Absolutely peaking

>Absolutely peaking
>The blizzard games of our times
How do we stop Riot games?
They have a fat cow in a lot of genres, with an mmo and a f2p fighting game soon

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don't care. not supporting china

the only redeeming quality is the card game the others are utter shit


Runeterra is equally shit you cum guzzling retard.

But user. RIOT IS SHIT TO.

got him broe. epic pwn.
You remind me of my most mature and coolest friend.

Dotards and blizzdrones on suicide watch

Every single thing Riot has ever made just seems so utterly devoid of identity or personality to me

league had a identity and personality at one point but then it was removed very quickly with tryhard shitty esports then it evolved into who one shots who first chinese phone game

the only enjoyable game they have is valorant which is just cs with a anti cheat that works and grenades that work

Valorant seems like the worst offender. The artstyle and gameplay are just so fucking bland and lifeless. It's like some chink machine ran an algorithm on how to create a popular esports game.

not really it took the best of the other card games and removed the shit mechanics also the art is sick

>fat cow
>league has been on life support for years
>valorant is dead as fuck
>shitty card game is so dead I don't even remember the name of it anymore

Riot was good. Now it's just the same as every other big company, just a bunch of clueless, retarded interns with colored hair pushing gay minority characters.
If they didn't have Arcane, nobody would even be talking about them, and Arcane basically didn't have any Rioters working on it, it was all a separate, unaffiliated French animation studio.

This narrative some retards like you are pushing that Riot is somehow on the rise as a developer powerhouse is laughable.

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Not yet. They licensed out their IP, which Blizzard never did, to indies but we only got 2 absolutely mediocre reskins of the devs previous games. The only one that would actually work well is Haven doing a Furi reskin but its League.

The fighting game and Project F being good are paramount for the future of the MMO too. If no one gives a shit about the IP, a new reskin of the same formula doesn't matter

I mean that's you but at least valorant is playable compared to other games they made and not to mention it made valve get off their ass for once
so it has done good at least even if you don't care about the qol it has

>>valorant is dead as fuck
didn't read the rest, you're a moron.

>oh noes a gambling game trading card game what do we do is it wrong to be scared of such an enemy?
It'll bomb like Amazon New World and so many others, unless they aren't even an MMO like Dark Souls 3 and remove all levels to characters, items, and anything that takes away from it being an action game.
Then, it will be left to if the action game is even good at all.
There are certain mmos still around due to coming out when mmos were still recognized as something mysterious to gullible people.

Valorant is like 2 years of new character releases to being just like OW was around 2018-2019. Its already kinda bad with all the overloaded abilities that do like 3 things on new characters, imagine what 2 more years will bring.

they're reusing most of the same spells on characters already and just adding minor new spells for characters that make them unique

It's not just valorant. League's recent (last 3-4 years) art direction is the same thing, turning every character into some edgy disney character who says stupid one liners every few seconds.

it's clear whatever talented people they had in there all moved on already.

OW was the same way. After Sombra did anyone have any new mechanic like Hacking/Silence was? To make characters unique without adding brand new mechanics, that might overwhelm people, you mix and match. Fade has like 2-3 affects on all her abilities. Siege was the same way, all the early characters are basic but strong because of fundamental power being basic might have but later characters have wild gadgets.

I'm supporting them to destroy am*rikkkan companies

All your shit comes from China. Sad!

why do dead games attract so many viewers?

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People who are watching the game aren't playing it.

why do they watch something they're not interested in?

Don't prop this stupid company up. They're greedy as fuck, they're onions as fuck and they're liars. Awful Awful Awful

They haven't create anything of value
I don't think anyone that actually plays LoL would claim they enjoy the game, they are just addicted

I 100% expect LoL to die the millisecond that all the tournament funding dries up.

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it's worth it for the spikes of endorphine from outplaying someone.

>card game where you cant trade your cards
>hero ability cs clone that has functioning antihack
>still shit

I like fighting games and I'll keep my eye out for their mmo but I have little faith in them.

Project L will change fighting games forever.

Runeterra easily has the least predatory monetization of all card games by a mile, being 100% F2P is completely viable. The spell mana system and priority system give the game a ton of depth compared to every other card game.

If you don't like Runeterra it's because you just don't like digital card games in general.

The only real negatives are how op the newest region is, and the fact you're indirectly supporting Tencent and by extension China's literal genocide/organ harvesting by even playing.

