What's the most American video game ever made?

What's the most American video game ever made?

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That one where you are the President of the United States, and you are also a robot and fight the vice president who is also a robot, forgot the name

Lived in a few states over the span of 4-5 years. It's a shithole. Glad to be back in Australia.

Also glad you're back there.

if you drive shit like this i hope you crash and get eviscerated desu

Even if we crash, I'll just get a small dent while your corolla will turn into scrap :)

Metal Wolf Chaos


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I lived in Australia for a few years. It's a shithole. Glad to be back in the US.

GTA series unironically.

whatever the us army released

Postal 2

Pre 2010 duke nukem 3d
Post 2010 MGR:R

That's a very recent and convenient myth.

>raised truck
>tinted windows
>oversized flag(s)
>doesn't know how to park
That's not an American. That's a magafag. They're literally a cult and most people here think they're faggots.

What's wrong with tinted windows? Do you want all the street life to look inside your car for things to steal?

Metal Wolf Chaos by Fromsoft

>is really fucking loud for no reason
i hate truckfags so fucking much

Those lifts are all attached to the frame. Hitting another car with those puts literally all the impact on a small section, literally twisting the frame. Classifying the truck as totaled. Meanwhile the corolla just bumped a tire or an axel. Learn2cars Texasfag.

The only people that use tinted windows are drug deals and there’s a reason most states ban them.

fromsoft is from the souls games, you idiot zoomer

I lived for a couple of years. Besides most of the food being fucking abysmal (like for real what the actual fuck, most store-bought food tasted like cancer) and the occasional annoying nigger it was alright. Spacious, hardly came across anyone when I went about my day, empty gyms and you can't beat a grill + pool combo under the Arizona sun. If it weren't for the nice eco-friendly market right outside the gym I went for I'd have probably starved desu.

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Hotdogs, horseshoes, and handgrenades.

Furry Fantasy: Red Rocket Edition.

>banning privacy because you "might" be a drug dealer

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Maybe Broforce, or Door Kickers Action Squad.

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Japanese game

you don't understand, if the government isn't allowed to send in the gestapo anytime they're slightly suspicious that you might be doing drugs, communism will take over or some dumb fucking shit like that.

>be visiting america for the first time in my life
>i’m skinny as shit
>arrive to the country
>even at the airport i get funny looks and people snicker to me
>after i unpack on my hotel room i decide it is time to check out the local ”””cuisine”””
>head to mc donalds since people always told me it tastes the best in ameridingusland
>see other customers inside, their burgers are HUGE like really huge unlike anything i’ve ever seen in european mc d’s
>just decide to order a salad since i am exhausted from the trip and i don’t want anything heavy
>the cashier girl looks like she’s seen a ghost and wryly asks; ”s-salad, sir?” And suddenly bursts out laughing and hands me my salad
>every american in the restaurant starts laughing at me
>an african american puts his hand on my shoulder and proclaims; ”AYO DIS WHITE BOI IS BUYING A SALAD” and laughs his lungs out
>my salad drops from my hands
>someone shoots it mid-air
>some fat american sitting on the table with 6 bigmacs laughs so hard he has a heart attack
>i threaten to call an ambulance
>everyone goes silent in fear and i just leave

Fuck america

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They ban them because it makes it easier to antagonize the common populace. Drug deals happen in public places, often by people who you wouldn't even assume are dealers. What the fuck do you think its a bunch of guys in trenchcoats, with sunglasses? Are you retarded?

Any modern woke game

Halo. The prime Halo days of H2 and 3 symbolized American superiority. Not just non whites but even Europeans and faggot Canadians used to get filtered in every game. It was the peak of white anglo Saxon dominance along with MLG. Now we have zoomers paying money for armor and trannies on Halo Waypoint defending 343. Always remember the glory days.

Gears of War
Wrestling Games
Call of Duty (especially the WWII ones that only show the western front)

Your tin can wouldnt cause that. You are just but a small pebble in the face of freedom.

I like trucks, but they're way too chunky for my local yuro roads.

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>someone shoots it mid-air

and you'll pay every penny plus charges lmfao.

it's a great thing you subhumans *love* to drive drunk and kill yourselves. especially here in the bible belt. makes truck drivers something of a self solving problem.

Yet the most American

Metal Gear

Deus Ex

u sound really mad, m8


Bonglad here. We have new(ish) imports from Ford, namely the 150 and Mustang and they are popular despite the country lanes

I pretty much don't see them driving casually in the mainland. They'r pretty much only used by an occasional shopkeeper for deliveries, when they're just too cool for a citroen berlingo.

something that will never be done anymore youtube.com/watch?v=JMIA0wQIJ9w

Here they are used by wealthy ruralites. It's a fun alternative to Porsche or Landcruiser for them


half of the thread is japanese parodies on america, fucking zoomers kill yourselves

Your government won't even let you play with toys

Postal 2

GTA series

what do you mean by "American"? fucking country's about as large as Europe. specify it a little bit. like, "what's the most Chicago-ish game ever made" or something

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In USA you have common language, media, education and president across all states. There's much less difference between Maine and Louisiana than between Belgium and Italy.

damn fucking right

>someone says something innocuous about america

every time

>There's much less difference between Maine and Louisiana than between Belgium and Italy.
Does any European country ever refer to another country of Europe as a "flyover country" because they genuinely despise it that much? There is some big cultural gulfs between some of the states of the US.

>there is definitely no animosity between European countries, nope


Not really in the sense of "ha ha, you're the less important country". But in Europe everyone was at war with everyone else at some point in the last 1000 years, so obviously we have some reasons to call each other names.