Is premium worth it? I wanna install a 500 mod long modlist but 2mb/s sounds like torture

Is premium worth it? I wanna install a 500 mod long modlist but 2mb/s sounds like torture

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>paying for mods

Play something else while it downloads.
Leave ti on overnight


For my annual skyrim sexmod playthough I get a month of it
I'd rather not spend electricity leaving my pc on overnight

A month of premium is so cheap that I'd rather pay that instead of spend a whole day or two downloading mods.

It's worth it for the cheapest option. Are you really going to be downloading 2 gigabytes of mods every month? No. So just get it for the 1 month plan.

Lol premium is 2mb/s. Non premium is 1mb/s, I should know since I refuse to pay that shitter site anything.

Yes. Someone has to help pay for servers and it ain’t gunna be me.

so just set up your downloads and do something else. don't you have anything else to watch, play, work on or do outside?

>is that a 5 minutes wait for the mod to download?
why are zoomers like this?

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especially since moddb EU server exists


Yes, you should pay for it so I can continue to download from there for free.

>500 mods
just play a good game instead

>not accounting for the fact that people love the game so much they want to make mods for it and other people enjoy using those mods
The other good games you have don't carry that same passion and are shit games.

2mbs is paid, it's going to take forever either way, just play something else while shit downloads.

just do it overnight? you can just queue up all the downloads and they'll go one after the other, it's not like you need to babysit it

You have to manually click download for all the mods, so you can't leave your pc alone
Unless you get an autoclicker that will click every x minutes

wabbajack makes it so much less painful

>Premium is 2 mb/s
do they pay you to lie?

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My internet provider limits me with 3.5 Mb/s.
I almost feel no difference.

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so what game is it then? If you say skyrim I'm going to publicly ridicule you

Lol not having premium for life. They knew it was such a good deal they had to shut it down.
Sorry nexus fags im going to download 500 mods and delete them just to fuck with your server

Bitch I'm from Australia, 2MB/s is more than the average person's fucking BANDWIDTH here. I'd kill to get anything downloaded that quickly and here you are saying that's slow.

I hate you fuckers and your loteral nonsense.
Moddb is the worse modding site to ever exist, their speeds are practically nothing.
It honest to god takes a whole day to download anything above a single gig.
Theirs a point thats its just not worth it

>I wanna install a 500 mod long modlist
I'm going to guess at least 450 of those are porn mods.

Kid I remember days when my shitty ADSL 1mbit internet took 5 minutes to download a single MP3 file. This is nothing.

Downloading Oblivion when it released took a full 24 hours on my uncle's 'fast' internet.

Why are you repeating shit that hasn't been true for half a decade?

t. flawless 109/44.33 sync for 2+ years and had 30/5 prior

>city niggerchink thinks that's common
You aren't the average person, cunt.


But country towns got good internet before the cities.

2MB/s was uncommon but very achievable on DSL anyway (my feral suburb I grew up in got ~17/2, literally 3 drug dealers on my ~30 house street, house after only got 14/1.5, house after was 11/1, upgraded to non-nbn fixed wireless for previously mentioned 30/5)

meh, I used to not go into family vacations just so I could make sure that 200 MB movie I was downloading finished downloading, 56kbps was pure hell

>nu-Yea Forums unironically advocating paying for mods
what went so fucking wrong

then get an autoclicker you fucking retard

>Didn't get Premium when it was lifetime and went on sale for like $20
Sorry pal, you got cucked.

lifetime accounts are like a dollar though

fucking where?

Most of the mods are also on Steam, Moddb and other websites. For steam, you don't even need to own the game either in case of most games.

Paying for mods is beyond retarded.

I bought premium like 10 years ago. I thank myself everyday because it was cheap as fuck back then and I modded the hell out of many games.

moddb doesn't expect me to pay for free content or make an account to download 'big' files so it's better by default

You don't need to pay for nexus mod, you pay to have the installation of lodpacks by wabbajack to be automated. Mods on nexus are 100% free and much better than the ones on steam.

I wrote an AHK script and just binged x-files for a few days instead of vidya to download 500 mods. (I skipped out on xfiles during the 90's)

BTW nexus has them source throttled so your bandwidth isn't really the issue.

So you are a lazy niggerbrain. Then there is no helping you.

I am not OP, I don't even use wabbajack, but you can't expect everyone to put in the hours needed for a good load order.
Either you have the autism to enjoy it, or you don't.

I can and I do. Browsing, choosing, reading about mods and delaying the pleasure with manual modding is half of the fun. And I did so when I was a teenage faggot with Morrowind. There is no excuse.

I spend more hours modding than playing, but I don't see why force this down everyone's throat.

I do. If they are not willing or unable to do so, they can fuck off back to call of duty.

just leave the pc on for a night dawg

i find it hard to believe people still think skyrim modding is complicated. the only "hours" it takes are spent waiting for download. doing load order is clicking one button.

>moddb doesn't expect me to pay for free content
Nexus doesn't either?

can't you just use jdownloaders scraper?
the speed will still be capped but it should be less tiresome and less prone to failure

nexus needs to die, limited speeds make no fucking sense at all with modern net.

Nobody sane installs that many mods at once, download it one at the time

>nexus mods are on steam
>when only 1 in 4 games have steam workshop

>I'd rather not spend electricity leaving my pc on overnight
Your computer likely draws about 250W to idle while it downloads something. Over 12 hours you would use 3kw/hr of electricity costing between $0.20 and $0.90 to operate over that time.

its wabbajack duder

Too bad I didn't mentioned other alternatives, oh wait you are a faggot.

nobody uploads to moddb dumbfuck

If you are looking exclusively for Skyrimjob mods, then probably. Then again, OP asked general question you daft cunt.

my download speed is just below 2mbs so it's fine for me, also the countdown goes by in a split second for some reason, making premium obsolete