Gee i wonder what videogame content bungie is work-

gee i wonder what videogame content bungie is work-

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>reproductive choice and liberty
abortions are legal and have been for a while now. What's this for?

us supreme court is about to kill roe v wade

why do american gaming companies think everyone cares about american politics

dont give a shit about your abortion laws, dont give a shit about your niggers and spics either.

>he doesnt know
user america is going from a 3rd world country to a 4th.


because 90% of their player base are america.

oh man i hope you don't look up abortion laws in the EU

>f2p shooter
Lol, delusional.

god i hate america so much

Don’t argue with these people, they’re all pedophiles who like to mutilate children’s genitals.

hey alex jones how's the court case going?

oh man, you are right i wont. because i dont give a shit about that either. and i especially dont give a shit about it from A FUCKING GAMING COMPANY

look up what products those aborted fetus's end up in user

Liberals should be happy. Red states will ban it and blue states can pass legalisation to have abortions all the way till delivery.
Everyone wins and the tenth amendment does something for once

>gee i wonder what videogame content bungie is work-

They are running an in game event in Destiny 2 called Guardian Games where they are heavily rigging it so Warlocks finally get a win after all these years, making it feel pointless to even play. On top of this there's a bug where loot some of the loot isn't dropping lmao.

if you dont know anything just dont talk ok.

what about them?
>Most countries in the European Union allow abortion on demand during the first trimester, with Sweden and the Netherlands having more extended time limits.[3] After the first trimester, abortion is generally allowed only under certain circumstances, such as risk to the woman's life or health, fetal defects, or other specific situations that may be related to the circumstances of the conception or the woman's age.

>it is my right to kill a baby 1 hour before it would otherwise be born

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quick rundown?

literally dont care. i love abortion. the global abortion rate should be 5x higher imo.

States get to decide abortion law again



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dead company supports killing babies makes perfect sense

>Standing up for slitting fetal throats and grinding up their bodies because vaginal pleasure is worth more than human life is an easy choice to make
I don't give a fuck about the arguments that this means more niggers will come about. Pro-choicers are demons and full-on retards who deserve to be brutally tortured and castrated. If you support abortion, you unironically believe that a woman cumming and her pussy contracting for a few seconds is a more profound thing than motherhood and the creation of life. It would be quite fitting for you to have your throat slit, your bones broken, and for your whole lifeless body to be sucked up in a narrow vacuum.

>Visionary American politicians raise barrier that keeps negro population contained
>Christians tear it down
Why are christians like this? What's with them and their obsession to breed more groids?

just say you dont actually play destiny 2 holy fucking shit. yeah you can """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""PLAY"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" destiny 2 without paying money, but what you get is a glorified demo. i fucking know ok dipship i have fucking 5k hours in the game. i have guided many of my friends through the """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""FREE TO PLAY"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" option and you can do the most basic shit. jesus fuck you faggots are disgusting, literally just spewing bullshit.

Bungie got so much money and freedom from Sony they dont need to worry about making their games anymore.

same, i want to extend the age of which you can do it so I can abort people like you

I get where you are coming from and my idealistic side wants to agree. But I have also been poor as dirt, with family responsibilities that make the idea of just uprooting for a more ideologically friendly home.. frankly unrealistic
inb4 "stop being poor"
it's not that simple, you know it's not, and you know that this is virtue signalling to the right as hard as anything Sarkeesian did towards the left

Just do better, chuds.

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Literally "I support the current thing" company. Hoooly fuuuck. I wonder what they will do when Trump got re-elected.

same, i want to extend the age of which you can do it so I can abort people like you,

Guess what now you can ask your local politician to do just that.
It's up to the state now so you could have abortion all the way till birth


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Bungie is dead. They killed Halo, not 343.

I remember the time when corporations were about making money and providing a profitable product/service.
Now they have to make correct "social statements" or risk being beaten into ground by journactivists and government agencies.

u mad

I hope you have the tax money to pay for all those unwanted children and their inevitable mental health care and welfare. Oh and when they go to jail, you’re going to be feeding them too.

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Ah yes, the video game developer nuBungie advocating killing unborn children.

