This is the most bang for your buck console of all time. Sony really needs a game pass

this is the most bang for your buck console of all time. Sony really needs a game pass.

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PS5 digital is twice as powerful for $100 more. It's a better deal by far.

it would be if it had a games pass, plus lots of people are still playing on 1080p TVs

If you're playing on a 1080p TV you need a new TV worse than you need a new console.

1080p tv can still see that 60fps/30fps difference

1080p is fine you braindead consoomer

I miss my Series S. Got an X but the S was such a nice gadget. So small and quiet / simple.

yeah so stick with your ps4

I'd get one but I don't want to play digital only. I have so many xbox games I'd stick in that bitch's oven.

ive owned ps1-4 and honestly I’m actually really enjoying owning a series s, maybe in 5-6 years when ps5 gets a cheaper slim model I’ll get one but right now this thing is amazing

Bought a Series X and stacked Game Pass Ultimate after Sony made me sit in a queue for a PS5 just to tell me they didn't have any consoles.
Feels great to trawl through the games section and queue up tons of game downloads to play later.
Maybe I'll pick up the PS5 in a year or two if they put an exclusive on there I care about playing.

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>Sony really needs a game pass.
Haven't you seen Sony's recently announced pitiful answer to Game Pass?

xRajeesh marketing is so obvious
your tranny netflix console is a waste of money like all consoles are.
kill yourself Rajeesh.

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Why are you coping? I thought xbox was great?

$99 gamecube with a pack-in zelda collection is

Imagine going on Yea Forums to justify your shit purchase because you fell for the marketing, lmao

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For a tv size it is not.

Availability makes me say It might as well be a legend that it even exists though. Meanwhile I can get S's any time of day.

bot reply

PS5 Doesnt have 1 thing over Xbox right now


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Both are cancers to the industry lol

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Touch grass incel lol.

kill yourself Rajeesh lol

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I play on a 720p tv super mario sunshine looks great

>Feels great to trawl through the games section and queue up tons of game downloads to play later.

Based. GamePass is pure fucking bliss. I'm actually planning out what I'll be playing for the rest of the year. And when Starfield drops Day One its gonna be so sweet.

that's not a used wii with an sd card and hard drive

i learned my lesson with netflix and you should have too.

>Sony really needs a game pass.
most of their new games for the new "GAAS initiative" are gonna be F2P user, it's kinda redundant

And then when you zoomers are conditioned and hooked for the next 2 years they pull the plug and charge you 100 bucks per year to play online games you don't even own. Not that it matters anyway because shitbox will always in last.

It's a great emulation machine, but that's it.

nobody plays xbox anymore pajeet. this is no different than making a thread advertising a used Sega. wipe your ass

reminder that the initial price of consoles doesn't matter and you're gonna pay more than that in the long run
you need to add 60 dollars a year for being able to use your own internet. multiply that for at least 5 years

its less powerful and sounds like a jet engine. It also has no games. You lose.Go vote for Biden again champ.

>paying full price for online
lol retard


is this what xfags actually believe?

>paying to use your own internet
lol retard


game pass ultimate includes xbox live gold.

I've got both the ps5 and sx. I've never heard the ps5 make noises, but this keeps popping up around here.

i'd love a used saturn to be honest but i'm not paying scalper prices for it.

I'm not the one supporting a globohomo console that gets last place every year because nobody plays it outside of a few thousand illegal Mexicans in America.

you're still paying to use your own internet

I have all three and they're all silent. I hear coil whine is an issue for some PS5 users but I've never heard it.

you simple minded fucks...

And seethe, thank you for playing :^)

xbox has and will always be a white boy console white kind of gigatera mt everest cope is this

>white kind of gigatera mt everest
you can't even type anymore, consider taking a break

wings was on xbox. I guess he's white.

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fine, but xbox is still a white people console


>nannystate euros


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then who is white?

Chinese when they fully master genetic modification

To be fair, Europe has always been a nanny state (feudalism for millennia).

Then being white is gay, simple as

Whites (Americans) also had the cowboy myth. And gangsters and bikers and other individualist shit. But European tradition is lords and ladies and knights bending the knee, and poor bastards jumping in a foxhole because they were told to.
All of them make for fun games though.

Concession accepted
There are more whites on every other platform That goes for Americans and Euros. White people don't support globohomo.

And surprise dilation round! Did not see that one coming