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When are they going to reveal fallen order 2 and their other games? Its already the 4th

At a later may the 4th

uhh, galactic battlegrounds?

That's cool, mine is fortnite

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SWBF 2004/2005 both equally

It still puzzles me why it took THIS long since TFU to make a game like JFO with an actual, real time, non-Bamham battle system. Lightsaber + Force power fights are prime vidya material.

Prequels and sequels are both fucking trash
>b-but prequels
Ya prequels are better then the sequels but that like saying a 9 inch dick hurts less then a 10 inch dick if you asshole. still shit

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>Episodes I-II are trash
ftfy mr frogposter

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I liked shadows of the empire till the race

the whole thing is trash and so are you

OG Battlefront 2. I still have my infinite thanks to modders

Rogue squadron 2
The clone wars
SWE3 the revenge of the sith
SWE3 the revenge of the sith NDS
Super empire strikes back
Trilogy saga arcade

Dumb frogposter.

TIE Fighter
Jedi Knight
Jedi Academy
X-Wing Alliance
Dark Forces

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Rougue Squadron. I'd say battle for Naboo as well but fuck the boat missions.

TIE Fighter was made for old joysticks that only had two steering axes. So instead of having pitch, roll and yaw, it has pitch and yaw/roll hybrid and a modifier button for using only roll. Can you bind a modern 3-axis stick so it has all three inputs exclusive to their axes?

>Star Wars ruined
>Star Trek ruined
>Lord of the Rings is getting ruined
>Jew Jew Abrams had a hand in all three

Space battles in battlefront 2(battlefront 2)

I love the force unleashed a lot


Jedi Fallen Order
Jedi Outcast
Rogue Squadron
(purely for nostalgia) Shadows of the Empire
Some old DOS game, I think TIE Fighter

Oops, not Rogue Squadron. Rogue Leader. The Gamecube one.

How is fallen order?

what makes a man strive to ruin all the most beloved science fiction and fantasy media franchises

Episode 3 is my favourite Star Wars movie and no amount of boomer incel rage will make me change my mind

I'm a simple man. The Super Star Wars games are great super nostalgic for me. Especially with the MSU1 music patches.

Hello fellow revenge of the sith PS2/NDS enjoyer

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ey guys, whats that meme of a star wars game, where a woman with clothing that covers her eyes? what is that? No spoilers if you can.

It gets a lot of shit on this board because of typical Yea Forums bullshit, but it's one of my favorite games in recent years. Metroidvania meets Souls/Sekiro. Satisfying gameplay, great atmosphere, and the plot and characters are cool too.

Knight of the old republic 2?

9 or 10 inch dick doesn't hurt if you're prepared, skill issue

>expecting a shitty port
>Get a competent beat them up

Rogue Leader plays better as the controls and ships are much more fluid and responsive, but it has worse levels in both terms of both quantity and quality. They're both great games though as Rogue Leader handles so well.

Rogue Leader also has Vader disco

yes. care to explain? why do i see it every so often

Lego Star Wars

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It really is understated just how good the DS/Gameboy version of revenge of the sith is. Even gave me one of my more favourite DotF variants

She's a party member who comes from a race of blind force sensitive people

thats it? i never bother to read those threads
whats the big deal

Nothing in the shooter lineup did what this game did to me.

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The original Battlefront game was so much better than Battlefront 2 and nu Battlefront

I'm going to try this game again today. The last time I played it there was something wrong with the game. Everyone praised the co-op AI at release, but in my game they did jack shit and I was constantly out of ammo due to being the only person in the squad actually shooting the enemies.

She's hot and is kind of a "love interest" (sort of, at least as far as Kotor 2 goes) and kotor 2 has strong character writing in general so people post about her a lot. She's basically the Rei of Kotor 2 to Handmaiden's Asuka if you get the analogy.

the drodekas are retarded strong in that game though

jedi fallen order is great. i hope the second one is literally just the first but more and more polish.

prequels are better than the originals and the sequels.

y the funk is KOTOR2 not on switch yet
also, i heard these games are getting a remake/ or remaster


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Tie Fighter

Worth it for 10 bucks? It's on sale right now

Yeah. Just make sure to play it from an SSD. The game is very badly optimized and even a slow drive makes it run terribly.

Kotor 1 and 2
They have replaced all Star Movies for me as 'Star Wars', Kotor is all I need. Still seething over no kotor 3. FUCK The Old Republic.

10 BUCKS!? thats a steal. you can get 10 hours of fun from it for sure.
it has very "soulslike" combat, like dodging, rolling, parrying, blocking. but you also have force powers and jumps and platforming and all that. lots of cool exploration and secrets and that kinda stuff.

>Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
>Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
>Star Wars Episode I: Racer
>Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
>Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
>Star Wars Battlefront (2004)

The last star wars game I played was force unleashed on ps2, it was pretty cool and the force power were great. Hopefully this game does combat well

TPM is the only good prequel you pleb

With quotes like "I am the phantom menace"?
Hahahahaha no.

>They have replaced all Star Movies for me as 'Star Wars'
I got into star wars because of kotor 2, too bad I couldn't find the first game until I got proper internet years later and pirated it.
Mom says she took me to AotC as a kid and I asked to leave mid-movie.

Dark Forces 2, the closest we ever got to Star Wars Sanic game
>activates Force Speed 4

Zoomer revisionists hated him because he told them the truth