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halo has always sucked and so does destiny

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Just drive or fly to another state and get an abortion or don't be a fucking retard and use contraception.
Roe v Waid was bad case law and they have like 30 years to pass a law in the Senate to make abortion a federal law

I mean, that still happens, now I wont have to pay for their abortion and they might just keep their legs closed after the 10th

Just as many white babies are killed, the number of babies aborted is more or less equal to the amount of immigrants brought into america since the abortion law started. Once Roe vs Wade is gone, the niggers are still gonna abort their babies in the blue states.

The funniest thing is that none of the liberal democrats are pointing out how the democrats hold the majority of the power in the USA right now and they can easily implement a new abortion law but instead they're telling people to vote for them during the mid terms, this is just a dumbass ploy to get more votes for the mid terms.

>You have the right to your own body and your own autonomy
These people are so intellectually disingenuous is revolting.

Nice fanfiction but not everyone lives in a shithole like you

they just want to kill life obviously

We MUST kill unborn children otherwise we're oppressing women and uh besides those babies will be uh bad because capitalism and bad parents!
I genuinely hope every single subhuman who repeats and thinks this dies painfully and alone.
You especially, psychotic kike.

>you unironically believe that a woman cumming and her pussy contracting for a few seconds is a more profound thing than motherhood and the creation of life.

>F2P players have a crippled max level cap and a ton of other limits
>Free roam zones have roaming enemies and elites/bosses that are well above a F2P player's level cap
>Kills you just by looking at you if you don't buy every expansion to increase your max level
Destiny 2 is fundamentally a buy to play game, what little you can play for free is a demo with instant death hazards everywhere.

>that still happens
Now imagine it getting 10 times worse.

Here we are days before Mother's Day and we have this! I don't think so. It's 2022, people. Women will be supported by men, fathers, grandmothers, mothers, all races, all creeds. Draft or no draft, this can't happen on our watch. My sisters, rise. It's a moment to use your voice.

well typically an unborn fetus being aborted has about as much brain activity as the average person against abortion, so its kinda hard to argue that its actually a human being when it "dies". i guess you could argue that even unborn fetuses have souls, but then i would like to ask during which week of pregnancy does the soul form, or if it's already gets zapped into the uterus at the moment of conception or what

Weird how certain people only care until the child is actually born

it wont, mexicans already breed like rabbits and dont believe in abortion, niggers will still go to blue states where they can abort

you're retarded

America seriously needs to deal with their conservanigger problem before it gets properly out of hand.

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Every dumb whore who supported vax mandates who's now crying about the value of bodily autonomy and liberty needs to shut up, turn around and face the fucking wall.

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>n... nnoooooo!! Not the heckin niggerinos!!!
Fuck off moralfag.

i haven't played destiny but what the fuck does a lightning bolt and a fist have to relate to abortion laws?

Turns out it takes about a year before you get a soul. Or maybe six months, I forget.

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Right, human lives matter so much that I'm sure all Republicans support welfare and such things to make sure children's lives are good, yeah?

user this argument doesnt make sense when we have so many immigrants brought into America that we have to pay for. If there was no abortion, we would win out in terms of tax revenue per person simply because we arent importing a whole new population from another country that we need to educate, home and provide for.

if a baby dies after it was born, it was because it didnt work enough

this is possibly the most reddit post I've seen in a long time.

Buddy, you know why you can't go around telling everyone God doesn't exist? Because too many people believe in it. If enough people believe Will Smith slapped Chris Rock entirely on his own accord, then that's how it is. You ain't changing how people think and that's how things work in a Democracy. So, for God's sake. Just take power and fuck Democracy, because you pussies can't do anything but get your shit shoved in.

>the right to your own body
doesn't mean they can't make suggestions, you aren't forced to take the vaccine

>comparing pregnancy to a deadly pandemic

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Everywhere will become a shit hole as masses of damaged, unwanted, and uncared for people grow up to be nothing and stink up the place. Of all races, mind you. No one will be spared and your city’s tax wallet least of all. Do you know how much it costs to bring a child to adult hood? That’s your problem and your city’s problem now. Enjoy!

cope, seethe, mald faggot

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i think our existence is comical enough that there might indeed be a god but i dont think he really cares about us, nor do we necessarily have souls

it already is retard

Bungie's last good game was from 2001. Time to let go.

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That's honestly a reasonable position to take based off of fucking nothing.

halo 2 was good but the people who made it dont work at bungie anymore

Children who grow up without a solid family structure to keep them from being retards and have actual values are worth less than any immigrant that has a family.

another game and IP left in the hands of jews i am afraid user

>fetuses and babies have inherent worth because... THEY JUST DO, OKAY?!
it is only once they develop consciousness and personality that human life becomes precious

>the one who makes the posts on twitter is the same person who makes the video games
why are chuds so dumb?

