Elden Ring

Currently there are tens of thousands of players who have completed the game with the Moonveil Katana and RoB. Afterwards they talked to their friends about the epic experience they had in beating such a difficult game and went to social media platforms to brag about their achievement. When they read a post of people that criticize the enemy design they voice their disbelief how anyone could have possibly gotten stuck on any of these bosses for several hours when it only took them a couple of attempts spamming corpse piler at their back while their mimic tanked. They genuinely, unironically think that the gaming community is just full of trash players that just need to "git gud" like they did. The ego boost they get from it is like a high, a source of validation. They go to gaming related forums and just deride everyone on their supposed lack of skill all the while being completely oblivious to the fact that the people they're targeting intentionally avoided touching the build they've used. And in those instances in which that discrepancy is pointed out to them they just talk about how everything they did was just "part of the game". What they don't realize is that anyone who doesn't suffer from motor malfunction or brain damage could beat any Fromsoft title with a build that makes use of the best weapons in the game. It's like bragging about finishing MGS5 with the chicken head. But they don't care because they think that reaching the credits is what games are about. It's not about challenging themselves to grow their abilities beyond what they thought was possible but literally just about some badge telling them that they won. It's a loser mentality and I think it's always hilarious when they get upset about having that pointed out to them by deflecting to how people are "obsessed" with them. Yeah. People point and laugh at losers. They always did. What are you going to do about it, loser?

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I'm not reading that

lift weights
take a shower
have sex

i don't know what you're sperging about but it seems really gay and you seem gay

burn in hell, shill

FTH/ARC with bloody slash greatsword and dragon communion seal master race here. Holy fuck the mimic cannot land a fucking hit with my build. I've just been using Latenna instead.

Dиiя иэajЭ

I'm sorry that you're this bad at a children's videogame.

So what is your problem here? That you can't feel like a special snowflake because there's too many people bragging?

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I think you're a loser. And I derive enjoyment out of people responding to the thread and being upset about the fact that I call them losers.

it's ok buddy, the people you know in highschool will be distant memories later in your life, just because that friend is making fun of you now for not beating elden ring as fast as him doesnt mean much in the long run.

You sound emasculated by people enjoying a video game. Perhaps you should kill yourself to relieve yourself of the existential despair you're facing at the idea that other people enjoy things as you mald, seethe, and cope into the abyss.

>no u
Why are you so upset about getting called a loser? Just move on and ignore the thread if it doesn't bother you.


t.loser that needs to put his toy on easy mode in order to beat

Why are you mad?

>Man goes in a schizo rambling about how elden ring is easy and for normalfags and people using bleed have a mental disabillity
>people use the "I don't care" excuse while slowly crying in their 3rd world caves.

Op don't waste your time with them, most of the people here are arguably normalfag esl faggots that probably have gotten filtered by sekiro and bb.

lol keep replying bud

No one will care what you did or didn't do once the next big thing comes around.

> calling people "losers" after writing a huge rant about people playing a game the "wrong" way

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>call people schizo
>headcanon justifications why you are not retarded

>replies to thread
>gets mad when he gets talked to

ooh wanna reply again?

Yes. What are you going to do about it, loser?

>wanna do the thing you already did?
Yes. I think you're a loser.

fuuuuck im right on the edge, baby give me one more!!!!

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Everyone that reads your replies knows that you're genuinely upset. This is what's so funny about it. You're genuinely mad about pixels on a computer screen.

Sorry my guy, hate It or like It, bleed/mimic builds don't require skill and can carry you through the entire game without moving a finger, making someone with a mental disabillity able to finish the game. In fact I think I'll pay someone with brain damage to beat the game by simply pressing 3-4 fingers just to see the tilt coming from from drones.

>too much writing

so mad, i'm uuuhhhh so mad baby and everyone knows.. just how i like it

>play katanas
>Moonveil does a bit of damage, RoB does a lot of damage but requires enemy to stand still and not kill you
>dodge all the time and then moonveil spam
>beat game medium difficulty

>second playthrough
>pure str, fallingstar beast jaw
>shit all over every enemy and boss aside from Malenia
>deal insane damage, enemies stagger after every attack so I can hit them as long as I have stamina

Katana hate is a meme. STR is busted, deals insane damage, very fast with crouch poke and jump attacks. And then the STR fags have the nerve to complain that their playstyle isn't overpowered enough.

