Cop of the apocalypse

Cop of the apocalypse

I just finished the game and missed out on the like last 2 threads because I wanted to avoid spoilers, can we discuss? Holy fuck what a game

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cringe and reddit game

This piece of shit game needs to go on sale


cool game but i dont think ill play it again. already got the best ending first try without save scumming.

Having just finished, what is the best ending?

There's no different endings aside from game overs, so he's probably talking about the best finale variation, i.e. saving Kim during shootout, using pheromones to get near phasmid to let him take a photo, and succeeding the Inland Empire check to have dialogue with it.

What the fuck you can TALK to the phasmin??? I thought I did the full cryptozoologist quest, and didn't let them spray me, but I didn't realize you could talk to the phasmin. Just watched the cutscene on Youtube, jesus that would've been a more interesting end than just leaving the island and talking to your buddy cops about the things you did/said

Anyone else think drugs should be balanced differently? You can spam them too much and the penalties are trivial.

Game honestly points how how shitty capatalism is as a government structure and why we should fight to remove it.

I savescum every check because it feels bad to fail one.

Amazing game amirite? Now tune in for Disco Elysium threads ruined by /pol/tards for 2 days straight!

It's the men of Wö who fucked it all up user.

Yeah, but it still points out how rampant capitalism destroys everything.

the only thing worse than resident schizo is when resident schizo doesn't show up ;_;

>woah... right-wing political beliefs are all built on a deep-seated hatred of women!
>never elaborates
masterful political commentary, 10/10 GOTY, praise Herzog!

jokes aside I am glad you enjoy the game. Now enjoy some "detective arriving on the scene" kino

To be fair right wing and conservatives usually have no motivation for their horrible practices.

name one that's unmotivated (from the mainstream. there are no alt-right faggots in political positions of power).

the right-wing stuff or even every political view adpoted by Harry are just him coping with loss.

Dr*mp supporters are a one that instantly comes to mind.

Yea Forums can't handle an unreliable narrator because it means things aren't spelled out for them.

>are a one
I'm asking about the "practices" which you mentioned, gib-hungry ESL.

The riots, the anti-LGBT kill squads, the rampant disaster that he left the country in, the proud boys.

> Every commie you meet is a terrible person and seething loser
> Every “traditionalist” you meet is pathetic and seething loser
> every ultraLib you meet is a meme character
> Meanwhile moralists straight up won the war(not losers), have cool ass gunships ready to level the city in under a minute, and have all the interesting lore around them.
And also
> Commie/Fascist/Ultralib vision quest: haha look at Harry go on a wacky adventure that makes fun of his chosen ideology
> Moralchad vision quest: Literally talk to neoliberal god, pale lore, kino new soundtrack only for this quest. [Open]
How did moralists win this hard both in game and irl? Even the devs gave us all the good exclusive content.

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The final third of the game is so poor that it almost ruined it for me.

The ending is also massively underwhelming, especially if you don't get the full phasmid scene which thematically is kind of the real ending

Such a shame because the first half of the game is flawless, some of the most fun I've had in any game
impressive narrator bro. clearly unrivaled prose.

Imagine deleting your post because you're afraid of getting bullied for not knowing how to copy properly.

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It also makes fun of communists at how corrupt, pathetic and brainwashed they are. Why did you leave that one out, faggot?

I chose none of the above for every choice and it gave me this

Because communism is a flawed fascist offshoot of socialism. Its nearly as bad as capitalism.

name one that was unmotivated
>anti-LGBT kill squads
right wing death squads are a brazillian phenomenon.
>the rampant disaster that he left the country in
>t. failed out of economics
>proud boys
not mainstream, you're clearly too mindbroken by Trump's wrinkly chode to even comprehend my simple question.

>say I don't give a fuck about your politics just tell me what I need
>end up normal cop moralist
The best way to play.

Holy shit the two retards in that vid are insufferable

to be honest every ideal was shit on.

I like it despite itself. The music gets me right here and I'm coming out to my parents next week.

Right Wing got best portrayal of all ideologies in the game funnily enough. Or least seriously harmful at least. That's not to say they didn't take piss at it.
Lolbertarians are mostly portrayed as complete sociopaths, centrists are pathological limp dicks and moralism itself is empty ideology put in place by occupying powers to keep Revacholians down, communism is portrayed as rotten to the core/filled with angsty teens at best and at worst is driving force of destruction in the world.
Compared to that racist fat guy and Big Nigger are not even that big of a deal, and Rene is one of the few somewhat positive, if flawed characters.

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agree somewhat, they're definitely faggots. methinks you're more upset at the anti anti-right sentiment than their talking style.

Reminder that if you didn't
>get everyone to dance in the church and black out
>solve the curse
>successfully warn Kim
>see and talk to the creature
>invite Kim to precinct 41
>remember to notify Lena
you did NOT beat the game. start again

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I don't like the check system. I get that you're not allowed to just win at everything, but at least give me a different way to get what I need. I would have prefered it if you got to use Drama or half light to get to the same thing.

