Here are the foundational pillars of PC gaming. The pillars on which modern PC gaming was built on

Here are the foundational pillars of PC gaming. The pillars on which modern PC gaming was built on.

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modern pc gaming was built on consoles,korean mmos and mobile gaming.
They abandoned PC gaming principles long ago.

The fuck did Epic contribute? Jazz Jackrabbit? I feel like Origin was a bigger contributer.

The only good thing Epic ever did was UT99.

>I feel like Origin was a bigger contributer.


And Unreal Gold, and One Must Fall, and Epic Pinball. Epic might be dogshit now but they did have some pretty cool games back in the day.

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doric ionic corinthian

>Epic games
maybe because of Unreal but they abandoned PC for like a decade before.

You know it's a seething epic shill when valve isn't included

And Origin used to be more than EA's terrible drm store.

It's foundational pillars. Valve was more of a contribute later in the PC scene. I don't agree with Epic being there either since they were VGA era.

Valve exists due to publisher support working under Sierra and building off engine provided by ID. You can claim Epic doesn't belong, but saying Valve is one of the pillars when 2 of the other pillars already there were holding it up doesn't fit.

good morning sirs! epic good yes

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>no sir-tech
Absolute cringe.

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randy stop shitposting already
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Hello, Steam?

If anything Apogee Software needs to be in place of Epic Gaymes in that pic.
Cope and seethe epicpajeets, you will never be not filthy streetshitters.

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Epic is Indian now?
i thought it was hold by Tencent, aren't chinese those guys?

There's been game clients well before Steam. I guess you could say they were the first digital distribution service that wasn't for grandma games like RealArcade was. But again that all happened later down the line. When talking about foundations you have to think about PCs in the 80s and 90s. Valve didn't even exist until '98.


Apogee wasn't important at all to PC gaming.

steam single handedly killed piracy
epic didn't do shit

Are you fucking serious right now? I feel like we're not even on the same talking point. I'm being baited, so here's your (You).

I'd say they're more important then Epic is.

Epic was never good. Just a poor man's id. People who like Epic also happen to like garbage like WoW and Blizzard shovelware.

This pic is literally makes steamies seeth so much it’s unbelievable
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Tim Chadney on the other side is a living legend
Cope and seeth

I would like to hear your reasons.

Valve isn't a founding pillar, retard. You're too young to have even played PC games back then.

I miss Sierra.

why epic? they only started to become really relevant by the late 00s to late 10s

something like sirtech or maybe origin systems would be a better choice than them especially if were talking about the foundational pillars of pc gayman

Yeah I was shitting on braindamaged steamies user
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One of these things are not like the other~
One of these things doesn't belong ~

Steam is the foundation for modern gaming as we know it

If steam dies tomorrow literally nothing would change

It's pretty simple. They were more of a presence back in the day. Epic didn't really become big until stuff like Jazz at which point Apogee was already an established name. Though I guess from an innovation standpoint Epic would win. Apogee/3DRealms did squat in terms of technology innovation.

Bait thread. It's that hour where certain people waste their life shitposting omw video game board.

Because its a shill thread
You can put literally any other company there and it will look better

If Id died today literally nothing would change, what's your point?

As fun as UT is, Epic shouldn't be on par with these other two. Unironically, pic related before they shifted off into Xbox

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How old are you
You type like a tranny

Too bad they're all dead


Hell maybe even Activision or EA would fit better as evil as they are. Activision had fucking MechWarrior 2.

ID was important back then, steam was never important or a pillar to anything besides tranny larping


And you are typing like you are getting paid

>left out valve and blizzard, the producers of the biggest pc games at the time

>Though I guess from an innovation standpoint Epic would win
What the fuck do you think a founding pillar is you braindead sack of shit? Holy fuck.

Apogee's presence didn't really affect anything in the PC market. They developed and published some great games but most of the time they were just chasing then current trends instead of setting them. Arguably, the only thing that anyone else in the industry copied from them was their shareware model and that itself was very short lived.

Nobody uses valve tech besides valve and the only trend they ever set is cinematoc setpiece shooters which only really became a consolefag thing rather than a continuation of PC gaming legacy
lmao what the fuck did they invent?

Fpbp. Fuck Epic

People ITT are bitching about Epic being on there but the Unreal Engine justifies them a spot.
The real question is why is Sierra there?

Sierra was a juggernaut at the time with their fingers in everything.

Sierra was the publisher for Empire Earth 1 and 2 so I can't hate em
Doom is fine I guess
Isn't epic games the jazz jackrabbit 2 publisher? hell yeah

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Because were talking about the pillars of pc gaming. Unreal was way more relevant to consoles by the turn of the millenium going forward. The engine only really hit its stride later on.

If anything microsoft should be on there.

swap out epic for apogee and it's correct

what did they invent tho
if that's the qualification

based fuck epic pajeets

i still think that valve should be here because of steam
piracy would've killed pc gaming otherwise

Like what?
No one has said what they did exactly.

No. Valve wouldn't have existed without Sierra.

Valve, Blizzard, etc. are the second or third layer of the pc foundation.

If we're talking tech and Sierra, they did have Dynamix. Creators of the first MechWarrior game.

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valve are important but not a founding pillar because everything they did came after that time

Valve exists because of Sierra and half this thread is saying Valve deserves a pillar.

Literally who?

lucasarts was better

as far as i understand we dont actually talking about games anymore
we only talk about tech and shit
still its a clear shill thread nonetheless because unreal engine and gold source engine are tboth were done at 98