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Post funny video game webms

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KEK what game

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

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Finally a good thread

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I wanted to post my the mordhau webm but i can't find it. so have this one instead

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Why did the 9/11 survivor got shot tho?

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Holy shit, that's terrible. I thought japan knew how to do action scenes.

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Falcom's animation quality ands cene direction is legendarily bad.

Despite the glitch that's a pretty nice touch from the devs

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Inside job

Its not fair...he could have stopped this...haha...

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just give him a shot of morphine, he'll be fine

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who knows

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zoomers hear me
never ever forget that Rockstar shills spammed Yea Forums prior to the release of this garbage.

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looks like Skate 3

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This is just regular soccer though.

>just CHIMs out of the game

You're not wrong

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This is the best thread I have seen in a decade. Sad really.

you missed the cats/vtmb threads?

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The trauma was too much and he sadly took his own life. He was An Hero and Heaven has gained another Angel. We will mourn his loss. Please donate to the IDF fund as per his last request.

>Mexicans throwing trash everywhere.
No surprise there.

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it happens everywhere, normally its worse with coins being thrown

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>Pardon me, I do believe I am going to brown

Why won't Hiroshimoot let us have webms with sound?

I have doubts Hiro remembers he bought Yea Forums at all desu

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Ngl wanted to play this but apparently was a glitch-infested piece of technical shit.
>≥>>>>PS4 exclusive
Times really have changed

ngl this was pretty fun

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>game has Victorian scat prostitutes
big if true

why is csgo so fucking sovlless compared to this

kys redditnigger

why can't you just talk normally?

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My nigga


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what just happened there?