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>writes a huge rant, sperging out about people playing a differently from him
>gets mocked relentlessly by everyone

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Op here I'm trans btw

I derive enjoyment out of explaining to them that they're bad at a videogame. They can act as if they don't care as much as they want. I know that slowly but steadily all these posts telling them that they're playing on easy mode are getting to them. They feel the need to come into these threads and defend their playstyle. They're not actually confident in it at all; they're just too committed to proclaim to believe anything else. But in the end it doesn't matter what they say. What matters is how they react. They genuinely care about whether Yea Forums posters think that they've beaten the game. It's important to them that people buy into their delusion because that's what their ego is anchored to. After all, it's that mental process that makes them gravitate towards Moonveil Katana and RoB in the first place. They somehow think that anyone who's genuinely good at these games is going to give them credit for having finished Elden Ring with a build that a trained monkey could pilot.
I genuinely think that people that ever took any pride in themselves for having completed Elden Ring with these weapons has a genuine mental disability. I am not joking. They have a form of severe undiagnosed retardation. When I talk to them I'm picturing a person with a vacant expression and saliva dripping out of the corners of their mouth. I am picturing a person so stupid that they would need minutes to process a single word of any given sentence I spoke. I am picturing what a satirist's caricature of a stupid person would look like. A cave troll-esque creature with the belly sticking out under their shirt and a slouched posture with a binder full of Pokemon cards. Someone even a person with down-syndrome would feel intelligent standing next to. Someone that has such an utter lack of human presence that it's almost impossible to distinguish whether they're a melting, blistering wax figure in an exhibit or a real person that was paralyzed by fire ants and is slowly slipping into a coma.

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You know op, as right as you are about bleed builds (yes, I hate them too don't worry), you're proving them right about you being mad about It.
you're slowly going in the direction of the f3 indian being shitted upon. Just a simple "this is shit and why it is would have been enough".Bonus points for shitposting.

I'm not reading that

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You're right, anyone who thinks pedestrian shit like RoB is cheese is dumb and bad at games, including (You). Why go to all that effort when you can just circle strafe and walk things through mist until they're dead?

I enjoy posting on a videogame board about videogames. If they don't give a fuck they should just ignore this thread and move on with their lives. But they can't because they know that I'm right. It upsets them how right I am about the fact that they're mega losers.

No one is upset, they are baiting you into giving them a reaction
r1 "don't feed the trolls(or in our day and age , baiters)"

It doesn't really matter how you beat the game, as long as you enjoyed the experience. Half of you are getting honestly upset about this kind of shit when you likely trudged through your first run of DS1 with something equally cheesy like lightning zweihander havel dads.

>no one is upset
They are

Honestly, I don't think it's cheating because the bosses cheat the player. Rivers of Blood is just one of many ways to balance the game. Pvp is a different story though. But the game shouldn't be balanced around pvp.

We are not getting mad for people enjoying the game. That is the point of a game.
We are sad for the fact that It gets being turned into a mainstream game slowly. Me at least.
the soul series games were supposed to be the "not so played" niche of games that shitted upon normies and rubbed a poster of "git gud"for those trying to argue about its difficulty. Now everyone and their mothers plays It and It gets turned into a 4 button pressing and watching simulator. While the ds 3 servers are still unpatched.
Yes I finished the game, and no I don't care, the videogame industry is getting shittier and shittier I'll stick to my old gen games.

shut the fuck up you stupid cunt

Is this a leftist meme?

didn't read, OP is a faggot

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bleed is for faggots, madness chads ww@

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The souls series have always been pretty easy unless you gimp your soul levels to 1 or something. Which even I did once for low level pvp in DS1 and it's really not that bad.

There's plenty of new game+ cycles to go through if the game is too easy for you.

what's sad is they are right to mock you but do the same shit when anyone mentions transfolk

Did people go past level 30-50 with their builds? asking unironically.

Bleed is for fags, but Eleonora's Poleblade has some sick moves.

Genuinely asking, how are you tanking their hits?

(I am talking about first playthrough)

I can't hate Eleanora's weapon being the Rakuyo-lite that it is.

ironjar perfume for the iron flesh effect, and crimsonwhorl tear to regen my health partially with each hit i take

Fun fact. Did you know that you're subhuman?

>faith with enough points to use weapons i want, rest goes into vit
>currently working on fire giant

yes i used the rot dragon spell, fuck you, the health pools in this game are some god damn bullshit. beat most of the game with black fireball incant and the faith scaling scythe. never seen any SL1 runs but they have to be hours long.

I was like ~70ish when I finished. I felt like I could have capped it earlier but I had random points thrown around to try new weapons.

You could probably go even lower with the changes to the meteor guy. (Assuming we're talking about runs where you kill all the lords.)

the real OG is sleep.

That was the only thing I wanted to use on my first run.

I just powerstanced greatswords and pressed L1 for the entire game

with the rot breath spell you could probaby do a min SL run. That shit is busted. Not sure what minimum that is while also being able to use rot breath.


Get off social media you bot-brains

I had a friend that started just standing in the back and spamming Rotten Breath like halfway through our Elden Ring playthrough. Dude was getting filtered so hard, but it kind of fucked with my own enjoyment. Like how is that fun lmao. Not the kind of shit I'd say to his face but damn wtf it's a souls game try some new shit out

>lift weights
Imagine ruining your joints because you wanna look like eceleb influencers who are obviously taking steroids.

imagine thinking muscular dudes aren't hot

problem with that is there are bosses immune to rot (phantoms are the best example). you're right though, a confessor can speedrun his way to marika's scarseal, get a couple dragons in the bag, and have the spell ready to use in a couple of hours depending on how hard you work and what you do in between.