Middle Earth?

>Middle Earth?
>no no no
>how about
>The Lands Between

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GRRM barely even knows what Elden Ring is. His impact was probably minuscule.

>Or as I like to call it, the anus

wouldn't that be the perineum though?


>Crimson Flask? Crimson Tears? Tear Flask. Bah, these are all to simple. Euirka! Flask of Crimson Tears. Way catchier than... what did that gook call it? Estus? Nonsense.

This man and his impact on the entertainment industry at large have been disastrous.

>Falling in reverse?
For me; it's Ascending Downards

As far as i know, GRRM input on Elden Ring was just world building as in writing every part of the map in excruciating detail and then Fromsoft adapted it into game form.

Miyazaki: Oy let me make a big sword out your bleeding chair.
GRRM: Oy say I helped write and put it in the marketing and whatnot.
Miyazaki: Too right, wanker.
GRRM: Cheers, guv.

Someone explained what happened and it became head canon. George Raymond Richard Martin sat down with Hidetaka Miyazaki in a private meeting. GRRM went over the setting, lore and main characters in the story. The two agreed on the final product and went their separate ways. Miyazaki then had a meeting with his team, and they slapped the title Elden Ring on Dark Souls 4.

As an outsider to the series who has not played any of these games at all, including elden ring, what did he actually contribute? Is it the part where satan-guy rapes a sissy?


Did this fat fuck actually contribute anything to the game? Because if I had just played it on my own without ever hearing anything about its production, I would have just thought it's another typical Miyazaki story.

No one has a fucking clue. Not even George or Miyazaki.

>Hmm, I think I will name some characters.
>Rayman Lucario

He suggested all the major bosses and NPCs have names that start with his initials (G, R and M).
That seems to be the only contribution he made.

Literally laughing, this never occured to me before

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Neither party will comment on his contributions. If you told me he was attached to this game I wouldn't believe it because everything has the usual Fromsoft touch. Characters die nonsensical deaths, go insane, laugh after a speech, speak in riddles, have strange names or Berserk inspired attire, weapons are 99% pulled from DaS or DeS with the odd Bloodborne reference like the Jar Cannon or Ghiza's Wheel. I have no idea what the fuck he contributed outside maybe the locale of the game which sounds painfully unoriginal compared to places like Lordran or Yharnam.

the peepee poopoo man

just finished book 3 of game of thrones..

yeah GRRM is a genoious.

I never read the Silmarillion.
What's middle-earth the middle of?

Gordian stood valiantly as his large phallus swung in the morning sun, standing high in his towerr above penisulla. Proclaimed his exuberant love for his people and the taxes they give 5 pieces of silver a day which build his massive throbbing ribbed towered abode. Cuntella with her mounds of grandiose size let at grunt as she pushed the stool out such an pungent aroma it was despite the beauty it came out of.


The curved corners

Funnily enough it is set on earth


>What's middle-earth the middle of?
Just J.R.R. Tolkien being a British wanker: The UK is the center of the world, you know. So obviously, a hypothetical mythological place for it is called middle-earth.

The most central continental mass of the known world.

Have you looked at a map lately, mate? What country's in the middle? It's fucking England now isn't? Fuck off yeah

Why are LOTRfags so desperate for attention? They act ultra defensive like the franchise is widely ridiculed and there's some big conspiracy out to get them, when threat couldn't be further from the truth.

the shire is geographically in modern-day france, actually. but yeah, it's obviously inspired by rural england.



hahaha dude ur so stupid
have you ever read a book in your life?
world building means the lore and backdrop of the world.

Come on I worked hard on that post

makes sense for the Lands Between to be the world's unwashed taint. Everything's shitty and it's right above a big bloody homosexual hole

"Lordran" was extremely clever according to OP

All the family drama bullshit of Elden Ring is 100% all George.

George, is that you?

Its a giant playground for political forces of petty demigods and women who are just small fish to the even bigger outer gods pulling strings and trying to manipulate events. We hear about other lands which have either "disappeared" or are seemingly fine like the Land of Reeds, then CFA which is above the sky and was much larger at one point.

>Characters die nonsensical deaths, go insane, laugh after a speech, speak in riddles, have strange names
Soooo.... ASoIaF?

