1st person

>1st person
>Look down
>No feet

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because that would be bodyshaming gamers.

Legitimately annoying as fuck to do a first person body without camera clipping issues being a 4000 hour job to fix on and off over development as things change, especially so if you have an FOV slider. I dropped first person body in my game project after a few weeks

Are you retarded? It is impossible to see your feet when holding a gun.

because you changed your fov

do you realize how much effort you have to do when you make a shitty gamer girl skin?
them toes aren't free

So you cant shoot them

Shitty excuses
Hmmmmm, never thought about how the FOV would change it, what happens if you don't modify the viewmodel FOV? You look bigger? You head floats?

i've noticed that you can see your feet in first person games a lot more these days

>he wants to shoot his own feet
retard detected

>my game project
lemme see lemme see

Black Ops 3 looks fine

the legs are there when under 79 fov

Footfags btfo

He's slanting forwards

>first person game
>can't see nose
>character never blinks

>>character never blinks
scp containment breach

>he's never played a game where you just move your foot if you try shooting it

The character blinks when you do it

If you really want it to be immersive you should look down and see an inadequate penis.

>look down
>see fat stomach
>can't see pp

There's exactly one FPS game where you have to blink to clear your vision and it's a gameplay element.

foot fetishist are something else man. god damn.

Couldn't you blink in Alone in the Dark 2008?

Which one would that be?

It's never intended for release or to even really be played outside my house, it's solely a "developer playground" thing for me to try every random idea I come up with to learn the engine and techniques and such

First person body and separated render layers to make the gun unaffected by FOV change are the 2 concepts I gave up on because they were WAY above my skill level. The former because it's just way too annoying to tweak and get right and especially the latter because it was just way too complicated for me


Because fuck you that's why, any questions?
Captcha: ASSDN

Not sure which one he's talking about but blinking is also a mechanic in that one SCP game


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There's also Before Your Eyes, which is really neat but it's definitely more on the side of being an art exhibit thing than an actual game.

>look down
>see feet
>cum fatly

only nigger joggers have feet user

Alone in the Dark

Do wypipo walk with tentacles

>people actually dont mind being a floating head with arms
if the game doesnt have a body that you can see when looking down then i dont want it

Because you fucked with the FOV, the legs in Halo Infinite disappear when the FOV is set to a certain number.

I never liked it personally. I see it as a worthless gimmick because it rarely even looks or animates correctly and only blocks your view.

Consoles. Any time you have to ask yourself why a feature was removed that existed 20 or 30 years ago the answer is always consoles

>Hmmmmm, never thought about how the FOV would change it, what happens if you don't modify the viewmodel FOV? You look bigger? You head floats?

In Infinite, you can see your lower torso/legs at or below the default FOV (I think 83? Not sure), but not above it, because then it makes it look like the model cuts off.

every halo since 2 had visible legs except infinite

its just pointless ane usually looks like shit

I have always wondered who seriously, truly gives a shit about that

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I remember first seeing it in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and I thought it was super weird. I mean, it's been a feature since at least Halo 2 which came out like a decade before, but seeing it in another franchise just felt weird.

>1st person murican
>look down
>no feet
>only flobby fat belly

Infinite has visible legs, you messed with the FOV. Why no one is telling you this is because not only is Yea Forums full of retards but they also didn't play the game.

>>character never blinks
not as cool as you think and gets annoying real fucking quick
see: SCP containment breach

still the reigning champion of the "first person with modeled body + arm collision" genre

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The enemy is in front of you.


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Lower your FOV, you retard.

Wasn't Halo one of the first to show legs in first person

oh fuck

Burgers too fat to see their feet so seeing it ingame would cause a dissonance
also lazy incompetent devs

so you want something like this?

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I will now buy your game.

>there will never be a game like FEAR again
Why live?

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your eyes are further apart

>Lower fov
Enjoy the motion sickness from having the view too narrow