Talk about this hidden gem.
Here's a review some user did if you are intrested:

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>coin flip rng

Its fascinating. Its also a bit shit.

>Caesar>doesn't get betrayed and backstabbed

It's fun.

how do I get past the wizard in the mines that insta kills you?

Run up and slap his shit really fast. Cut his limbs off in a specific order.

stop shilling this fucking video, sage

oh god can I recruit anybody beside the girl at that moment? ffs I want to save so bad but I'm afraid

Something something good boy and rotten meat

Wasn't me, user. I do not make my own threads

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>hidden gem
>fear and hunger
not even.
posting an actual hidden gem.

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And the name of that hidden gem is?

are you the dude that made the video? Which mic do you use lad? Also do you fucking browse here 24/7 or something?

wouldn't be hidden then, would it?

At first I fucking thought that you're posting Undertale.

You could spoiler it.

I'd normally yell about you shilling your own terrible videos, but it's honestly not that bad. The accent isn't terrible and he doesn't sound like a fucking nasal chipmunk.

Cheevos when? Termina when? I've already watched your video user. Did the discord get butthurt because of your jokes?

Worth playing for the mod but the atmosphere can only carry it so far and game drops off hard midway where the mystery starts to wear thin with how jank, rushed, esl and trial and error rng it all is.

thats not my video but I'm playing the game because of it and since it's an user

That's me, yeah. Hi, user!
I got Kotion Each G2000 on Alibaba for 10$ (that's the actual price), and the reason I bought such a cheap piece of shit is...
>do you fucking browse here 24/7
Not 24/7, but let's say that due to recent geopolitical developments my job became useless overnight, so I am currently unemployed. And I got a Yea Forums catalog opened in a separate tab, since I need to take breaks from the next video
>discord backlash
No, not at all. I don't think many people noticed it, really. I popped in there read-only style and saw that maybe 4 or 5 people saw the video. But that was 2 months ago right after I posted it on YT, maybe something changed, donno. But seeing as Orange came to say hello proves that he's cool with it but maybe he just hasn't actually watched it
Nigga, I ain't making threads to shill my shit, at worst I jump in a thread and drop a link

How would you rate it compared to other rpgmaker stuff?

It's Ruina: Fairy Tale of the Forgotten Ruins

I want Termina already


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>my little girl just died

>I got Kotion Each G2000 on Alibaba for 10$
damn dude how do you get sound so clean? Do you hide under a blanket or something?

Oh yeah. It was... Difficult. The process went like this: I record audio in Audacity, apply Compressor and several plug-in I randomly found on the Internet: de-esser (I have problem with sibilants), de-breather and de-clicker. Then I go to DaVinci (picrel is my timeline in that video editing software) open the audio tab and play with EQ for a couple of hours, then I apply Reduce Noise FX. Then you need to tweak a little bit to if you can improve it (it also has auto mode if you're lazy). And I sat in the corner (literally) of my small apartment for that ultimate acoustic treatment

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Guys, you're probably out of loop, but it's coming in 2021 according to the official website

holy fuck thanks for explaining. You are very based user very based

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Jesus fuck, what a faggot for shilling your own channel while hidding behind good intentions.

Post some art from the game, faggots. It's really the only good thing about it

This game really fucks you in the ass with the Girl character. I mean, on one hand, she's a shitty fighter who basically takes up a party slot to be a meatshield, but if you get her to the game ending, she's the actual God of Fear and Hunger and will kill you after all you've been through together. To what end? What was the point of it all? You get her to the end and then you kill her. Why? What's the entire point of the game then?

Is the new game out yet?

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how do I get to that city map??? I just finished the game with ending E with the mercinary but never once saw that city


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the cute silver-haired cultist girl. She makes me hard for some reason and also i "mained" enki in the first one and I love necromancy

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take the cube thing from the nudist smurfs and then head to the lowest level (where you find le'garde) proceed up where the prison guard is and open the door with said cube.

>lose coin flip
>I now have prostate cancer
This game doesnt let me enjoy it.

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She mercy kills you so you don't have to suffer her century of.... well fear and hunger.

Boxer and Botanist of course, I'd main the business suit guy too but i don't think you can play as him or save him from mr.giggles.

Yellow nigga of course

Ill never play this game. It's way too unbelievably terrifying and weird, I'd get traumatized

But that's where all the fun comes from, user

I felt the same way at first, you get used to it friend.

I hate horror games but I can handle turnbased games. This one itches the itch a lot but I got used to it.


Gods are manifestations of their domain in the setting. The game goes out of the way to highlight that mercy kill as the last act of kindness she commits before fully embodying her concept. They're not Greek gods were they merely "rule" over a concept, they are the very concept itself in the Fear and Hunger setting.

TL;DR the girl actually cares about the protagonist.

>Basically a point n click rpg
>One of the best rpgmaker games out there
A concept this simple has no right to be this fun, god damn

Yes, you can already play demo version

It's slated for 2021.

This bitch looks fine as fuck.
Sidenote: does anyone have that webm from Termina where you get possessed by a ghost and it fucks you until you cum?

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>save him from mr.giggles
couldn't you "save" him if you kill his killer before you go down the bunker? he never shows up anywhere else but he's around I guess

Most interested in yellow nigga, wonder if all of the unplayable ones can be recruited.

So, what happened to Le'Garde in Termina? Is he mentioned anywhere?

>7 KB, 215x234


What are other grimdark games like this and black souls?
I'm kinda disappointed by Elden Ring's world, it feels too "high fantasy" for my taste, it's almost generic compared to others FS games