>the shire is geographically in modern-day france
It isn't, Tolkien explicitly stated that Hobbiton is Oxford.

wrong, he never said that. look at a map of middle-earth. it clearly isn't england. it's continental eurasia. it has a desert, for fuck's sake.


what WAS mohg's tax policy?

>he never said that
Kill yourself

user, who the fuck do you think made the map that way?

Heh that last one...

>tax policy
Next you'll be asking about Mohg's age of consent

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literally in the same breath he says minas tirith is ravenna.

*wheezes* yes that was a short peek at *coughs* the new book. *stuffs face with pizza* as you know it'll be the exciting conclusion to the series as a who- *slips into diabetic coma* le and I know you people have waited a long time for it to finish. The amount of errrrrrrrrrrrrr*stares off into the void* phallic imagry in this will be astounding as it's a representation of a male dominated society.

Yes and? Hobbiton is fuckhuge distance away from Minas Tirith so not sure what your retarded point is.

I don't think he had any impact whatsoever.
Dark souls 4 just indulged in his little fantasy by rebranding common names like souls < runes, that's about it
no one really gives a shit about GoT ever since the end of the show.
He's irrelevant, he may have a small fanbase of autists who try to be fantasy hipsters who take pride in being "non-tolkien" but that's it

God, mate. GMT stands for "God, ma te."

if middle-earth is continental europe, and the shire is in northwest middle-earth, then that would mean the shire corresponds with france. not rocket science, user.

>i suppose we could re-use Godrick here, but what do we call him?
>leave it to me

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>God Ef Roy
What did he mean by this

>could've had Godrick's grafting process be something he cooked up, an original horrible creation of his twisted mind and desire to become stronger
>nah it was somebody elses technique and this person looked EXACTLY like he did
>this guy was also imprisoned by Godwyn instead of killed

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You literally cannot into maps.
Tolkien himself literally gave you a fucking scale and a fucking map.
Hobbiton, which is in the fucking dead center of Shire, is Oxford.
Minas Tirith, which is in the fucking bottom right section of Middle Earth, is Ravenna.
Now just fucking apply this scale to IRL world map you humongous NIGGER.

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i still do not understand what the fuck runes even are supposed to be.
in dark souls, souls are souls and you trade them because the world has fucking ended and all that matters is getting strong enough to survive, plus everyone is undead.
but runes are a currency? how exactly do you turn them into strength then?

imagine being the mistborn author
imagine thinking that you're famous enough to put your name on one of the biggest video games of the decade

george rr martin is a recognizable name that sells, not some author to a shitty YA fantasy series

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The lore is that the Dark Souls series itself has been repeated so many times that it's gone hollow and forgot its own name, as well as names for items

m-miyazaki pls respond

i don't know if you noticed this buddy, but the british isles are isles.

Just read the subtext user!

I don't know if you're retarded or pretending but Middle Earth is not REAL WORLD.

Gold is literslly everywhere in the lands between but runes were once part of the elden ring. Besides getting finger maidens to turn them into strength for you, it's a religious token, so it has inherent enough value to be collectible on its own like currency.

What the fuck is Mistborn?

if he actually wrote this game all the characters would have been sexual deviants cause that makes it for adults

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>The Lands Between
you were sayin'?

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When is From adding the resolution to Patches' questline where he sucks your dick?

There is Marika, Mohg, and Dung Eater.

>god is a phallic headed fatty with wings and a tail

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>*burp* Better have it so every NPC dies at the end of their quest line. Gotta remind the kids that life ain't no fairy tale

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>We'll never know what happened to her afterwards
It hurts bros...

this is what happen when youtubers start writing books

>phallic headed
please go outside


I don't know, the stupid demigod family drama at the center of the conflict feels more GRRM than From, at least in the abstract. From usually keep things more detached and mythical, which makes their storytelling style, with its big swathes of negative space, more palatable. Now we have a story with lots of active characters and entities all with their own distinct, but overlapping agendas and a very rigid timeline in theory, but we still have the same From storytelling so there's a lot of glaring ambiguities and it feels much more jarring than usual.
In other words, I think GRRM gave From enough to make the background story mesh poorly with their usual style.

This cant be real

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> I still do not understand what the fuck runes even are supposed to be.
they're souls. Just take every explanation about soul since DaS 1, it's the only way it makes sense
The only part where runes make sense is how every great rune makes up for the logo of the game
that's it, that's the only reason why it's like this, it's just meta

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