Be worst player on losing team

>be worst player on losing team
>"my team sucks!"

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>lose game badly
>gg ez
>log off

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>team needs a healer
>"We need a healer!"

>play rts
>enemy team has a guy with a race that gets exponentially stronger the more it is allowed to macro
>my team is useless so its almost entirely up to me vs him and his 2 friends.
>he does nothing all game but macro as his friend distracts me
>kill his friend
>go to kill him
>he got way too big and is playing super defensive
>takes me forever to beat him
>hes super salty and saying how much I suck
>mfw any monkey with 20 iq can do what he did but he thinks hes good because hes holding off a guy that already spent loads of money to killed his freind
every player of that race is like this too. They do nothing but macro then think they are good because they are super strong relative to people who were actually playing the game while they sat in their base. The worst part is a still killed him because all he did was unga bunga try and do cheesy trick tactics like sneak with cheese units into my base.
competitive team games are so trash i should stick to single player.

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>be worst player on losing team
>"my team sucks!"
>purposely kill himself to the opposing team to prove his point

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>post goatse in every new discord server I join to limit test

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>teammates arent playing up to my standards within the first minute of the game
>throw the entire game

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>shadow my teammates while actively critiquing their tactics
>do nothing to help the team
>"If you only listened to my advice we wouldn't have lost the game."

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>Start speaking Chinese in the chat
>I don't speak Chinese

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>game ends
>report everyone no matter what

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>join late
>gg all me

>get killed in any way whatsoever
>reported for cheating

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>Me: "There's the enemy!"
>Teammate: "Where?"
>Me: "There!"
>Teammate: "Where's 'there'?"
>>Me: "Over there!"
>Teammate: "You have to be more specific."
>>Me: "He's just there!"

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I don't know why these stupid threads make me laugh, but they do.

>Barely win the game
>Talk the MOST shit while also being the worst player on the team

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sounds like you need to get better at the game

Great thread
I just reported you all for CP

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>be worst member on the team
>start getting flamed by everybody
>report them all for hate speech

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>bait teammate into using racial slurs
>report him
>he gets instabanned by the profanity filter

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>teammate throws molotov
>stand in it
>they get kicked for dealing too much damage to teammates

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did this in league, didnt recieve leash for jg and gave first blood to top lol

>spam beacons

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>Jump and crouch like a spaz in front of my teammates.
>"dude get out of my fucking face faggot!"

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>join random server
>turn mic on
>turn on vacuum

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>see someone doing bad
>tell them to stop sucking
>they tell me to kms and a bunch of other shit
>i respond by telling them to stop typing and focus on the game

>start mocking teammates for not being American

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>then tries to votekick you when you call them out on it after they start raging on voicechat
TF2 pubs experience

>tell teammate its just a game when they are angry

that's the fucking WORST

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>"Dude, can you get your dog to stop barking?"
>It was actually me barking

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>leave mic on
>eat popcorn
>Oh is this thing on? Sorry guys
>still leave mic on

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Haven't played League in ages, but I always had fun with this.
>only play support with my buddy in bot lane since I don't want to try
>usually play as the AFK cat because I REALLY don't want to try
>steal jungle leash if they want us to leash
>steal every kill from the jungler if they come down with cheeky Qs
>sometimes hop on jungler just to get them to go in only to hop off and get him killed
>always fucking steaming in the chat afterwards
The best kind of fun is depriving others of their fun. They shouldn't be playing League for fun, anyway.

>Turn microphone on.
>Keep burping and farting into voice chat.

Based. If I don't get leash I feed their lane 3 deaths as punishment

>someone's mic is quiet
>tell him to turn it up
>becomes super loud
>keep lowering my own volume and saying he's still too quiet
>keep doing this until everyone else complains that he's too loud

I do this.

>be worst player on team
>get absolutely carried, don't do shit all game
>all chat GGEZ at the end

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Just change the game.

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It's not good that the internet is allowing children to "chadify" immature, undesirable behavior that would normally be rooted out by social ostracization. Instead of growing out of rebellious phases, zoomers will just grow up to be man-children

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Shut the fuck up millenial trash. You jad your chance and kickstarted the mental faggotry thats happening right now. Maybe some retarded manchildren who do what they want and act on impulses is what we need.

You're not wrong, but it also goes the other way, with people being trained to fall in line and never speak out by aggressive moderation.
"""""""Men"""""" who don't work out are just human garbage in general.

gamers are manchildren in the first place. so it's manchildren annoying other manchildren. that's all it ever has been.

Pathological liar

>lose a 1v1
>Barely landed a single shot
>"Dude he is one shot, rush him"

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>Shut the fuck up millenial trash. You jad your chance and kickstarted the mental faggotry thats happening right now. Maybe some retarded manchildren who do what they want and act on impulses is what we need.

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>have everyone muted by default
>still report them for hate speech at the end of the game

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>join game
>die once
>immediately leave the match

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>>Shut the fuck up millenial trash. You jad your chance and kickstarted the mental faggotry thats happening right now. Maybe some retarded manchildren who do what they want and act on impulses is what we need.

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Honestly I do the same if i'm top and i don't get a gank when the enemy is straight up playing suicidal without flash

He's under there.

>play cs
>jump in front of teammates awp shots
>he gets banned

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>lose match
>send a whisper calling him shit, a loser and won't beat me in a 1v1
>decline invitation for 1v1

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Both of your concessions are accepted.

that's a fun one
>try to have fun at start of match
>team mates get vocally whiny and bitchy and tell me to shut up
>come up with snarky remark
>they get even more angry
>mute them
>play like trash on purpose to lose the game

I once played support with a friend and tried to give the enemy autofilled jungler the dragon, he had every opportunity to take it but he tried to 1v2 us instead and I killed him and took dragon. Man League sucks but it always has the best stories

>team complains about losing a round
>say "i got my kill"

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>play league
>"I had [enemy laner] on my team last game and he threw the entire game
>cause fighting amongst enemy team
>win game
>I didn't even play with him before

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Pathological liar

You will be dispatched to the mill tonight

unequivocally, irrevocably, unfathomably based

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i keep my rank in gold nova so i can play with my irl friends ang the games are honestly so fucking easy, yet theres always some faggot bitching at me when im carrying him using just deagle and scout

I keep my rank at silver 2 because everyone below that is hacking and everyone above that is melanin enriched

Gigachad was funny until people used it to describe themselves.

it's disturbing how whiny people are in gold nova despite it being the most casual matches you can play of cs without it being silver
but it's funny how many of them don't understand basic irony because how heated they are

The league of legends experience

>Gigachad was funny until people used it to describe themselves.

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>losing badly
>enemy team talking shit
>reply with cope tranny
>start winning

Pathological liar

You will be accompanied by mumble FUCK on wheels through the northern towers


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>call player on other team shit throughout game
>he challenges me to a 1v1
>send him a message that I agree
>block and report him

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