World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

How down bad are you for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight?

>day one flying
>cross faction play
>account wide everything
>azeroth kino
>devs confirmed to listening to the players
>only 2 pvp ilvls
>solo queue rated

And that's facts.

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>account wide everything
>factions still exist
What's the point then

>devs confirmed to listening to the players
Still makes me laugh

The Gnomes must set aside their differences with the Goblins and design better Anti-Air Guns to shoot these damn scalies down before they infest our homes.

>cross faction play
>can't be in same guild because uh....

Bros...we are going home

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Gnomes and Goblins working together... I couldn't think of anything more vile in the universe...
But then again, I couldn't think up these drag(on) queer monstrosities, either.

>down bad
fr fr no cap RT'd

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you make the same shill thread every day
seek help

you seethe at the same thread every day
seek help

>devs confirmed to listening to the players

it looks like a mobile game
I don't get why people are seething so much
we haven't even seen their predatory monetization scheme yet

Already banned on half of EU because it'll be full of pay to win shite.

Don't forget that the devs have been listening to the players since Legion.
How very based they are.

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>day one flying
>cross faction play
It doesn't change a thing for the elite horde
>account wide everything
More like Deviant art Dragons
>devs confirmed to listening to the players
No they are always listening to players, the problem is that Blizzard is full of hacks today, wait till the open beta drops and your favorite wowtuber starts shitting on the new "systems", its always the same, the talent tree will not have the depth that players think it will have, they don't have the people or the time to make every spec have 3~4 different talent trees with different gameplay.
>only 2 pvp ilvls
Still dont care
>solo queue rated

It will suck, I only play WoW as a season game, me and my guild are starting to scrap the last phase of the Jailer, after killing him I will only be back for 10.0 to test the new spec and maybe will raid.

>believing anything blizzard says after everything in the past
your gf will have fun being unfaithfull while you believe "it wont happen again" for the 6000 time

Past performance is always an indicator of future results.

>make a videogame thread
>(You) start fantasizing about being cucked

seek help

wasn't Legion apparently a decent expansion though?

i'm not the one believing blizzard lies

>since legion
since mop Drought*
remember how wod got the biggest team working on the game? well OP doesn't

Yeah, it was decent.

nah it was dogshit
Better than WoD or BFA, but that's not saying much.

classic was announced 5 years ago

>wow launched 28 years ago

where does the time go lads

Day of the rope soon

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During trailer they asked "what is this game about".
What I wanted to hear was - "who has asked for this game".
From the ashes of former self they are becomming mobile gaming company and I guess manchildren who still like or liked Blizzard are mad.

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>day one flying
yea for 15 seconds before your dragons runs out of "stamina" and has to regenerate for 10 minutes
>cross faction play
it's fucking nothing
>account wide everything
except the stuff that matters
>azeroth kino
lore is raped and writing is retarded, expect more dumb plot and gay characters wailing in self pity and being useless
>devs confirmed to listening to the players
lmao they don't listen to anything from outside their twitter echo chamber
>only 2 pvp ilvls
>solo queue rated
that's going to be even bigger cancer than doing rated pvp with randoms from group finder

in one word:

*elevates your kino to the next level*

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It felt good to start then the grinding and gating became too much. Reminded me of WotLK, the intro patch was unfinished which meant that it lacked content early except artifact grinding. The ending also sucked and was rushed, which made everyone jaded for BfA after they stole the progression away from people.

Honestly Shadowlands was the biggest disappointment though, because they made it seem like Torghast was going to be a chill infinite progression mechanic like a roguelike with procedural generation (which they played with in BfA). Then they took it away from players for more gating.

That's the face of a guy who didn't have time to stash the stolen breast milk so he's hiding it under his sweater.

I know this is bait, but you made me reply anyways.

>day one flying
wrong, it's gimmick flying locked behind timegated rep grinds
>cross faction play
too little too late
>account wide everything
factually incorrect
trannycore dragons ft. unsexualized alexstraza
>azeroth kino
>devs confirmed to listening to the players
>only 2 pvp ilvls
ilvl shouldn't matter in PVP
>solo queue rated
oh boy, i get to work with uncoordinated retards!

>listening to players
they've been deaf to your cries for years,anyone who thinks they'll actually give a shit now is even more retarded than anyone still working for blizzard

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No it was dogshit. This was when they managed to turn the game into cable tv where you have 1000 fucking channels and nothing to watch.

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It was the GOAT expansion. Dungeon design was good, there wasn't unavoidable fuckhueg damage from bosses like we have in SL. People disagreeing just want to go back to their two button rotations in classic.

even tho i like argonian and khajiit and i only play as them in all elder scrolls games, but the furry races in WoW are ugly as hell

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I cannot even imagine how cucked you have to be to STILL be playing WoW in 2022.

Find me another MMO I can sit down and just enjoy without pay to win garbage. Where I can just do quests, do crafting, in a cohesive world that is well made and actually feels like a world. I sit down and play Classic every few months because it’s relaxing and there is literally no other game that does what it does. I wish there was, but unfortunate no one makes proper mmos anymore.

>without pay to win garbage


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Shill thread. Disengage.

I literally dropped out of high-school in 2005 to play WoW

Now I would rather enroll into a African feminist studies sociology than play WoW.

>looks like a mobile game
We already know the monetization scheme then, it'll be tied to the game and will be the fastest and easiest way to progress


Funny thing is, had they released this back during Legion days, it'd have been eaten up. Now that their reputation is in the shitter it'll be lucky to stay alive for 2 years

wow lost the magic long time ago

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Every person that had even a little bit of talent for making good games left Blizzard long time ago.
Maybe saying "was chased out by Activision and leftists" is more accurate.

I'm more ashamed of playing this trash all those years than I am of being a furfag

so fucking weird how losers just decide theyre women nowadays. as if that makes them immune to being losers somehow.

That's one of the best takes on trannies I've seen. Never thought about it this way. It's just losers that don't want to be bullied anymore and think SJWs will defend them and give them points for being so stunning and brave.

>He loves games, cars, and he's a male.

I've noticed all zoomers need is something with large calarts graphics that will show up on a stream and wow fits that bill.

Sure, if your home is a massive pile of shit.

>wow paved the way for xiv to become the greatest troon game of all time

kneel, xivsisters


What do you mean nowadays
people have been rolling female blood elves since 2006

Retards hold onto this idea that it was even when it had random legendaries that could brick your account or force you to buy a boost and try again to prog on day 1. It introduced AP grinding forcing you to spend every moment of your free time in Maw of Souls or face falling behind the pack. It had titanforging still meaning you could lose your raid spot to some dumb fuck who doesn't even raid just because he had better luck. It had tertiary stats and socket procs on gear. It had the Arcanocrystal.
Legion was a disaster of an expansion that people remember being fun because the raids were good. Literally everything around the raids was an atrocity though.

already banned in the eu countries that ban predatory lootbox gambling so we know all we need to know

why must they have such big, hot feet

>every single pro-WoW thread is just a troll baiting for negative replies

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>>devs confirmed to listening to the players

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>as if that makes them immune to being losers somehow
it lets them deflect any/all criticism against them as "TRANSPHOBIA!!!!!!!!"
essentially giving them a "race card" to pull out any time they feel like they're losing an argument

What do you expect?
Nobody sane has anything good to say about this game anymore. The only people who speak positively about it are trolls or shills.
You'd have to be delusional to follow Blizzard for the past ten years and expect anything good out of them.