Not him, I'm not taking any sides in this argument, but I need to say that you're completely fucking retarded and need to read a book. A few books. You have a sub-American understanding of political ideologies.

i did everything but the church. i literally did not go in the church. how could i have forgotten the church.

when does the game take a jab at moderate liberalism, which it frequently presents? when does the game even present anything comparable to moderate conservatism?
herein lies the bias.

t. american

there was an exploit on the ps4 version of the game where you could overflow glitch out your starting stats and basically become schizocop the implacable wunderkind.

>when does the game take a jab at moderate liberalism, which it frequently presents?
Literally all the fucking time
Play the fucking game for once Yea Forums jesus
Centrism is basically the most punishable ideology in the game. At least with fascism you have a fun time. The game SHITS ON moralists and centrists at every turn

The Bar Manager is your average middle class centrist/lib and he's still pathetic beta cuck for the most part.

I did. the game shits on many extremes, including extreme centrism. you're clearly the game's intended demographic: the politically uninclined.


I'll give this one up

>The riots
You mean when niggers were lighting cities on fire?
>the anti-LGBT kill squads
The what?
>the rampant disaster that he left the country in
The country was thriving before the coof came along. Then Biden took your energy self-sufficiency and flushed it down the toilet by limiting fracking and shutting down the Keystone pipeline.
>the proud boys
Utterly inconsequential boogeyman.

conservatism is contextual

I hate US politics so fucking much. Everyone is brainwashed into thinking the world is Us vs Them and Them is literally the worst thing to ever happen to the world so vote for Us instead.

conservatism is fascism.

I don't think moderate conservatism works in the game's world since there's kinda no period of time they could refer to preserve the values of in moderate manner (even if you could make actually meaningful political statement out of that). Revachol went from Monarchy to Revolution with Commies trying to turn it into Cambodia-lite to foreign intervention turning it into what it is now. What is there to even conerve with history like taht if you're not faitthful monarchist like Rene is?

No I think they’re retarded faggots because they’re upset a meme game that’s whole point is to make a caricature out of every ideology is making a caricature out fascism. It’s funny to because fascism/nationalism is probably treated with kid gloves along with communism. It’s ancap’s and neoliberals that the game actually goes after.

To elaborate on this, I think it would be interesting if (for example) booze was -1 motorics, speed was -1 psyche, cigarettes were -1 physique, and pyrholidon was -1 intellect, in addition to their usual buffs. You'd have to be much more strategic about using them. Maybe exclusive to hard mode so it actually becomes hard?

Reminder that if you
> looked at the body
You didn’t beat the game

Yes, which is why the country will inevitably fall apart. If the Union still exists 20 years from now it will certainly have less than 50 states in it. And that's a good thing.

>>Remember to notify Lena
Wait can you talk to her after you see the creature? Doesn't the game end if you attempt to return back to mainland?

The game shits on centrists constantly. But I disagree that right wing gets off the lightest, the game is clearly scathing as shit about it. If I had to take a guess, the main writer(s) is probably pretty far left, further than liberals but just short of communism, hence why communists get shat on a lot.

I honestly really liked my ending. Saved Kim and seemed like Harry was gonna clean himself up by the end of my playthrough. I should have kept the fucking chops though, that was my one regret.

oh look it's THIS thread again

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Wow literally me. Saved Kim, got him to "join" 41, apparently I accidentally picked some racist options while cycling all the dialogue options,so he called me a racist fascist but also a communist and not sure how I did that, and really wish I didn't shave. Harry looks so depressed in the portrait between that and the mirror thing

If only he knew about the cock carousel sooner.

God I hope so. I hope Russia nukes the shit thing out of existence. There has never been a good thing to come from the US, and never will.

>There has never been a good thing to come from the US, and never will
except you know, the USA has the highest number of inventions and patents in the world. also you are posting on a website created by an American, hosted on American servers.

Wrong retard. The US is a failed state of frauds

>i hate you but i'm gonna continue using your technology and inventions to talk about how much i hate you

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that chops really tied his whole ridiculous outfit together which is probably why he's sad

You don't talk to her, but if you successfully return with the photo of your discovery, the final dialogue tree with the posse has an option where you ask to stop off and visit her on your way home.

I fixed the expression and shaved the chops and I have no regrets.

If you're racist to Kim you can replace him with Cuno

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Wild, in mine, I had Harry and Kim pretty much being friendly by the end of it, was really glad to see.
That or giving up another old part of himself that he really didn't want to. lol

There is zero technology that the US"produced" it's mainly stolen European technology that they slave labor produced

Who gives an actual fuck about the balance of this "game"?
If you want a fucking 'debuff' for drugs here's the one the game offers you - you are a professional adult man who has all but ruined his life due to alcohol and drug abuse, and continued use of said products will kill you. Are you willing to ruin your life for the temporary aid they give you?
It's a fucking CYOA masquerading as a game, where all the "challenge" is modified die rolls for dialogue choices, so treat it like a story and not some sort of gameplay challenge, because it's not worth it.