Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong with elden ring?

so many of the mobs and bosses behave in an unnatural manner to catch players off-guard. did the game indulge into too much meta gameplay instead of trying to be convincing?

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sorry but the game is done

no more discussion until people revisit it in a year

I hate that every single "big" enemy (even respawning normal ones like the fat fuck on your way to Godrick) has been given the cuhrayze vertical jump attack even if it makes no sense. It was cool when Artorias did it in DS1 but because nobody else did, now everyone is doing it regardless of what kind of an enemy it is, it got tiring so fucking fast.

Try playing DeS or DaS now, they feel way too slow. Fromsoft had to speed things up to keep the difficulty engaging, I just wish we had more mobility in ER like in Sekiro/BB to match the sperging bosses. Right now you HAVE TO use Bloodhound Step if you don't want to wait minutes for an opening.

>playing ER
>oh look, creepy giant hand enemies, I wonder how they fight
>they just spaz out like every other enemy in the game

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What exactly is that webm supposed to tell me, because that all looks cool as fuck.

fuck off bloodborne doesn't deserved to be lumped in with dark nigger 3 or elden cringe

it's a very unsophisticated, cheap, low-hanging-fruit sort of cool. it's cool, sure, but it's possible to have cool without leaning so heavily on >WOAH HE'S SPINNING AND HE DID A SICK FLIP AND EVERYTHING'S GLOWING AND MOVING REALLY QUICKLY
A bit of that is definitely cool, there's a reason everyone went wild for Artorias, but it's much better as something reserved for rare occasions and deployed to maximal effect. FromSoft have been running it into the ground for most of the last decade.

This one played nothing like those.

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>because that all looks cool as fuck
Ask me how I know you're a weeb.

Is this good? Never played it, but kind of interested to see what Miyazaki makes when he's not chained to soulslikes

Sekiro truly is a masterpiece

Yeah it's good. Sony should port it to steam.

>get recommended fromsoft game clips because advertisers listen to my conversations and read my mind so they know im playing elden ring
>see a video of "hard" bosses from previous games
>they're utterly shit on by even basic elden ring shit like red wolves or caelid birds
They really fucking fell for the difficulty meme and i hate it, half of all builds are tedious or outright useless, I never gave a shit about the difficulty in from games, it was a nice bonus but going out of your way to be difficult instead of designing a game that happens to be difficult doesnt feel fun. I'm not some fucking loser who cares about cultivating some "elite gamer" persona, I just want a fun game, and this isnt it. Which is a shame, because the core gameplay feels super fun, its just that half of the enemies seem to be designed for stupid gotcha moments or long flaily combos instead of engaging combat.

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It's on PS4 right? I don't have a PS5 and I don't think I've turned on my PS4 once since I got my SeX, but I guess I shouldn't let it sit gathering dust if there's something I'd want to play on it.

I vaguely remember it being VR or something, but I might be confusing it with something else, was quite a while ago that I read about it. Is it a short game? Are there any barriers to enjoying it properly?

looks like a cheap anime game

>Enemy starts spinning
>And then they jump in the air and shoot multiple projectiles
>And then they start doing multiple lunge attacks into a wide sweeping arc slash
>And then follow that up with a grab where if it misses the boss goes into a three hit combo
>Before doing another jump into the air and then coming down with a giant slam attack
>And this giant slam attack unleashes a massive area of effect explosion if the player dares to try and attack
>And the moment the player goes in for their first hit on the boss in 45 minutes, the boss performs an evasive dodge with i-frames on it
>In the middle of this dodge, the boss will animation cancel its very own dodge animation to attack the player and hit them for 90% of their health because they whiffed their attack and were now wide open
>I'm expected to sit here and believe the use of spirit ashes wasn't the way the developers intended the game to be played

I just fought Gael the other night and he felt fantastic to 1v1. What the fuck happened with Elden Ring?

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It's a VR adventure game.

You guys seem like you’d be very annoying people to hang out with.
What do you friends say IRL when you whine this much? Just curious.

Slave knight gael was the death of well balanced boss design by fromsoft.

As true as this webm is, Sekiro is an excellent game with fun and engaging combat despite its fast speed and flashy moves and doesn't deserve to be lumped in

Is just spongebob not unbalanced

I agrree the parry isnt a shitty high risk critical reward of dork souls and is good weaved with dodges and counterattacks

Constant spinning attacks are a known god of war meme

Spinning is a good trick. You should try it.

Elden Ring is the result of wanting to do something big and exciting, but not having any clue how to pull it off. Despite ostensibly doing it for years, Fromsoft just couldn't figure out how to either make combat simple and dynamic, or full of options and also balanced. And by "balanced" I mean like, actually having a variety of movement, attacks, dodges, items, and options that all feel good to use rather than just having the one or two things that are objectively the best (generally because they abuse the mechanic of staggering plus have a super wide hit area so targeting isn't necessary).

On one level, I appreciate From trying to make a wide variety of magic and weapons, and even doing weird new things like crouches, feints, and other wonky shit. But honestly, none of it matters. Literally no one who plays Elden Ring will ever use any of the combat mechanics in the game unless they are extremely high-skill challenge players looking to intentionally limit themselves to sub-part options.

What actually is going to happen 100% of the time is a player will find an item that does a big wide sweep move that stuns and hits everything or blasts it from a safe distance, and they'll just use that forever. Because there is literally no reason to ever do anything other than that, and no one ever thinks "Wow this is too powerful, what else can I use that isn't this good?"

>be like
ARE like.
Stop using nignog speak.

And they have a projectile for some reason.

