Enemy always targets the weakest party member

>enemy always targets the weakest party member

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imagine being a grown man and not knowing how to instantly kill a tiny dog with your bare hands

Walking around without a knife not gonna make it senpai

So how do you do it

Grab its front legs and pull them as far apart and as hard as you can

How do you defend yourself when pit pull attacking you?

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With a pitbull you pull its front paws all the way appart until you hear a loud snap, collapses the ribcage and lungs, probably pierces the heart too, one dead pupper

You can see the owner at the back, just pretending to not see anything

smart thing to do in this situation is to choke the fucking dog out, then curb stomp the fuck out of it

If i pull those off will he die?

get your own pitbull to fight back
this is the american logic with guns btw

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a gun would've taken that pitbull out btw

based pokemon master

what if the pitbull had a gun

Wow that actually works but you know something not insane and bigger like a fila

use two guns then

I would've shot that nigger dog

A general way to deal with a dog is to pick it up then throw it towards the ground as hard as you can, their legs aren't designed for drops like that, broken leg neutralises them.

>alt right retards are pro guns to defend from gun violence
>they are also anti pitbull and think they should be banned
really makes you think

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jab your thumbs in his soft squishy eyes and while he cries on the floor cave that niggas skull in with your boot, simple as


>tranime pic
>seethes over 'da right' out of nowhere
dilate you ugly freak

That would be extremely painful.

That analogy would work if you could entirely mind control pitbulls.

Great image bro, that really was a 0 INT post

>pistols, inanimate
>pitbulls, niggers of the dog world
Really makes you think

Im shooting your pitbull if it comes anywhere near me. Fair enough?

Not gonna happen without getting bitten.
Grab them behind the neck throw them against a wall tree...

We don't have a gun problem we have a non white problem
And I'm going to keep mysellf armed so I can kill the non white shooting near me.
Simple as

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>everyone that is for self defense is alt right
Insane leftist.

>leftists are pro-pitbull

Stop posting misleading stats, 90% of that is black on black gang violence.


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Very easy. You put your hand inside his mouth, go deeper until it comes out on the other aide, grab his tail and pull until he turns inside out.

Now he won't be able to even bite you, since his teeth will be on the wrong side!

thanks for the (You)s

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r/K-selection theory on display again.
Leftist are nothing but prey. Meek and pathetic.

fucking dumb nigger animal that only sub 0 IQ niggers have they should be genocided as well as their owners

do you need lots of strength to do this?

you're braindead if you can't understand the difference
shit bulls are weapons with a mind of their own. they can go off even if their owner doesn't want them to.

>crime doesn't count if it's black-on-black

Spoken like a true cuckold. Why don't you look up black on white crime for me champ?

>nobody can steal your gun

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>merely pretending

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Lol most of it is not reported or mislabeled so the stats aren't as bad as they really are.
Fake an election but not stats are you new?

>see shitbull run towards daughter
>durr cute little doggy
I don't understand how these people function.

Joe Rogan should sponsor dog fight island in some lawless Caribbean shithole. Because I've seen many one weird tricks without any proof.

little girls are too powerful, they can taunt anything

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Where did it even come from, why is a lone Pitbull being allowed to roam alone. I love animals but my god I would suplex every Pitbull and the people who own them

Only rednecks and weirdos own pitbulls. Don't blame dogs in general for this one shitty breed.

i like guns and pitbulls, my home is intruder proof

So blacks are less human than whites?

>Choke it
>Eye Gouge
>Stomp its fucking guts or skull
It's not really hard if you aren't a pussy.

Everyone should be assigned a government mandated pitbull on their 6th birthday.

I'm anti both, 99.9% of americans are too retarded for either of them.

why did he do it

where is the white on white gang violence? don't hispanics have gangs too?

hope you never have kids

one of my biggest fears is seeing a random pitbull just walking down the street

>all these answers from people who have never been in this situation
kek you fags need to go outside

bro, that's fake.
here's the real graph.

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To be fair to the guy, it's pretty hard to damage a pitbull that's going ham on your daughter without also injuring your daughter.

so that doesn't matter because ?

hope you come to my house

that pitbull was stolen?

Black crime counts 3/5 as much. For black on black crime that comes down to 9/25

did she die?

Update your stats sometimes grandpa. France has an overall murder rate closer to 1. How could the firearm specific one be higher.

You may be the stupidest nigger on this board atm, congratulations

You are welcome, Nep Nep. Show Noire that N-Chan is full of cool people.


You're gonna need a Pokeball and some determination.


The people in the video are dumb as shit by allowing the dog to just run up. If you see a Pitbull, never relax and do not let it near.

School shooting incels wish they had those kind of kill counts

EMT here. I'll be glad to come to your house after your dog bites the shit out of you lol.
Happens all the time.

Just punch em
Whats the toughest animal you could beat unarmed, Yea Forums?

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KEK! Yes I'm sure they report all the Muhammad's beheading infidels correctly

if you're weaker than your pet you deserve to get mauled

Yeah. It crushed the right side of her rib cage and punctured her lungs. She literally died drowning in her own blood in her mother's arms.

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Grizzly bear.

You fucking retards don't realize that Pitbulls have locking jaws so even when you kill them you'll have a dead corpse hanging off you.

