Why girls don't care about videogames that much?

Why girls don't care about videogames that much?

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girls brains are literally wired to care more about socializing and sex than hobbies or personal entertainment

She was Asian right?

they do but only the ones starved for attention state their gender/use voice chat

Social gratification is more addictive

they do, but you would've known that by now if you knew any

yes. trixie is top tier cartoon waifu

Why so many Fairly Odd Parents threads as of late? What drama has happened recently surrounding the show / creator? /pol/ related? QRD?

The mind of a woman is pretty basic.
>Money/resources to be safe
>Good genetics partner to flop out babies
>Get old and mean
They're closer to animals than men are.

The live action sequel show started airing.

Women were equally interested in video games back when they were new, and being equally marketed to everyone.

It's 100% marketing. Usually is, whenever the question is "why [gendered behavior]?", because kids grow up to match any mold they're grown in.

Also, as games have progressed, they've developed more gaming-specific language, that they then assume everyone already knows, making most new games less accessible than the last to non-gamers. So, a game may assume you know to try pressing B to sprint, and assume you'll understand what an invisible wall is, or what objectives you should probably be focusing on, etc. Since there was a long phase of pushing women out of the gaming space, it's hard to get back in when it's been evolving without you.

>The live action sequel

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Trixie is responsible for getting me into Asa Akira

>Most popular girl is asian
>Has a blonde friend who desperately wants to be like her
What did Butch mean by this?

Because theres hobbies which are clearly oriented towards guys and some that are oriented towards girls. This doesn't stop anyone from going the opposite way but for the most part theres clear distinctions and men who do shit like collecting dolls or girls who do shit like watch action cartoons are a minority. Nowadays it doesn't matter because companies realize that a specific demographic means nothing when you can pander to normies.

They find it more entertaining to be constantly catered to by males instead.

she was a hapa stacy

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Video games are seen as a childish hobby by nearly every adult I know and is cringe to talk about in the open with strangers. I'm reminded of that Modern Family episode where the girl is more interested in the adult chad with a job than the kid her age talking about Pokémon.

Men identify and enjoy objects and things more then women. Its why MOST of the time when girls do play games they gravitate towards MMOs and stuff like harvest moon.

we need at least 20 years more to make videogames something.. normal.

still not even shit like terror movies are common as adult hobbies.

do your acquaintances only consist of people over 40 or something?

>we need at least 20 years more to make videogames something.. normal

Its considered normal now. We live in an age where liking and flaunting stuff from Marvel, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and shit like DND is considered socially acceptable now.

I had a GF who disliked me doing carpentry. Women dont like anything and it doesnt have anything to do with being an adult.

her last name was fucking tang

Women are incapable of being born with the gamer gene, should have paid closer attention in biology class, bub.

it could be short for tangerine

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Yea my family, they suck saying stuff like I like to play video games out in the open and it's the women doing that.

Maybe she didn't like you.

what reason is there

It's actually pretty amazing how after years of playing, we are basically wired to automatically know controls of most games. Everyone knows that space is related to jump, ctrl or C for crounch, R reloads weapons and so on, even mouse movement is not natural but come from training we don't even remember now. Meanwhile completely green person might try to press J for jumping and be surprised it opens up objectives window.

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Women are evil

idk must be purely societal factors

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they don't care about anything that much

I fucking hate why Timmy is so obsessed with this chick. There is this Veronica chick and that Trudy both are good candidate

Much like Timmy, I myself would drag my dick through a mile of glass just for the chance of sweet asian pussy and butthole.

>Women were equally interested in video games back when they were new, and being equally marketed to everyone.
>Usually is, whenever the question is "why [gendered behavior]?", because kids grow up to match any mold they're grown in.
Source: Dude trust me
>Since there was a long phase of pushing women out of the gaming space, it's hard to get back in when it's been evolving without you.
Most retarded sentence of 2022 award

god trixie is so hot

This is the same person.
Makeup is crazy

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Trixie is 10

As per usual it's one terminally online dude spamming the shit over and over like an OCD sufferer.

yellow fever

/10 I know

Years of age

still 10/10.
your point?

Isn't that pretty common, to have boys in school pursue most popular girl(s) since social pressure makes them believe that they both need gf and it must hold proper social position to make you valuable?

