Buy physical

Buy physical

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>Buy boxed game
>Trade in for cheap
>Can't play it anymore
>If the disk is ruined game is gone
>Buy digital
>Can play it anywhere anytime as long as you have internet connection

Not today Shlomo.

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I never trade in or sell my games anyway.

Came in to post this.

I already do, is this the poorfag cope thread?

If you're so poor you need to trade or sell games, you shouldn't be playing video games in the first place you colossal fucking big-lipped nigger faggot.

Pirate digital

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Based. Fuck capitalism!

What games have even come out physical for PC?

>needing to trade games
>not just telling the other person how to pirate them
I understand the idea of having a physical object is nice, but other than that, digital is just better.

Pirate physical

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>trade in game
>they give you 5% of what it's actually worth
wow thanks

>If the disk is ruined game is gone
People with pitbulls and small children probably have bigger concerns than videogames.

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A nigger dog if I've ever seen one. If I had many dogs and one did this to the rest of them, it would definitely get shot in the head right there.

Physical is cheaper. If that changes, I will swap.

I've never liked huskies, they've always been bad tempered dogs, people only like them because of the similarity to wolves and their eyes, otherwise they are shit tier dogs.

>G2K on Yea Forums
Never thought I'd see the day. Didn't most of the stores close down?


It will always be cheaper because retailers absolutely hate sitting on merchandise that doesn't sell. Even those $70 games hit rational prices on Black Friday. Sadly, that particular store will NEVER carry the same amount of games ever again. Had the same process happen multiple times to multiple stores.

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Imo I enjoy a mix of the two, especially with movies
Shit that I really like or was hard to get? Physical
Shit that I don’t care about that much? Digital

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What's this buy shit? I don't even know what that means. Wait a second, you mean people buy digital goods like movies, music, and games? Why would someone do that, that doesn't make any sense. Who in their right mind would ever buy something that's crazy you must be kidding right.

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Absolute chad energy

>similarity to wolves
Which is why you don't see very many. Those dog sled guys carry a gun, and that gun is reserved for wolves, coyotes, and their own dogs that might turn on them or the other dogs.

>selling your games
Fucking degenerates. Get another hobby if you don't like vidya.

>buy digital
>save $20 on new releases
>get it instantly

ok enjoy getting like $10 store credit on your trade-in or whatever

I didn't know dogs could be assholes just for the hell of it.


lmao let the industry burn

>buy boxed games for 50$
>can sell it back for 2$
>buy digital games for 20$
>can sell it for 20$ if the playtime is under 2 hours (just to test it)
>if not, I can't sell it again
>save 28$ anyway
sure thing man

>finishes own food. takes the others' food whenever he feels like it
>takes the first bite out of every food dish if nobody is there
>finish drinking water so don't let anybody have the rest
This dog just emanates alpha energy. Only betas would be afraid of it.

>physical fags are getting broken games that require downloads
So, the best option is digital which even allows you to preload games before release. Also way easier to make backup copies.

Huskies are hyper aggressive around food or water.


You cant really trade them because most games nowadays are bound to an account. Also, digital games are often way cheaper due to sales (or free if you sail the seven seas)

Also I dont want to stack em up at home anymore, but thats just a personal thing. Ive also grown too lazy, id I want a game, I want to download and play it instantly, not carry my fat ass to the next store

>Buy digital
>Can play it anywhere anytime as long as you have the approval of my overlords

>you are allowed to own a backup copy for personal us-
oh wait, you're not.

Not a good boy

Not a good boy at all

I still have all my snes cartridges in working condition zoomie.

Physical only makes sense for Nintendo Switch games because they're usually cheaper than buying digital from the eshop and you can sell it for almost full price a year after you're bored of it.

You are legally. However they make it super annoying to do so.

lol. MS and Sony are already ready to completely ditch physical games next gen.
Why do you think they released digital-only versions of their consoles? They're already testing the waters to go full digital so they can maximize profits.

Nintendo might or not be the only one left doing physical games, but I could see the Switch successor being digital only too.
Sony and MS? Completely done with physical after this gen. Optical media has been obsolete for over a decade now too.

Audi is pretty based ngl

Not worth it 8th gen onwards. LEs only make it worthwhile, but even those feel incomplete.
Digital makes a ton more sense financially if you're the type that buys on sale. Pirate fags are gonna pirate fag, though.

Domestication worked by stamping out behavior like this genetically and socially.

nope. circumventing drm or copy-protection for any reason is conisdered illegal.
doesn't matter why.

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Buying physical = Pirating >>>>>> buying PC Digital DRM Free >> Buying PC via Steam >>>>> Eating shit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Buying Digital via Consoles > Buying Digital PC with DRM

Jesus, how can this dog be on a permanent meltdown.

It's grey area. The police will not kick in your door for programming your way into the program you have purchased. When you distribute a hacked copy, then they come knocking.

>Buying physical = Pirating

Maybe for my old consoles.



>he's done drinking
>spills all the remaining water in purpose so other dogs cant drink it
i laughed IRL, where is this from?

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>Wait until digital game is 20 dollars on sale.
>Which is a better value than the 2-5 dollars they were going to give me for it.
>Or the 30-50 dollars they were going to charge me for it.

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unfathomably based

Its not the same dog, retards. Look at the face patterns.

Huskies are just shit animals.

This. Used games "trade-in" is one of the most Jewish things imaginable, never buy used from a store

What is it with the furry mascot?

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That doesn't look anything like a furry.

but I can and do sell my digital games

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how much have you made so far?

Usually like 60 euros a month from old humble and fanatical keys, the trick is to wait a few months for the people that sell immediately to get rid of their keys cheap and the price to go back up