Another poor soul filtered by Maliketh the Based Blade

getting hit or even killed by an attack playing out in a way you couldnt possibly predict can be fine sometimes and might make an enemy or boss memorable for being "that boss". too bad they made every enemy like that and somehow didnt realize it would be a chore to play

I know how you feel. In older Fromsoft games encounters still felt like puzzles, punishing but fair, usually. But then the difficulty meme hit and its become more about dodging 20 times before you're allowed to chip away at their health while each of their 20 long combo hits deal 60% of your hp in damage.

I liked methodically exploring and piecing apart encounters

>now that the dust has settled

Bloodborne > Elden Ring = Demons Souls >>>>>>>>>> Dark Souls 3 > Dark Souls 1

Never played Dark Souls 2 or Sekiro.

>spin to win is anime only
Dumb zoomer

Elden Ring bosses are much more of a puzzle than Dark Souls bosses, since you actually need to study the movesets and find the openings instead of waiting out the 3 hit combo or walking right until you're behind the boss.

To be fair I'm referring more to the general level exploration than the bosses.

A puzzle that doesn't want to be learned

they agree

Can't really agree with you there either, at least if we're specifically talking about Souls games. The Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring have plenty of exploration in terms of alternative paths and optional sections. Dungeons, while obviously made with recycled assets, are still often different from each other and make usage of different elements such as platforming or puzzles (for example, one catacomb in which you have to traverse using teleport traps). Of course, many of them are also simple run through to the boss.

In terms of encounters themselves, the game gives you plenty of tools to deal with the situation. If you don't want to rush in, you can often aggro invidual enemies using projectile weapons or items, and sometimes there are environmental features you can use such as ledges, boulders, or exploding barrels.

They don't have friends, they get validation here with vagrant statements and the rush of dopamine from (you)s
A sad life, many such cases!

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I honestly thought you were describing Gael until i read that last line. I recently did another playthrough of DS3 and it feels so archaic and floaty compared to Elden Ring. The only good fights are Friede and Gael, and the last phase of Gael was sometimes pure luck because I couldn't see a fucking sword between lightnings, red souls, and arrows. For now Godfrey it's for me the pinnacle of souls-like fights

I could never relate to people who hated ds3/borne because it was not like des or ds1. Ds3 and sekiro are my favorites also.
After ER though i feel like it. I just couldnt stomach to play this boring ass open world for more then 30h. Now i am stuck with playing ds1/3/sekiro up untill from maybe decides not to make games for unwashed masses again.

>they feel way too slow
Not for me.
Have you tried not being a zoomer?

Flashy movesets with spins and acrobatics were cool because they were reserved for special occasions and made them stand out, turning those movesets into the new normal defeats the point.

Not the user you replied to but I think it looked cool and I haven't given a flying fuck about anime since I was a little kid (And that was just shit like Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z etc. That most are at least tangiently familiar with).

Flashing lights and people flipping or spinning around like retards to attack is just fun, simple entertainment. Plenty of shit from Crash Bandicoot to WWE features it.

>some retard complaining about spinning attacks
Why is always the mouth breathers making montages like that

No they don't retard. Their gameplay feels much better, why would anything have changed.

Looks anime. Souls were much cooler when they felt like an immersive low fantasy setting.

Play Demons Souls and Dark Souls 1,you will love them. Peak adventure games

>spinning is now weeb and anime
You must hates 99% of video game then, stupid white nigger loser

Shitty unbalanced combat.
The bosses are either hard to solo with their aggression set to over 9000 or too easy if you summon with no middle ground.

OP build and weapon art abusers need not comment.

ER is anime as fuck though.

Not as much as GOW or last of us, any Ubisoft games or Bioware games

OKay? Spinning is fun. They are all fantasy games. The shitty clip is all player animations. If you don't want to see this shit then don't equip those weapons and moves? At least show boss examples like all the bosses thst do a a high jump with a big pause in the air or soemthing.

>cheats himself full bar of HP, FP and stamina

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How many ecelebs and video essayists have you autists consumed to think "anime" is a valid term to describe shit these days? It literally makes zero sense, and it implies anything with swords is weeb shit.

i just use the sword i got from final boss to destroy them one hit from a mile away

>they just spaz out

>the dancer's spin attack is a player animation
Fromdrones are pathetic.

on my last ds3 playhtrough i decided to try those double axes despite hating axes and holy motherfucking nigger shit those are more fun than the ringed knight giant swords
now that i think about it, after elden ring ds3 didn't seem so boring after all
what a slog elden ring is

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but you play a japanese game, you are a giant fucking weeb too, you miyazaki cock lover

Wow, this guy sure showed those tutorial enemies with weapons he found later in the game

And the sekiro comparison is even more retarded since its not a true souls born.

Your language shows you are a mealy mouthed shit trying to sway opinion instead of just getting ours.
I thought the game was phenomenal. I went in hyped as hell and still got blown away. Sorry you couldn't do well in it, you can still play the old games you've memorized for the safe challenge.

you suck at the game if you think furry fag is a good boss.
have you even fought him on the release patch where he wasn't slowed down and all you did was chase him around hoping he does something where you can hit him once or twice?

In my game they fondle my balls and finger but hole

Like, it's really weird to see so many normalfag game reviewers recoil at the idea of anything being extraordinary in their games and just screech "muh anime" at it like a self-defense mechanism. Anime is the only medium that is allowed to have people fighting in a non-realistic way, I guess...

I don't know what are you trying to prove. That mobs from the game beginning are getting slaughtered when you fight them much later in-game when you are 100 levels above?

>what went wrong with elden ring?
MC is not a shota

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Why chase him? He's going to be jumping and landing next to you anyway. Maliketh is a good fight, he just goes down too easily.