Using a pitbull for protection is like using a rusty grenade from WW2 for self defence; it's just gonna result in you getting injured or killed

>more than 0% of people think they can take on a fucking elephant

I will, sis

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>22% of men taking on a chimp
Jamie, pull that one up

Everything you don't need a weapon you can outsmart them into killing themselves also poison is a thing

at least 6% of people are retarded

Half of women don't even THINK that they could kill a fucking GOOSE

lying faggot the kid was uninjured

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ok how do I do this if he's biting one of my forearms

Goose can break your limbs if they try

>almost 1 in 10 people think they can take on an elephant
Who are these people

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I'd rather fight a wolf than a fucking kangaroo or chimpanzee.

what the fuck would be the actual gameplan? prince of persia swooce up onto the elephant and strangle it with its own trunk?

>didnt answer
fuck off midwit

tell me how you outsmart an elephant into killing itself, take me through the process

a wolf, but not a kangooroo nor a chimp

People that got good

Imagine being so dumb to think that violent murder wouldn't get reported correctly. Well you are.

bros it literally fucking chomped down on her I thought shitbulls were killers, are they just jobbers instead?

Roos aren't that tough. As long as you stay conscious of the fact that it will try to strangle you from behind and guard your back/neck, you'll be fine.

this kills the elephant

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But Nepsy, Im a guy, not your sister ;_;


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her jacket might've been just enough padding

Just grab their neck and swing them around like a lasso, lmao.

>taking on a chimp
good fucking luck buddy

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you can, using treats and a club

well yes, obviously, but that's beside the point

>No one sees the best part of more women think they could take on a lion vs men

and possibly you and your family along with it

that's because I genuinely don't know what I'd have to do if a pitbull had locked it's jaw onto a kid, and neither do these other retards

I could kill everything on that list with luck except for an Elephant. Lion, Grizzly and Gorilla are unlikely but at least there's still a chance, Elephant is just impossible without any weapons

They get stuck into mid all the time and die.
Make it flow you hide the problematic terrain with grass .
It gets stuck and dies.
This happens in nature all the time animals are easy to kill.
I have trapped tigers using sticks

alone chimp weak together strong

I'm not worried about their arms. I'm worried about their talons and how they can smash my entire torso to mush with a single kick, if not eviscerate me outright in the process.

Flip it over and shove your foot in its armpit then yank on its opposite foot as hard as you can. You can also try to get your other arm around its neck and choke it out.

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/fit/ is what they are

Depends how much time I have to prepare.
If I have a week to study how to take down an elephant with my bare hands, I mean maybe, yeah.

If I'm just randomly bumrushed by large dog I'm probably fucked.

>it is jaw

>their talons
Uh you're confusing roos with emus

the most we can take on at the most if you're like a 6'4 buff dude with 0 fear and 100% adrenaline is MAYBE a wolf. MAYBE.
There is ZERO chance you are killing a chimp, elephant, lion, bear, crocodile alone. the people who answered otherwise are genuine fucking idiots watching too many movies.

wtf black bros this looks like my upcoming rap album's cover, its over

Mud I hate spell check

Up to King Cobra. Chimps are fucking psychos and anyone who says they could beat one is retarded. Chimps could beat 99% of the human race in a 1v1.

Yeah well 6% of people have found a way with now big man?



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How? Are there niggers shooting near by or something?

>choked him out


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you're not my bro

>sweep its legs
>apply weight to throat
>once it lets go stomp its head into mush

Damn, they really are like George Floyds.

No they can't you fucking retard

wtf, no one ever warned me about this, I thought that was an emu/cassowary thing. Next you'll tell me that koalas and platypuses are poisonous.

>Emu wings wrote this post

this one always triggers me
>chokes dog out
>lets it wake up and run off
>dog will probably attack another person now

why is it always pitbulls in these videos

Why not just kill it right then and there? The dog is going to be put down by law and that dog could just attack someone else in the meantime before they catch it.
It is your civic duty to immediately kill any dog that attacks a human like that.

if it lives in Australia it can kill you

I feel like she deserved it.

oy vey stop noticing patterns

>enemies taunt the player

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Advice in this thread is extremely poor.

> How to disable a dog when it has bitten someone?
Wrap arm around throat, form a triangle with the other arm. Squeeze for 4 minutes. After 30 seconds the dog should be out. After 4 minutes it will be dead.

> How to disable dog when it is about to attack someone and you have no time?
Punt it as hard as you can with your shin or knee in the head.

> How to disable dog when it is about to attack you?
Take off jacket/shirt and wrap around you arm. Keep arm in front and let dog latch on. Uppercut into the throat until it dies.

> How to disable dog when it has bitten you?
Use jacket/belt/shirt whatever to wrap around throat. Tighten and constrict until it dies.

Never run. Face the dog head on. Use knees, shin and elbow to strike. If you have something you can use as a weapon (keys, bag, jacket, brick, rock, whatever) use it. Constriction is most effective way to kill, but if they latch on they will cause horrific injuries one way or another.

I always carry a knife just in case. If you have a knife, just hold it in front of you, if the dog lunges, it will impale itself. Don't slash.

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Have there even been any documented Gorilla attacks? They always seem so chill and Silverbacks usually do displays and Fake charges. Same goes for Orangutans.

platypuses are venomous, but koalas simply have diseases

if its attacking someone else, choke it out with my belt
but if its attacking me chances are it'll go for my arm
cant think of anything other than running a knife through its neck 10-20 times

Considering the muslim migrant rape crisis isnt reported correctly, why would they stop there?
btw go ahead and try posting against the muslim invasion in a European county, see what happens to you.

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Confirmation bias and misclassification, it's not a pitbull.

No they can't, but this statement broke my sides.

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>About a third your size but can literally rip your fucking arms apart because they're 99% muscle fibers.

Fucking hate chimps I'd rather sleep in a den of lions.