Tribes Ascent Classic coming out in less than a day

>Tribes Ascent Classic coming out in less than a day
>not even mentioned on Yea Forums
Do you guys even like games

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looks like a shitty mmo with a dead playerbase

wait what wtf where, on steam? is it on linux??

I have no idea what you're talking about.

>looks like a

Tell us more, OP, you fucking faggot.

most people here are now reddit faggots so no, they won't remember shazbot

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Hi-Rez is a cringe studio

tribes ascend is dumbed down baby shit

I dont even care what kind of game it is, purely from the image that OP attached it looked like a shitty mmo

Damn, you should get some glasses

He already told you you are retarded. There's no need to reaffirm that.

>what is Tribes
This is why we need a zoomers filter in this place.

Compared to?

you sound like a fag

i googled tribes ascend classic and literally nothing comes up. i miss the game and you got me hyped. fuck you

are you for real user? i fucking loved tribes ascend. too bad hi rez killed it

bait thread

why should I get excited for a game the devs ruined in beta?

that jug doesn't have a helmet
put the helmet back on and then we'll talk

Played it back when it released.
Not sure if I could come back to it after going through the shitty pay store pay to win cancer that ruined the game.

>slowest tribes
>literally no fast or aerial combat
why should I care

>delisted from steam store page
welp. Too bad midair was a complete failure

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midair community edition is in development

>Tribes Ascent Classic
You mean Tribes 2?

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This, play tribes 1 or 2 instead like a man.


Have I been living under a rock, where is this being released?

Probably because I never heard of it.
I actually loved this game. Is it a fan-server? Where will it be located? Most peple used to play US east, but I get less ping in US west. Will there be at a least one server full of people to play?

All I know about this game is that some organized nerds from reddit showed up here looking for competition and were soundly beaten by a random ragtag group of Yea Forumsirgins.

So, this is fake? Why would make a person make this thread in 2022? Did your uncle touch you somewhere funny?

Anyone been playing global agenda? It is back up.

i already got baited by op once i won't get baited again

This is not bait, but I think it is unlisted on steam so you gotta find the steam page without the store search

kys, this was extremely sovlful

Is it still being run by the people who killed it the first time?


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I stopped caring after the game out of alpha. Last straw were the stupid broken weapons they kept releasing for a fuckton of credits, not because it was p2w, which it was, but they ruined the gameplay.
Why would I bother aiming spinfusors when I could just use that plasma gun that has the hitbox of a meteor?

>It's fake
I got excited for no reason

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Buncha gay ass zoomer sissy shazbots, thats why no one cares

Why would you lie about something that important, user?

Also googling Tribes Ascend Classic got me a video from 2011, I can't believe it was already that fucking long ago.


ah, good times :D

wait really? God I hate that shitty company so much for killing this game

I can't hit fuck all with the frisbee gun in ANY tribes game

>Release game
>Tell nobody
Yeah no shit nobody is talking about it, nobody knew it was still alive.

>something with no advertising no one knows about


??? op you wanna explain why it's still this version?

Here is the real question......

How do you go about playing these games right now ?

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damn, all the years of low effort shitposts that don't even phase me but you found a way to get me. here's your bump you utter bastard


same dude I was a poorfag when this game was active and by the time I got a computer that could run was gone thought I would have a chance but now all I have is despair. Maybe Legacy of Kain will get confirmed and I'll have something to look forward to.

I still got some starter packs in my steam inventory

Aim where they are going to be, not where they are.
It's just a rocket launcher.

I do which is why im not so much as a faggot as to disrespect and mock the dead

no-one liked 2, 2 was dogshit
heavily modded original or ascend were the only good ones


>it was gone
you know servers for Tribes Ascend never shut down right?
its not completely dead, it's on life support with like 10 people online but you can literally just log in and play it right now if you wanted

what did hirez do that was so wrong?

Does it still have the bug where you get unlimited premium time by turning system clock backwards?