabbit Hole > door to Mental Ward > Edith bird for the ring > Park area > Academy > then just go straight to the shit bird
-warp back to Rabbit Hole, with SEN at 100 equip Vorpal Blade +5 before you fight the rabbit boss, then before you go through the door set SEN to 0 so you can meet a character you need for the endings
-After that, I THINK you can go to whatever areas you want and light the campfires, but whenever you do that you gotta set SEN to 0 so you can talk to the character from before, you NEED to talk to her multiple times(like 6 or 7 times), and she is always next to campfires but you can only see her if you are at SEN 0 and you didnt miss her first encounter
-Also, when you get to the spore forest, next to campfire there will be a certain NPC that you must NOT talk to

Still can't get over what happened to red...
My loyal and treasured companion...

Does anything happens if you jail every single possible character in either games?
Also the other day I asked about the rat girl next to Mad Hatter, and found out that when I jail her she gets out and smashes her face on the wall, but after that she just keeps sleeping and nothing else even if I rape her. Is that it or is there more to that?
One more question: is there a special reason for a candy to be in the jail where you can put your egg daughter? I noticed it shows up there even if you havent met her yet.

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>does anything happen if you spoiler
Yes, in BS2

first two questions are related, you'll figure it out if you try it, last question is a cute little scene where you can either steal the candy like an asshole, or let her have it and then take it without being an asshole if you want.

>Doing 0 sen like the others said
>Can't talk to half the NPCs
Wat now :(
I suppose this just going to be another feeler loop, where I see what happens with 0 sen everywhere then loop back again once I've figured shit out?

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I am not gonna replay it again anytime soon so just tell me.

Mornin, I hate birds, hand me the candy

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Welcome back, poor pilgarlic.

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MS was right, you can only truly appreciate the girls when you've raped and killed them a few times.

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Do you hate fun?

How could you, user... How can someone be so cruel...

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But it could be funner.

Looking for Alice, please understand

I think Ayaka is a boring character.

High SEN post

Smoking is bad 4 u

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You can safely use the gear item to raise it back to 100, talk to whoever you want, and turn it back to 0 before you move forward.

Doesn't quite hit the same without the sound

Squid you don't get to whine after what you did to carpenter, probably the only inhabitant of wonderland that was trying to fix things

there should have been one major difference at the beginning if you went 0 Sen from the start

I got all the endings in the base game of BS2 but can't find any info on the 3 DLCs.
I think two of them are the chaos dungeon and the squid, right? what abut that owl fellow in all the memes?

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Once you get G ending the third DLC unlocks, you need to have spoken with Mabel at least once on that file, after which you can go to the university and inspect the doll or skip that and go to the Carrol river immediately you're correct about the other 2 DLCs, 3 is the only one split off entirely.

Talk to Cheshire Kot in the dungeon right after beating ending G. She'll give you hints where to find it
Also you'll want to beat Chaos Dungeon for some important lore, you need floor 180 or so


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