Watch_Dogs has died

Watch_Dogs has died

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How would a series not quietly retire?

Weren’t there only two of them and didn’t both of them suck ass?

How can you quietly retire a series that already quietly died?


And nothing of value was lost


Never forget how much journalists tried to hype up Watch Dogs Legion

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First one was overhated kino, second and third were complete dogshit with niggers

It would be extremely painful.

I didn't even know there was a 3rd game...

There was a third?

They retired that shit mid production of the first game

>Ubisoft games made massive amounts of cash left and right no matter how trash the game is
>leaves steam for Epic
>revenue nosedives by 68%
>recent games bomb so hard the marketing faded such as Extraction and Breakpoint
>now they shelved an IP
Cant fade the gabe

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I liked watch dogs and think all 3 games are pretty good in different ways

damn, this franchise didn't even last a decade. 2 and 3 sucked

EA used to have some pretty public shutdowns of studios for underperforming titles.
Ubisoft is more nebulous because all their studios are just "Ubisoft (City)"

Legion. 2 had the nig and Legion had the Bongs

The only salvation for ubi is too bring Cold Fear back.

The first was the skeleton of a good game. IMO, they should use the first game as a template and remake it using the potential of the current gen. Then, it might be close to the game it was sold as at first

who gives a shit!!!

only thing this tells me is steamies are idiots who'll buy anything put in front of them.

or maybe dont lock 90% of your PC audience out, dumb or not

Jimmy Bob. The first game was complete dogshit. The second game could have been alright if they focused on making the gameplay fun, they didn't. The third game was great, until you get to the other areas and realize there are thousands of generated characters with the exact same appearance and profession as your most coveted character.

Why does he keep doing it?

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Its a pc user your not locked to one storefront.

1 was ok
2 was the best and wasn't even that woke. They even had you take out some angry lesbian and her gang that was way more fucked up and woke than anyone in your gang or whatever it was. San Fran wasn't a bad setting and Marcus wasn't some over the top "YO YO YO" stereotype

Now if you think 2 was super woke, 3 would have given you a fucking heart attack. Also the stupid play as anyone mechanic turned a lot of people off. It's like they didn't know what the fuck to do with the series.

I say soft reboot it back to Aiden and the wibe of the original. But make the world a little more cyberpunk, light cyberpunk. Don't even go the GTA route with a new pro tag every game, just keep Aiden kinda like all Splinter Cell is Sam Fisher's story.

They should easily be able to live up the bullshot teaser of the original on modern harware

true, so don't lock games to one storefront, the one that's particularly shit at that.

I forgot 3 even existed

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in other news, i just ate a grilled cheese sandwich

Even with le funnay grandma character I always forget legion.

First one was just an inferior GTA. Was kind of neat fucking around with the environments, especially when you'd get invaded.

He just wet to a farm far away where we can't go visit.

Play as anyone was such a stupid fucking gimmick. They could have even just had a team like the 2nd one but where you can switch between characters if they were so fucking obsessed with the idea of different abilities and shit.

I remember watching the reveal of the first one with a friend and he was gushing about how this was the future of video games while I tried to tell him it was all scripted bullshit. He did the same thing for the TLoU2 gameplay reveal which was also scripted as hell.

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The gameplay in 2 WAS fun, you were given several avenues of victory and weren't especially penalized for any of them. They massively increased the tools available for a nonlethal approach, but you could still just focus on melee takedowns if you wanted a challenge, AND the maps were built specifically to make it possible. Drones were actually engaging and there was a bunch of neat shit you could do with them, and they didn't dominate the gameplay like they do in 3. Meanwhile, lethal gameplay had a great variety added to it so you could either snipe or play close, or even run weak guns if you didn't want to just massacre everything without trying.

But this is all besides the fact that the map designs alone made the second game one of the most enjoyable open world games ever made. The third one has great maps too but the game design is so shit that you can't have anywhere near as much fun in them. All the third game really had to do was provide a setting, story, and cast that wouldn't piss off retards and I think it would have done even better, but they did the dumb "anyone can be playable" thing and crippled player agency as a result. That and the spider bot is so unbelievably broken that not using it feels like a mistake.

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wish 1 had the game play additions of 2, 2s story was too bing bing wahoo for me dropped the darker noir styling of 1 for a "fight da power!" vapid silicon valley startup culture shit got old fast

Sometimes it's better they find out the hard way.

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The TLOU2 one was real though

Nah, the gameplay and animations are extremely smooth in the final game but not quite to the level presented in that first trailer.

Number 2 was fun and had great emerging gameplay. The series was a great contender to GTA. Its sad to see this series go, it has so much potential, cant wait for more asscreed and Tom Clancy shite.

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>The TLOU2 one was real though
when can you ever, in game, stab someone in the ankle when hiding under cover?

Dios mio Ver Perros cancelado

I thought this had already retired, it's always awkward when this happens. It's not even a series really, 2 subpar games that no one played.

>everyone keeps forgetting about Legion

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Yes, it always has a 99.9% of discount

>stupid play as anyone mechanic
>Play as anyone was such a stupid fucking gimmick.
t. spends hours creating a character for no reason

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Oh right, I completely forgot about the game with Brits. I think they tried to make it about Brexit. Even though the UK was/will be a shit hole with or without Brexit.

Their games are always like discounted like crazy within a few months for physical copies at Gamestop. lol

>especially when you'd get invaded.
im glad i played the game early on when people were doing that.
that shit was actually kinda fun.

i enjoyed 1

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Ubisoft churns out so many games that feel/look the same, that I can't even keep track of most of them.

I imagine most people did, it's just very middle-of-the-road until you start hacking and using traps during combat, and if you don't kill anyone with the traps then it's just another third person shooter.

I don't think a huge media conglomerate can make a game like this without massively neutering it. I want to murder the corpokikes and technocrats.

>roight blimey Lan'dan simulator
>is shit

It was okay, i remember pirating it, and it ran like ass. Then Ubisoft fixed it on PC, and I played through it. I never bothered with the second one, and forgot there was a 3rd one.

Didn't have to end this way. All they had to do was not be pozzed.
Could've made decent hunt-down-the-elite through cyber warfare style of games.

Do you have the old one where he tosses a grenade at someone, it goes slowmo, then a bible quote fades in?

Now we just need ubisoft to quietly retire as a whole too


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