Q2 is the best Quake game

Q2 is the best Quake game
Best railgun, best strafe jumping.
deal with it

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It's not but I like it anyway.
It's a real shame they are all dead and require you to associate with discord trannies just to play.
It would be nice if someone made a nice launcher/platform/server browser that let you launch as many afps games as possible.

My favorite Quake game is 4.


more like
feels bad man

Based. Don't care about multiplayer but sp is pure, unfiltered kino from start to finish

I never got the hate for Q2. I guess it could have used a name change. Strogg?

1 > 3 > 2 > 4

Voodoo2 video card.
Hacker Voodoo Prodigy Song.
and Quake 2.


>best strafe jumping.
Actually sorta true
But it depends on your client framerate lol

Do you think we will get a remastered quake 2 like quake 1?

It's very likely, moreso because it will serve as a technical foundation for further KEX engine idTech2 ports by Nightdive.

Isn't that what Quake 2 RTX is?

Only thing valve is working on is VR according to an announcement in 25th of February, and quake 2 is likewise being developed into VR. Which makes the game even harder to play I don’t understand why they want to look around in quake 2 with a vr headset.

Quake 1 has a great atmosphere, but the enemy variety and count is pretty limited so you get into these battles with the same types of enemies that are pretty much the same over and over again. The movement is great but there's specific enemies and tight corners that slow the game play to a crawl. Playing though the first time is also a frustrating experience because there's just too many damn traps everywhere to show off what they can do with a more interactive world and it gets to be little too much.

I've always felt like Quake 2 is a much more refined experience over all. Sure the world is sort of generic, but the enemies are well designed and allows for many different situations.

>the enemies are well designed
They're too weak, none of them make you panic like a close quarter Fiend brawl, a fucking Shamber, or Vore shits (the last ones are not fun to fight, however). Tanks are supposed to be top tier enemies and they're a joke. Railgun chads are alright and Parasites are unnerving, and that's it.

Best Chaingun in any id game, though.

RTX is a meme
What has valve anything to do with quake?

Great for if you want to live as a frog maybe. The atmosphere was meant for setting the mood, not for VR.


the ps1 port of this game is fucking magic, bro.

completely agree.
SP is Aliens movie tier kino.
best strafe jump indeed.
best multiplayer mods until cheating got out of hand

No, it doesn’t have weapons factory and other mod culture.
Can you nazies and niggers and mother fuckers get out of the fucking thread? You can help Quake 2 by conservatively upgrading the graphics so we can have HD Mod culture, and adding server browser like Q2pro, but all this other garbage is not helpful. Like offering Noah for a chance to be king of the cities the day of the flood.

>They're too weak, none of them make you panic like a close quarter Fiend brawl, a fucking Shamber, or Vore shits

But having weaker enemies in more numbers is a lot more engaging than fewer enemies that you just avoid their attacks over and over again and it slows everything down. More enemies in greater varieties means encounters play out more differently from each other and you prioritize threats instead of just sidestepping or hiding behind a corner over and over.

the Mp runs at 60fps on the PS1. you should check it out.

>But having weaker enemies in more numbers is a lot more engaging
They aren't very numerous either, this isn't Doom. Tanks you tend to fight 1v1, Gunners are usually surrounded by a couple of blaster guys, Icrauses tend to come in pairs, those annoying tiny flying wings in groups of 3-4. Those aren't really Doom numbers, those are still very much Quake numbers.

Quake 2 and 4 are amazing games and anyone that thinks they aren't is a nigger faggot.

I like the look of regular shotgun so much
Too bad it doesn't have a lot of use in game mostly because its is outmatched by a double shotty on the next level

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>q2 version on steam still doesn't have soundtrack
How is that even possible

Yeah, I'd say Q2 was, and is, the best Quake game overall.

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>his favorite game isnt quake wars

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Wolfenstein ET was fantastic and I remember thinking this was really cool but it didn't seem to live for very long.

the railgun was never good. also no LG = no Quake.

I do like Quake 2, but I prefer 1 because of atmosphere and locations

also some of Q2's weapon's feel weird:
like the minigun's wind up and wind down when firing, or the hyper blaster using odd slow projectiles instead of hitscan
and I think the artificial recoil on some weapon (like the SMG) is just fucking terrible with how it pulls your aim up
also I'm not sure why they even added the normal shotgun in the game if they are going to make it pretty useless and give you the SSG 1 or 2 levels later, which makes the normal shotgun completely redundant

also Carmack was wrong, the games SHOULD have a "use" button, and both Quake and Quake 2 suffer without it, because having to fucking RAM YOURSELF into things to activate them can cause problems, like how backpedalling in a fight can mean you run backwards into a switch, activating it unintentionally, or how some things are obviously switches until you get close to them (the computer keyboards are the worst, sometimes they are absolutely critical to the objective, sometimes they are just decorations in the environment)

I won't beat to death complaints about the strogg vs Quake 1's monsters, but I MUCH prefer the variety of Q1

>Best railgun
Isn't even in a Quake game.

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>or how some things are obviously switches until you get close to them (the computer keyboards are the worst, sometimes they are absolutely critical to the objective, sometimes they are just decorations in the environment
having a Use button would not fix this whatsoever.

I don't think 2 is the best, but I think it gets unjustly shat on.

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>"nail" gun
>shoots plasma balls in Q3

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Q1 aged better

The extremely slow weapon switching kills it.

It was competing with Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4, just about every other game at the time was doomed.

Q3 doesn't have a nailgun.


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Was the first game I ever owned on PC but man does it NOT hold up. Quake 1 is much better.

noooo voodoobros we're literally done for

The expansion does.

The OST oozes soul.


3dfxsisters, NVIDIA is gonna eat us up sooner or later.

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the sourceports are cooler than doom's
as a game it's pretty bland all around

Quake 3: Team Arena

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what the actual fuck lol


Quake Wars just tried to be a newer version of W:ET. The thing is, it wasn't set in WW2, and it wasn't free, so that was 2 points against it.

ah yeah that makes more sense, thats a shame then.

Quake 2's 10Hz tick rate has made it age horribly.
Quake 1 feels as snappy as you make it.

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it was also by splash damage
>ET was also by splash damage
that's why activision knew they couldn't sell it

Nobody cared about arena shooters by the time Team Arena was released, it was all about Counter-Strike then, more than likely why you never heard of it.

zoomers and shit taste, name a better combo

your mom and your dad

I mean, I've played Q1 expacks (not to completion) and Q2 ones (completed Reckoning, got filtered by Ground Zero's boss), but even if I heard about TA, I forgot.

>nothing could even hit 30fps on a 640x480
what fucking super computer were they making this for? it's not like the refresh rate of CRTs was bad, it was usually like 100hz so the goal should have been at least 30 (doom 1 was locked to a 35fps max back when it first came out so don't tell me people at the time were happy with 15)

Q1 is better but Q2 is still pretty neat

back then hardware evolved so fast you knew you'd get more than twice the framerate one year later, and games were pretty much made for "enthusiasts" who would buy an entire new PC almost every year. this is unfathomable in a day and age where the last big jump in GPU performance was over 5 whole years ago and since then most people have not upgraded due to a price bubble.

graphics acceletration back then was more about texture filtering, colored lighting, high resolutions and to get frame rate stability, more than anything. It was more about making a game look super pretty, not so much about performance. Quake 2 openGL versus hardware was night and day. Although now you have hipster fags that claim to prefer non accelerated hardware vanilla Q2. Awful, awful pricks.