Sequel when? no other game scratches the same itch

sequel when? no other game scratches the same itch

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it's 100% being worked on and itsuno hinted on twitter a while back that he'd have an announcement this year. hopefully by the end of the year it'll be announced and it'll be out sometime next year


never ever

Hope the pawn system in the next game is expanded upon by a fair bit. It was a really cool mechanic but also so limited; I just want to see them go wild with it.

The sequel will BTFO Elden Ring

just play monster hunter until it's out

fuck you OP, i'm starting to get itchy to play it again.

It's not happening.

DD has some kind of black magic I swear, everytime I reinstall it literally hours later a DD thread pops up

>you are a decade older when 2 comes out

>hours later a DD thread pops up
because it's the only game that since launch days has at least one daily thread where everyone, in one way or another, does nothing but express love for it. If you notice even shitposting attempts have no effect, it's the only untouchable game even here on Yea Forums no matter how hard tourists try. A true gem and one of the best games ever created despite its flaws

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It's happening.
I believe.

teaser during the 10th anniversary this month
proper reveal during this year's (not) E3

Elden Ring has completely replaced Dragon's Dildos and there is no need for another game or even conversation about it.

ima play this game after im finished with elden ring. i have no idea how i never played this gem but im hype.

Elden Ring is sickdark fantasy,DD is actual fantasy

fuck you, op.
fuck you

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>new DD
>new JSR
>Metal Slug Tactics
the world is gonna end soon, right...?

That's nice. But I like to play games that aren't broken with laggy shader load issues with a promised fix that still hasn't arrived, and never will.

>the world is gonna end soon, right...?
did you miss ww3 starting in eastern europe?

Well DD lore and storyline is infinitely more depressing and dark than EL

How can ER replace DD when it doesn't have fun combat, a story or even cute girls?

If something doesn't happen this year, I'm letting go of any remaining hope I still cling to.

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It’s kinda silly that the entire market for this type of game has been forfeited to From. Elden Ring isn’t even that good. Capcom should be on Dragons Dogma 3 by now.

It's not war,you silly user - it's special operation

Please be true


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>elden ring
>open world game
>can't climb ledges
>can't climb buildings

I still don't understand why DD is so much fun. The Semi-random chests are obnoxious, the Inventory is obnoxious, the pawns never shutting up is obnoxious

But somehow despite all it's obvious flaws the game is a pure joy to play.

uninstalled once reached quest where you have to kill big bad dragon never expected the game to be this short and lacking in content

If you meant Grigori, the big red dragon, then you weren't quite at the end. The game is pretty short though, and should take maybe 50-60 hours to explore and finish the main game plus defeat both forms of Daimon in the DLC.

the game became pretty repetitive after 40 hours in
>same enemies
>same quests
>same encounters
couldn't even get any cool weapons

It has a certain goofy charm to it.
It doesn't take itself too seriously and sticks to a standard rpg formula.
It's one of the games that had heart put into it without being rushed for dollary doos.
Even if it was rushed and we didn't get to go to the moon.

it's a nip game user, it's repetitive so you can get to those 100%

>can't set yourself on fire and climb on top of a giant fucker
>0 verticality when sekiro did that 3 years prior
>real content (legacy dungeons) takes 15 hours at most, boring open world
still played it for 150 hours but most of my playtime was on top of torrent doing nothing
at least it's pretty
i like how some enemies behave, like setting up corpses as bait to make a griffon come down and fight you
or how the carrion beast roll on their backs to dismount you, but since you are already on fire they just start spazzing on the floor, it's funny

What kind of music is a Forte?

>see there's a DD thread up
>everyone minding their own buiness
Every time.

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>no two worlds two magic
come on user, but yes, elden shitters are still mad people still like DDA and want DD2, games with soul are rare on these trying times.

>we didn't get to go to the moon

Since Itsuno is going to have more creative control over the game, how much more J-rock will it feature?

No game like dragons dogma.
I want to relive the experience of making a tall pawn lady warrior and opening the game on another day and seeing the amount of gifts my pawn has gotten.
Mystic knight for life.

>can't put npc's on the table
>replaced DDA
hahaha, no.

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I also reinstalled this last night. Such good shit. Missed my archer. Also missed cheesing the game with throwblasts on hard mode for extra stuff. great times. one of the best start game screens for a video game too.

>he doesn't know
sorry to bring you these bad news user, but Dragon's Dogma was supposed to be even greater

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I fucked up, it wasn't rushed.
I think there were planned things that were left out because of budget cuts.

Killing myself immediately

>never got to play ddo
fuck you capcom and fuck konami too for existing

DDO private servers are making steady progress

the problem is online stuff, i wish they could find a way to make it a offline mode for that as well just like pawns.
yes, capcom didn't had much faith in the IP, seeing as how it's still loved they reconsidered once itsuno got free time.

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Probably none since I doubt they want to just do the same thing they did last time.
But hopefully just the one song like before and something just as good because nonething can top being the dangan.


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two more decades

Rise is shite though. World and pre-World games are still fun but sometimes you just long for something else.

Link to tweet?

>sometimes you just long for something else
Like Rise?

I don't think that Capcom didn't have faith in the IP, but it was exceedingly ambitious and Itsuno's attention was divided since he was forced to fly to America to tell Ninja Theory how to develop fucking DmC properly
I understand Capcom not wanting to extend development time and budget for a new IP like that, even if it's unfortunate

I remember getting stuck after getting to Gransys and taking some of those hunt quests to earn audience with the dude and getting lost as hell trying to find Anything while having to walk everywhere


dunno if this is the one user was talking about

Gran Soren, my bad, and what advice can you give to not get filtered

the original game BTFO of elden shit.
however no game that releases this year has a chance to win against elden shit. it's the power of the from cult.

I enjoy exterminating monsters in DD but I didn't enjoy MHW that much. can't tell what's the difference, besides fights being longer in MHW.

>no other game scratches the same itch
Outward kinda does, in a peculiar way.
It's jank but it does things most other games don't.
If you pick it up, though, you might want to wait until they release the Whatever Edition. There was some info about it just recently and it seems to be including some very good balance changes, as well as shuffling the content around a bit so the whole game is a more streamlined experience instead of a specific location grind on a rotation.

don't get soaked in water, for starters.

What are some big additions (((you))) would like like to see in a sequel?
Personally I would like a change to who makes up the party. I could not give less of a shit about my side pawns they were the definition of expendable, maybe throw in some traditional companions that arent pawns or something

>Ninja Theory

Elden Ring is like a repetitive soulless DD

Outward is great. It's more like a two player Gothic game than anything resembling DD though, imo.

wolves hunt in packs

>pic related
So far, I know very, very few games with interesting takes on magic.

>Dragon's Dogma
Exceptional commitment and exceptional payback. Clunky to use but exceedingly rewarding.
>Might & Magic VI/VII/VIII
Gradually yet rapidly grows in scale, going from magical sparks and torches to unrestricted flight, teleportation, artifact making, and wiping out whole maps
>Arx Fatalis
Deeply involved due to the rune system and highly atmospheric because the rune "language" kinda makes sense.
>Dominions 5
Very permanent and "srs business" approach to strategic magic, huge implied scale.
Essentially GUI coding challenges masquerading as "magic".

What are some other games that put effort into their magic?

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>It's more like a two player Gothic game than anything resembling DD though, imo.
Yeah, it's definitely a different game but I still feel like it's uncannily close to DD in some non-obvious way.