They watch the person playing, not the game.

fpbp can't wait for biden to carpet nuke that piece of shit country

>>The blizzard games of our times
Yup. They have yet to make a good game too

I hate zoomers and their awful taste in shit

You can't. They re too huge and just keep doing what they do best
>Copy a game, but make it free, more casual friendly, polish it hard and make it run on tosters
I can't imagine how big their mmo will be.

They won't reach Blizzard peak but I am looking forward to their MMO.

>>Copy a game, but make it free, more casual friendly, polish it hard and make it run on tosters
You forgot to add they always come late to the party. MMO is an outdated genre already, the next decade's genres are: open-world gacha and souls/er-like

You're wrong, thats when that shit esports scene can finally live and have tournaments.

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>completely changed their game which was fun into something terrible and unrecognisable from what it used to be

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Not really. lost ark proved people are still interested in mmos

It was surprise I agree, but genshin probably has double or even triple of Lost Ark's daily player in the west alone. If we count China and SEA it must blow LA out of the water.

>and the fact you're indirectly supporting Tencent and by extension China's literal genocide/organ harvesting by even playing.
You can make the same argument for supporting USA and their games
Nothing China ever did comes even close to the shit CIA alone does

Luckily for us they turned it into a massive cash cow so they can afford to make actually good F2P games (like LoR) to promote the cashcow
Reminder that LoR loses them a ton of money because it's the only card game that isn't P2W but it's worth it for them since it gets people to play League again.
I expect them to do the same for the MMO and the fighting game which will be the best in both genres

no, league WAS a fun game, and i'm not going to rollover and act like it never happened
I REMEMBER how fun it was.

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They were literally never good at balancing this game
Their earliest versions of the game had shit like global slowing ultimates and twisted fate had a global TP (just like nature's prophet) but also a stun.
Guinsoo was completely batshit in original DotA and he never improved

>They were literally never good at balancing this game
i know
thats what made it fun
you don't need perfect chess to make a fun game

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The only reason LoL is that much popular is because it runs in literally every machine, regardlless how shitty they are.
Riot make a shitty job in fix they own game but keep making skin so "people" forget about that.

Daily reminder that Riot Games exists and is worth over 70 billion dollars only because Blizzard was too arrogant to turn a custom map from Warcraft 3 into an actual video game while having around 7 years of headstart before LoL.

they stripped the fun out of the game and made it into a dripfeed 50/50 playrate walled garden, designed solely to push skin sales. enough wins so you keep playing but enough loses so you don't get bored and quit.
it's the antithesis of the game it once was, and they somehow managed to completely discard their original core audience (which for most games would kill it) and replace them with tryhards and trend chasers who are utterly complacent, and will go along with almost any change riot makes.

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in an ironic twist of fate, Riot panders to e-sports and streamers/high elo, despite their main audience being people between bronze and gold.

Now you have also yuumi bots promoting smurf accounts in bronze elo games - going 0/19 in ranked games without any punishment. It’s insane how people still play this game in any regard besides in a 5 man team

E-sports has always ruined games, still waiting for people to wake up to this fact. Game stops being balanced correctly and patch notes are defined by how the game looks rather than plays. Sportsfag normies were the first to infiltrate gaming.

You're the same as arcade boomers. You only think it was better back then because people were much worse at playing the game. I bet you cry about "sweats."

on one hand i am severely depressed that riot will control every genre of multiplayer gaming because of their absurd over the top obsession with transgenderism and niggerism
on the other hand i'm thankful that all of the females, niggers, and trannies that currently shit up the current multiplayer games will gradually relocate to riot games therefore leaving the places i wish to spend my time

they've changed the game entirely into top down design. league should've stuck with its bottom up design where the game is for the casuals.
>bu-but muh comp
who outside of the vocal minority unironically enjoys the esports scene
at this point the only good way to play league would be to wait for a private server to come up
strawmanning is not an argument.

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not only can it run on every computer that exists but it's free so every backwater indonesian and his grandma can play it
on top of that the genre is just addicting by nature in the same way gambling is; ie when you lose a game you immediately want to queue back up to "get back to even" and therefore play the game longer

>because of their absurd over the top obsession with transgenderism and niggerism
there's like 3 black champions in league of legends out of 150+

Valorant is zoomie trash. The footsteps are too loud, the character are gimmicks, and the ADD gunplay is pure shit that encourages camping

most of the champions were in the game pre-woke era, give it time (just look at all the champs released in recent years to give you an idea of what's to come)
also league of legends isn't their only game
also they don't only make games, they make tranny shows and all other kinds of jewish media