Boss is designed to be cheesed and that's the only way to beat the boss

>boss is designed to be cheesed and that's the only way to beat the boss

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>git gud

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>she gets naked in the second part

How’d you beat her? What cheese did you use?

You can fight her fair and square without a cheese

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>Suck shit at DS1 and BB
>Still suck at Elden Ring
>Level 155 after beating the game
>Go back to Malenia to try and beat her
>1+ hour of failed attempts
>equip +10 Rivers of Blood and +10 Tiche
>Beat her within the next 5 tries
You can't say I didn't beat the game if I already beat it before fighting her.

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>10/10 game

How did you jump so high?

>game about pressing circle for invincible button
>doesn't do it

>Rivers of casual
>without a cheese
You did not beat her

Sometimes I wonder if people are only having trouble with her Waterfowl Dance and are just facetanking all her other attacks or have actually learned all her other patterns other than Waterfowl Dance.

>tries to use a jump iframes on a fast boss instead of his roll
>refuses to level vigor

Its a mystery why you died.

Reminder for when she goes blender mode:
Run the fuck away
Stop locking on to her (i swear, it makes her lock onto you)
Roll like a madman

Explain the point of this post.

If you happen to be attacking her and she starts to flurry you're fucked, there's not enough time to run away at that point. It's just not a very good boss fight, but whatever, at least it's optional.

I didn't know that leveling vigor removed the nonsensical tracking and made the hitbox actually match her weapon model. What an intelligent post, my friend.

The fact that she gets staggered that easily makes every method cheesy.

I noticed that if that happens, un-locking, rolling and praying works like 4/10 times
Honestly, the 1st phase is fine
2nd phase is complete bullshit, i agree

Here is the problem with that plan
The game dont allowed you to run away immediately
You need to slowly walking for 1 second before running

how did you make it to malenia without realising how tracking works? you i-frame through attacks

The tracking is shit regardless if you're aware that it's shit or not. And the hitbox doesn't match her weapon or attack at all. The game itself is poorly made, stats don't fix bad tracking and bad hitboxes.

all this complaining for a problem easily solved with a single press of the roll button

> boss design is very lazy compared to other bosses
> literally a naked mantranny in 2nd phase
> everyone's praising it
why are zoomers standards so low? They shouldn't get away with this

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Seppuku is overkill. RoB +10 is more than enough my nigga

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>without cheese
>proceeds to bleed cheese her

>that's the only way to beat the boss

In the other games you didn't have to roll if you avoided the reach of the attack

this isn't like the other games. adapt or die

I beat her with that one shield art that gives me temporary invincibility for 1 second. Basically you just iframe her anime move and win

What do you do about all her other moves?

I saw all the hype for malenia and to me it was just an average boss that died in couple hours.
I guess level 137 and mimic tear means its cheesing since I didnt need to dodge the bs flying sword blade dance move even once before she died.

did our guy beat her?

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>2 months after launch and she's still filtering all the garbage rollspammers and button mashers

Glad to see FROMsoft's popularity hasn't dulled their edge.

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To prove that the boss is perfectly doable without cheesing

I never understand these posts. "Oh yeah this superboss was easy. I just summoned help who drew all the aggro and tanked it while I wailed on the boss from behind."
Like, are we supposed to be impressed?

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The more I browse ER threads, the more I am convinced that nu/v/ is just terrible at games
Imagine if a title like DMC3 had been released today, we'd have 100 threads of complaining every day

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Fromdrones love to scream about "realistic mechanics" or "positioning" while the player did what he was supposed to do. But I guess in Elden Shit it doesn't matter if the enemy's back is to you or you're even behind I solid concrete wall. Enjoy your dodge simulator.


The game is meant to be played with summons. You'd think everyone just kills her with ease when they dont need to dodge shit and there would be no meme of her being hard.

>Rivers of Velveeta
Hate to break it to you, but that's the meta cheese

I'll tell you what's an awful boss: NG+ Fire Giant with a weaponless faith build.

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Why the fuck would people replay this game.
>oh what did I discover the entire game? More enemies to kill.
>lets kills all those things again, except without the surprise and discovery

Mogh say Hi

Just pest threads him to death

Took me 15+ attempts first playthrough.
Went in and nuked her on my first try on a new character, and at a lower lvl.

So? It's still not impressive when your summon is what tanked all the hits and drew aggro, leaving you free to do nothing but spam jump attacks or glintstone icecrag or something similar. That's what people mean by the meme "you didn't beat it". It's like summoning a friend to fight the boss for you. Sure, the boss is dead, but your bragging rights are undeserved for the amount of work you put into killing the boss.

Doesn't faith have bleed spells?

Yeah, Bloodboon, Bloodflame Talons, and Swarm of Flies.

The game would have to be linear, no important stats or items impacting player ability for the you didnt beat it crowd.
Just leveling up means you're not having as hard time with bosses.

Personally I know im not good at the pattern recognition shit that the game pushes on you, but since you can overlevel and such its possible to progress. Then again the only thing that I can tell people about the game is "I literally wasted 100h+ on it instead of doing anything productive".

infinite fp takers flamed her in the corner when she didn't use waterfowl

just throw a freeze pot at her and it knocks her out of that move.

Wtf, that’s the definition of you did not beat her.

>Then again the only thing that I can tell people about the game is "I literally wasted 100h+ on it instead of doing anything productive".
That's a claim you make with any media hobby, retard. You are not productive while playing any video game, watching any fiction TV show, reading any fantasy book, or watching any fiction movie. Wasting time and having fun is the point
of entertainment.

>pots are really useful for a lot of boss fights
>nobody will ever know because nobody will ever use them or craft anything

I was using a str/dex build, and after getting killed by the 10th time and not even getting to 80% of her health, I gave up and just used mimic and changed my build so I could use that laser beam magic sword.

>spam jump attacks
>RNGesus grants him no waterfowl
>defeats Malenia

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You pot and bow fags are all liars.

>give pots a huge buff in a patch
>patch in a NPC with a quest in an area with tons of ingredients to farm for crafting
>reward for the quest is a talisman that boosts pot damage
>from practically begging people to try out pots
but nobody will

Yes but I'm also trying to stick to a dragon cult theme.

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Disgusting. I hope you turn 18 soon and grow some character.

You can also throw freeze pots at her when she uses Scarlet Aeonia and wreck a ton of her HP.

there's a huge window to throw a pot at her when she jumps up to do the waterfowl dance.

Shut the fuck up retard, I beat this whole game without using summons and ashes. I don't care about her ninja moves, but having life steal is bullshit.

I summoned two people using the giant finger to help me beat her and they were flicking her around the arena. It was fun.

Do you play with using tear flasks?