Recommend some games with mental powers

Recommend some games with mental powers

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scarlet nexus

is this the loli of the season? should i watch her anime?

Max, an Autistic Journey

reddit x family


she's a daughteru, you unruly niggard.

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Should you?

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>everyone yelling about this being AOTY so I give it a chance
>the spy parts barely have any tension, there's no satisfying sakuga action or anything witty
>the slice of life parts are as generic and predictable as can be
>all 3 main characters are cliche archetypes with no personality

normalfags have the WORST taste in anime

Galerians and Galerians: Ash

Recommend a real good anime to me then user I NEED your expert, immaculate guidance.

Sonic 06

Psychonauts 2
Mother 3
The World Ends With You
Neo: The World Ends With You

I hate anime so much it's unreal.

discord x (you)

>anything and everything that's fun is leddit
Are you close to killing yourself?

More like flavor of the month. You're better off just fapping to her porn. She doesn't really do anything interesting in the show because only her superpower is cool.

based pick

This anime is the definition of mid.

I don’t watch tranime

you should, but it's not that kind of show
watch kunoichi for your loli fix

Destroy all humans
Prey 2006
Prey 2017

NTA (not that user) but watch Princess Principal.

Golden Sun 1+2

The new flavor of the month loli, amazing

he is right tho

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>not that kind of show
Any show with a loli in it is that kind of show. You think people didn't lewd Renge?

sex with anya

Surely if I go to Yea Forums I won't see Anya, right?

Reddit LOVES breathing oxygen.
You know what you have to do if you don't want to be reddit now, don't you?

SxF is the only anime worth watching currently, the other one will be CSM, eventually.

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this annie may is kotoura san but for newfags


>book loli that high
Wow. Good job Main!

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Spy x Family has a decent enough premise for a funny manga but the character dynamic is pretty weak if you've seen other comedy series. The bantz and chemistry just isn't there, Anya can make all the big-eyed reaction faces but she is painfully unfunny. The writing is also horrendous overall.

*deletes spy x family from hard drive*
Thanks user, that was a close one.


You should probably just go back to r*ddit then, I reckon.

Reddit recommendation

Some stuff is so good everyone likes it. What it would actually take to determine which is the most reddit would be a comparison of the ratings of all these shows and seeing which moves the furthest up in comparison.

Reddit post

Beat me to it.

Don't watch the shitty 5/10 anime.
Go and read the 10/10 manga instead.

It's a really good show, I read the manga too after watching some episodes and some of the chapters are really funny. Anya's not sexualized whatsoever though if that's what you're in it for.

Damn female kid!
Why she's so smug ##

>You think people didn't lewd Renge?
no one lewded her
hotaru on the other hand...

>kotoura san
>forced emotional whiplash: the anime
kys election trannies

Sure but it's NNB isn't exactly what you'd recommend to someone who wants loli fanservice. Same with spy family.

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It's normalfaggot flavor of the month
read her manga instead

Phantom Dust

Very based

Galerians and Galerians: ASH

Reddit thread

Reddit website

Reddit board

Kotoura san was boring as fuck though

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>redditors complain about reddit only to reveal how much they love browsing reddit
What's your address? I will gladly send you a gun and a single bullet to kill yourself.

Sauce on kunoichi?
Google just throws me Naruto shit

Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi, AKA AOTS.

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Anime shill toilet stores on every corner for shit tier happy meals

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reddit planet

Memes aside, is the declining birth rate there that bad?

Reddit universe

>kunoichi tsubaki not on the list
cunnybros we won

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reddit solar system

I think it's good. Anya acts exactly how a child would and it's adorable. The whole thing with the ring, and the grenade pin was sweet.
If the manga is that much better I'll read it after.

No. It's actually higher than european or american birthrates if you don't count third-worlders reproducing.
The idea that birthrates must always remain high is silly too

Staring Frankenstein the 12 year orgy cultivaterd left

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Apparently some mangafags said it's better but idk, the animation is great. Not WIT's best but it's certainly good, good cast too.