>halo 2 was goo

So you just want to accelerate it?

most of the aborted children are black so why wouldn't you be for it

hey if it worked for everyone else with a religion, it can work for me. imo the trick is not to take it too seriously. jesus was a cool dude but it seems like everyone who tried to make a hobby out of worshipping him turned into an uptight cunt

Plenty of places had vaccine mandates. And many still would fire you if you didn't. Hilariously, their argument was "It'll save others; don't be selfish," and the vaccine did dick to stop transmission and everyone for sick anyway. Look at New Zealand. Meanwhile, having an abortion actually does affect the life of another.
Here's an idea for all the women clambering for abortions: keep your fucking legs shut. Otherwise, sure, be like my sister who had fucking four of the things as a form of birth control and then ultimately has a little black bastard because she couldn't get any more.

Combat looks good

I can see why Snoy bought them lol what a bunch of losers

Yes, which happens at conception.

How can women contravene their motherly instinct, instilled in them over millions of years of evolution, and kill their own baby? There isn't a stronger bond than a mother and her child. It would be less evil if they went outside stabbing homeless people with an ice pick.

>b-b-but it's just a clump of cells!! it doesn't have any cognitive function
Babies have millions of neurons in their brain, you might be killing a full-fledged baby. Being inconvenient is not a good reason to murder babies.

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>it is only once they develop consciousness and personality that human life becomes precious

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its gotta burn down before we can rebuild

>suddenly this is a women's issue
>not for "birthing people" or "vagina havers"
funny how that happened.

Shut the fuck up retard, know when you're owned.

I hate Americans. Shut the fuck up.

Oh you're right, I forgot that time I talked to a 1 day old fetus, he had an interesting perspective and lots of stories to tell

This is only true if you think women cannot comprehend the consequences of their actions. In a way I tend to agree with you that they cannot, but I'd still like to test it out and see if they actually can to any degree. Banning abortion will either destroy society with an unending hoard of niglets, as you propose, or they might just take sex more seriously and maybe even make the guy wear a condom.

False. Most people don't ever gain value. Take you for example.

Oh great more political shit on Yea Forums

>worked for everyone else
Jesus. People like you may as well be aborted with such little cranial activity. I mean, Jesus wasn't real, retard.

Burn it all down. Europe can move in to wipe out the stragglers and do something good with your lands.

>Otherwise, sure, be like my sister who had fucking four of the things as a form of birth control
>my sister is 8 years younger than me with 5 baby daddies, and a few more aborted
>what is birth control or condoms

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Why did you post an image of yourself reacting to my post?

stfu ahmed

Abortion kills more human lives in America yearly than covid did.
Encouraging abortions is objectively more deadly than covid.

Funnily critical race theory has that as a common goal. Maybe you should go woke. It’s the same shit at that point. You both want to burn it all down. Go fuck your self you demoralized piece of shit. You’re worth about as much as any illegal immigrant or less in your economic output if you’re okay with burning it all down.

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I do hope you are having this opinion while being a father of at least 3 children, it would be a shame if you were hypocrite user.

Proof abortions shouldn't be restricted to the womb.


Good job self-snitching that you are a soulless NPC with no inner-voice or reasoning. I had that shit from the very beginning because I am god-created human with a soul awaiting his return to the kingdom of heaven. Have fun rotting in hell, worthless troon.


A man still has to cum in that vagina faggot so it takes two to be retarded.

>those who oppose me must me jews
ok schizo. i hate humans and i hate women screeching about rights and whatever else so if letting them abort whatever they want shuts them up then fine whatever. also abortions keeps the population in check, especially in shithole countries.

brand brand brand suck massive cock brand brand brand

As a white supremacist I wholeheartedly support abortion as it kills hundreds of thousands of niggers before they even leave their wombs.

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hes real to me dammit

You had life experience and memories the instant you were conceived? What, were you reincarnated? You don't sound very Christian anymore...

>forcing people who do not want to be parents into parenthood

i'm SURE that will end well for everyone involved and society as a whole

The only thing you had from the beginning was autism.

Did you even read my post you retard? I could have 0 kids or 100 kids, I wouldn't kill any of them.

Women don't deserve the right to abort desu.