I don't have one

>Women were equally interested in video games back when they were new, and being equally marketed to everyone.
Let's do a little thought experiment based on your claim. Say I'm a video game company marketing my games to everyone, and both men and women are "equally interested". Why would I then cut out a potential demographic by stopping my marketing to them?
Instead, perhaps if video games are being marketed to men and women equally, but the sales show that more men are BUYING video games, the marketers start marketing to the people who are actually fucking interested in the product, huh?

Idk, had the school gigastacy lusting over me and I just played dota and skyrim, literally gave no shits
I was a retard, though, I literally played UNMODDED skyrim, it was my first tes

>isn’t that pretty common
Grandpa it’s not the 1980s anymore, nowadays everyone can just meet up online and give a quickie. it’s damn rare to find couples that is based on social pressure unless you follow a certain religion of peace

Timmy has fairies, godlike entities who treat reality as a playground and can grant 99% of anything conceived by human minds, loopholes and all. The thing is, hes a kid, an idiotic kid at that so he wouldn't know how to use his fairies to win the heart of some chick or overcome something trivial like a bully. Most of the show's issues outside the mundane, stem from his stupidity when asking Cosmo and Wanda to make a wish. Simple, simple shit. Timmy also has a girl interested in him who isn't a spiteful cunt but hes too dumb to realize thats who hes gonna end up with in the future.

I don't know mate, I was experiencing my elementary school time in 90s when the only internet I could ser was in school library. And when friend got stable connection at home, first thing he did was downloading lots of porn.

> Be me
> Have younger sisters
> They have no interest in vidya
> Except dance dance revolution.
> They get the dance mat.
> I barge in
> Has go
> Sneaks in room plays game.
> Grinds
> Try to beat hardest levels
> Beats all their high scores
> Leaves
> Sisters get mad and lose interest in game

God-tier jaw

> first thing he did was downloading lots of porn
Your friend was a head of his time, that’s the first thing I did as a kid

I think it's mostly a cultural thing, and the marketing of games being skewed toward a male audience.

It's easier to sell things to a smaller subset of people. You can focus in on specific things that group has in common, i.e. liking sexy female characters. Also historically most games have been made by men, so naturally the games developed have generally also appealed more to men. That status quo gets embedded and perpetuates the cycle.

Why ESL teachers don't teach proper syntax?

Very cute how good makeup can be

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>Butch will never release his secret stash of FOP smut
Be this generation's Bruce Timm

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because there's no proper syntax.

Good sounds bro


Trixie was hot, but she was shallow, and only wanted attention. A textbook thot.

Tootie was a bit crazy but she was also nice and bravely stood up for Timmy even though she is powerless. That goes a long way in showing she deserves him more.

So stats everywhere are wrong? All of them?

Hes a born again Christian isn't he? He probably thinks 2D lewds are bad especially when they're drawn by others using his characters.

Wrong. Nurses are mostly women, engineers are mostly men. Has nothing to do with marketing and everything to do with the male mind being more object-oriented, and the female mind being more people-oriented.

yes, they're made by men

men and women are no equal , they are similar and they dont like the same things most of the time. but you can't point that out.

Butch doesn’t remember those characters.

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>he believes in blank slatism
get a load of this retarded faggot

I don't think he gives a fuck.

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While that's generally true, ruling out cultural/historical factors entirely is just ignorant. Engineering wasn't seen as a proper career path for women until relatively recent history.

she looks better without all that fakeup

engeniering is more about solving problems and math. something that women are not statistically interested of. i don't see the issue. they can do something else.

>male mind being more object-oriented, and the female mind being more people-oriented.
But people are objects.
Not in a demeaning sense but in a literal sense.
If a woman has the focus for humans as a system then they should be able to handle other fields of knowledge and their systems.

The truth is the female brain stops developing sooner than the male counterpart on average.
So just think back to how stupid you were when younger and you get a pretty good idea of what’s going on in a woman’s head.

Can this nature be bred out of women?

yes. but they are rare.

Yeah, once they get a taste of gamer cock, they can't go back.

The female brains stops developing sooner because it develops sooner shit for brains. There's a reason why young women tend to be more mature than young men.