Npcs can taunt you

>npcs can taunt you

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>npcs excel at martial arts

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>npcs are wise
>far wiser than you, young traveler

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>Saying you're not unique and special is bad
>Saying you are is bad
Well what the fuck is the right stance then?

npc is cooler than your player character

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>there has to be a 'good' and 'bad' option
found the NPC

>We're not

There are sub optimal and optimal choices to be made in every situation. For example, "speaking out" would be a suboptimal action to take as it will invite social ostracism on the person in question speaking out, therefore it would be optimal to, if not actually believe, then to at minimum not state opinions contrary to the majority, in this case "every is unique".

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> you are is
Dumb esl

I honestly can't tell if you're retarded or baiting.

What? Not that user but that's perfectly grammatical, if maybe not perfectly punctuated.
>first phrase defines a state; 'you're not unique and special'
>second phrase riffs on first: 'you are [unique and special]'

based retard

Get baited 4chuds

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based "merely pretending"-sama

>sees the word npc
>posts this image
Is this an actual bot?

>immediately goes to "just pretending"
lol you were actually serious

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>Gets caught being a complete retard
>H-haha, I w-was just p-pretending to be r-retarded!

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Orange cats are autistic

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wtf is this real

Animals are the niggers of cats.

user... you haven't seen a cat do this IRL? They definitely have DMC tier combos

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based karate cat

>npcs can kill you

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based and descartespilled

pete you lying faggot your post promised you would ki

user are you okay? where did y

you didnt reply to pete, how did you di

>Female walking around dog she can barely control
I hate female dog owners so much

>game lets you get in extra hits after KO

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rest in peace shiro

A women who has a medium or larger dog is a walking disaster waiting to happen. Should be illegal all things considered.

The woman is fucking the dog over, he could eat that cat if she left him alone.

Playing some old rpgs atm. Always shocking how important talking to the NPCs was back in the day. Twenty years later and all progress has been lost.

>taunt enrages enemy

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>game has contextual stealth kills

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No they are just masters of parkour, their bluffing only works in specific circumstances.
Like it was partly because of the dumb female ape holding the dog back.
That said, watching these felines doing gymnastics in slow motion is a mesmerizing experience.

Cats slapping is so fucking funny

>thread is totally about VIDEOGAMES

>b-b-but /an/ has always been part of Yea Forums!!!
And it's always been off-topic.

>game has destructible environments

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>game has broken collision

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I love these stupid threads.

The cat is obviously the player character here.

>local woman just lets dumb shit happen

Japs even have a term for it: ねこパンチ

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head o pat

>she's got a protective screen on.

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ever seen a female dog owner walk the mutt on a straight path with little to no breaks?

women let the dog do whatever it wants, so they're surprised when they act out against other dogs and they don't nicely go back to their side

This is why cats are shit pets.

>i was just pretending
Heres a pity (You)

why are girls so cute bros

how do you lose a fight against a cat?
scary movie 2 was supposed to be a comedy, not a documentary

Dogfags btfo

"cat punch"
yeah man did you know english speakers even have a term for a sandwich with ham on it?
its "ham sandwich"

They're playing. You can tell when a cat is trying to fight by its back and tail.

the cutest little apex genocider

t. little girl

Hey man if I want to search for ham sandwich gifs I'll use the term. And if I want my authentic neko punchs I search using ねこパンチ

Now, time for some cat commercial

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>game has wall jumps

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As someone who jogs I've had multiple close calls with women with large dogs, at this point I just go to the opposite side of the street or if I can't I have to just stop jogging, move to the side and wait for them to pass.
No discipline, no control and no strength to control them.

>game has optional challenges

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That's not how Candlejack works you fucking newfa

how are you guys pressing entE

They have no fear, no remorse, no concept of fair play.