What's is your favorite weapon in Elden Ring?

hard mode: no katanas

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all i want is to powerstance it bros

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In the end, I never decided on one. After using a weapon for so long I got bored of it and moved on to another. I have like 6 +10/+25 different weapons, all perfectly usable, that I'm just not using cause they're boring now.

Pure casters are way more fun than any weapon. But Banished Knight's Halberd if I had to choose.

Mein negger, this and the big hammer you get from the beast cleric are my loadout for my first character

Dual wielding cleanrot swords. Blood in the right hand, fire/lightning/quality in the left.

you CLEARLY haven't done a pure str build
absolute kino selection of weapon arts & giant ass weapons that are fun to use

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The R2 on the Giant-Crusher is legitimately one of the dumbest fucking R2s I've ever seen. It's like kinda funny and cool at first, but it has no use because of how slow and shitty it is.

pew pew

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honestly such a great str weapon mind the low range - blood buildup on a "bonk "weapon feels a bit broken. still confused how niggers on this site were saying str builds were underpowered and shit.

>jump L1
>jump L1
>jump L1

I mean yeah it works but it's boring.

i mean you can reduce any build to the most boring combination of l1 r1 dodge inputs in that way

>R1 R1 R1
great caster build you got there bro

Whip+enchanting, slapping skeletons with holy enchant makes me feel like a Belmont.

i only wish there was an iron virgin ash of war where you just spin them around like a fucking asshole

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I did ant it was complete fucking trash. Some of the enemies literally punish you after getting staggered before you can even roll and you do LESS damage than any melee faggot with some bleed on. It's not worth it even to stunlock enemies because jump attacks do it with any fucking weapon regardless. Playing STR in ER made me feel almost more gimped than playing STR in DS2 and not knowing that you needed adaptability for rolls to be invincible.

Absolutely kino taste

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Eh, honestly the bleed almost never procs due to whatever you're unga-bunga-ing dying too quickly or big enough to make you retreat ans causing you to lose the buildup
But yeah, people saying str sucks are smoking too much glintstone

I like rapiers

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I love how the improved textures and lighting allow ER characters to be grosser than ever. Nice drip, user.

I love this axe.

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The difference is that strength, mainly colossals are trash. If you play co-op your damage gets even more nerfed on top of that.

bro i wanted to use giant crusher but i cant. it covers 60% of the screen when in your main hand

I have 5 as of right now:
-Giant Crusher
-Rusted Anchor
-Butchering Knife
-Heavy Great Epee

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I'm also a fan of the Crag Sword.

>str build
str is a joke in this game

For me its Keen NSS + Brass Shield

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Because I play GS in Monster Hunter, nothing feels nearly as special as actually spacing and anticipating the enemy and getting a fully charged R2 on them. Especially with the Axe Talisman.
The follow up is dumb, however. I don't use that at all.

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>biggest, heaviest axe in the game
>it's a fucking dex weapon
>still requires 30 STR
Why does From do this to me?

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All builds are a joke in this game, anything can be turned into OP nonsense that invalidates every boss.

i made these to hold me over until i found a "good" STR weapon and haven't used anything else

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lmao even

its name and shape has changed but it's still the reinforced club, the strongest weapon in every game it has been in.

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I'm enjoying MLGS and the Astel's wing. Astel's R2 seems to make stagger/riposte opportunities happen more easily. It felt great using it on Mohg after learning him


The big ass Axe from the Gladiator in the Eldtree. Was a pain to farm.

Right back at'cha, chump

Misericorde and parry dagger or staff
this is also close and is my backup for certain things

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grug smart grug put nails on his stick

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Big glowing baseball bat

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I just really love the brutal aesthetics of the dismounter, as much as a basic bitch weapon it might be considered. Powerstanced is great , but two handing is just where its at for me.

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How? I made mine scale with strenght.

This is also the reason why Bloodborne and Sekiro have been the worst From games.

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>unironically liking the twink/gankfests that is elden ring pvp

>hard mode: no katanas
>implying Yea Forums ever liked katanas to begin with
actual hardmode: no str weapons.

that thing pushed my shit in the first couple days of playing.

Your image directly conflicts with what you're saying, you know that right?

Bastard Stars. They look cool and have cool moves.

Sure you can do that but it scales better with dex or quality

Been loving a lot of weapons since launch, but lately it's this thing so goddamn much. Amazing running attack for closing huge distances and punishing sippers, and a WA that feels anti-meta as fuck while being fun to use and versatile.
Also it looks cool and I like spirals.

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its the bane of early levels exploration. Been there as well brother.

Golden halberd. Easy to get early, makes nice sound, looks big and cool. Is very good early, not broken late, so you can still enjoy the game without roflstomping it.

I love golden halberd.

I mean... if you want a STR colossal, the Giant Crusher has the highest pure melee AR in the game so you have that. It also deals Strike damage so it's the best of its type, too.
It's too bad this game doesn't have transmogrification, then most would be pleased

It's disgusting in PvP too

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Yeah but it's not a sickass battle axe

It is you use your imagination and squint your eyes

is the invader a twink here or are they just viglets?

They all had like 400-500 HP and that's in Limgrave so I'm leaning twink

>lucklets will NEVER have the best straight sword

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Franco had the highest vig at ~700
The rest are viglets

The trouble is that the weapons used here are both blood affinity, so they stack it quite high among proc'ing Scarlet Rot and from the looks of things he's getting at least a 50% attack boost (30% from Rot, 20% from Bleed)

This weapon so fashionable that it looks good with any character or armor in the game

>dropped by the most jobber tier enemies in the game
>it's the best longsword
clever hiding it in plain sight like that

Become my blade once more

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A beautiful swordspear and pure fun
I use it with supplemental magic, like slicer and the glintlock
You can actually use the WA in PvE if you're smart with it, does one billion damage and have amazing hyperarmor
>inb4 reddit filename
I refuse to give Fextra a single view

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Bullshit, STR has insane damage with power stancing, insane poise breaking with two-handing and jump attacks + really fast crouching pokes.
If anything my STR playthrough feels way easier than my Dex/Fth and Dex/Int attempt.


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